Poetry as of 1/5/2018

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Call NumberAuthorTitle
B804.A435 2007eb Book Allen, William S. Ellipsis : of poetry and the experience of language after Heidegger, Hölderlin, and Blanchot
B2430.B253P6313 1994 Book Bachelard, Gaston The poetics of space
BH39.V3413 2008eb Book Vattimo, Gianni Art's claim to truth
BM670.P5P64 2012 Book The poetry of Kabbalah : mystical verse from the Jewish tradition
BQ9262.9.J3S84 1981 Book The Penguin book of Zen poetry
E99.H2B734 1999 Book Bringhurst, Robert A story as sharp as a knife : the classical Haida mythtellers and their world
E185.86.T38 1995 Book Testimony : young African-Americans on self-discovery and Black identity
  PA3622.L3 1960 Book Lattimore, Richmond Alexander Greek lyrics.
PA4408.E5B3 Book Sappho Sappho : a new translation
PA6164.R66 1997 Book The Roman poets
PB2369.M44 1992 Book Medieval Welsh poems : an anthology
PC840.31.R82S57 1997 Book Ursu, Liliana The sky behind the forest : selected poems
PC3322.B6 1980 Book Bogin, Magda The women troubadours
PC3941.E84A23 1989 Book Espriu, Salvador Selected poems of Salvador Espriu
PG3347.W6 2011 Book Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich Wondrous moment
PG3476.A324A23 1983 Book Akhmatova, Anna Andreevna Poems
PG3479.4.R64C4513 1980 Book Brodsky, Joseph A part of speech
PG7158.M553A2 2001 Book Miłosz, Czesław New and collected poems 1931-2001
PG7158.M553A24 2004 Book Miłosz, Czesław Second space : new poems
PG7158.M553P5413 1998 Book Miłosz, Czesław Road-side dog
PG7167.E64A2 2007 Book Herbert, Zbigniew The collected poems, 1956-1998
PG7178.Z9A22 2010 Book Szymborska, Wisawa Here
PJ3953.S3 Book Sandars, N. K Poems of heaven and hell from Ancient Mesopotamia
PJ5050.I3A23 2000 Book Ibn Gabirol Selected poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol
PJ5059.E3D74 2007 Book The dream of the poem : Hebrew poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, 950-1492
PJ5191.E3L37 1998 Book The last lullaby : poetry from the Holocaust
  PJ7741.G54A24 Book Gibran, Kahlil Prose poems
PJ7846.A46Z463 1998 Book Maḥfūẓ, Najīb Echoes of an autobiography
PK2095.K3A2 2011 Book Kabir Songs of Kabir
PK2095.K3A2328 2003 Book Kabir The weaver's songs
PK2095.M5A6 1998 Book Mīrābāī For love of the dark one : songs of Mirabai
PK2198.G4A233 1999 Book Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan The lightning should have fallen on Ghalib : selected poems of Ghalib
PK6449.E5H36 1993 Book The hand of poetry : five mystic poets of Persia : translations from the poems of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz
PK6451.F4M2813 1998 Book ʻAṭṭār, Farīd al-Dīn The speech of the birds : concerning migration to the real, the Manṭiqu'ṭ-ṭair
PK6465.Z31C7613 2001 Book Ḥāfiẓ Drunk on the wine of the beloved : 100 poems of Hafiz
PK6465.Z31E36 2009 Book Ḥāfiẓ The tangled braid : ninety-nine poems by Hafiz of Shiraz
PK6465.Z31H34 1999 Book Ḥāfiẓ The gift : poems by the great Sufi master
PK6480.E5R49 2008 Book Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī Love's ripening : Rumi on the heart's journey
PK6481.M8E52 1994 Book Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī Rumi--daylight : a daybook of spiritual guidance.
PL729.J57 2011 Book Johnson, Jeffrey Haiku poetics in twentieth-century avant-garde poetry
PL759.J37 1986 Book Japanese death poems
PL782.E3H34 1992 Book A Haiku menagerie : living creatures in poems and prints
PL782.E3L66 1994 Book A long rainy season : Haiku & Tanka
PL782.E3P624 2004 Book The poetry of Zen
PL794.4.A2 2008 Book Matsuo, Bashō Basho: the complete haiku
PL811.A83 .K384 2013 Book Keene, Donald The Winter Sun Shines In : a Life of Masaoka Shiki.
PL2478.F7 1987 Book The book of songs : the ancient Chinese classic of poetry
PL2537.W28 1990 Book Waiting for the unicorn : poems and lyrics of China's last dynasty, 1644-1911
PL2658.E3F58 1990 Book Five Tʻang poets : Wang Wei, Li Po, Tu Fu, Li Ho, Li Shang-yin
PL2658.E3P634 2003 Book Poems of the masters = Qian jia shi : China's classic anthology of T'ang and Sung dynasty verse
PL2658.E3S84 1990 Book Sunflower splendor : three thousand years of Chinese poetry
PL3054.5.E5K36 1990 Book Kanshi : the poetry of Ishikawa Jōzan and other Edo-period poets
PM197.E1C66 1994 Book Coming to light : contemporary translations of native literatures of North America
PM197.E1C66 1996 Book Coming to light : contemporary translations of native literatures of North America
PM197.E3S5 1991 Book Shaking the pumpkin : traditional poetry of the Indian North Americas
PN1031.G725 2009eb Book Grossman, Allen R. True-love : essays on poetry and valuing
PN1031.H38 2001 Book Heidegger, Martin Poetry, language, thought
PN1031.P34 2008eb Book Parini, Jay Why poetry matters
PN1042.G78 2013eb Book A guide to Poetics Journal : writing in the expanded field, 1982/1998 with the copublication of Poetics Journal digital archive
PN1083.H6G89 2006eb Book Guy-Bray, Stephen Loving in verse : poetic influence as erotic
PN1085.C52 1995 Book A child's anthology of poetry
PN1111.R36 2009eb Book Ramazani, Jahan A transnational poetics
PN1111.T55 2010 Book Till I end my song : a gathering of last poems
PN1126.T54 2009eb Book Tiffany, Daniel Infidel poetics : riddles, nightlife, substance
PN6020.L6 1990 Book Lowell, Robert Imitations
PN6101.A32 1993 Book Against forgetting : twentieth-century poetry of witness
PN6101.B385 2012eb Book Al-Mutanabbi Street starts here
PN6101.B585 1996 Book A book of luminous things : an international anthology of poetry
PN6101.D36 2007 Book Dancing with joy : 99 poems
PN6101.M453 2013 Book Merwin, W. S Selected translations : 1948-2011
PN6101.P493 1995 Book Poems for the millennium : the University of California book of modern & postmodern poetry
PN6101.R555 2003 Book Risking everything : 110 poems of love and revelation
PN6101.W44 2005 Book The winged energy of delight : selected translations
PN6109.97K56 1993 Book The Kingfisher book of children's poetry
PN6109.97.T49 1996 Book This same sky : a collection of poems from around the world
PN6109.9.W65 1995 Book Women in praise of the sacred : 43 centuries of spiritual poetry by women
PN6110.C4G64 1998 Book The Golden Books family treasury of poetry
PN6110.E65I58 2001 Book Intimate kisses : the poetry of sexual pleasure
PN6110.H45H65 1995 Book Holocaust poetry
PN6110.L6L68 1993 Book Love's witness : five centuries of love poetry by women
PN6110.P7G7 1993 Book Greece in poetry : with paintings, drawings, photographs, and other works of art
PN6110.R4P59 2004 Book Poetry for the spirit
PN6110.R4S68 1995 Book The Soul is here for its own joy : sacred poems from many cultures
PN6110.V53F76 1998 Book From both sides now : the poetry of the Vietnam War and its aftermath
PN6231.H28B34 2005 Book Bader, David M Haiku U. : from Aristotle to Zola, 100 great books in 17 syllables
PQ2387.R5A254 2004 Book Rimbaud, Arthur Selected poems and letters
PQ2387.R5A28 2008 Book Rimbaud, Arthur Complete works
PQ2387.R5I413 2011 Book Rimbaud, Arthur Illuminations
PQ2387.R5Z6743 1966 Book Rimbaud, Arthur Rimbaud : complete works, selected letters
PQ2601.P6A713 1995 Book Apollinaire, Guillaume Alcools : poems
PQ2601.P6C313 1980 Book Apollinaire, Guillaume Calligrammes : poems of peace and war (1913-1916)
PQ2635.O96168N613 2011eb Book Roussel, Raymond New impressions of Africa : Nouvelles impressions d'Afrique
PQ2671.A277A2 2010eb Book Kaddour, Hédi Treason : poems
PQ6055.P5 1996 Book Pérez, Janet Modern and contemporary Spanish women poets
PQ6176.P45 1988 Book The Penguin book of Spanish verse
PQ6208.L6L68 1986 Book Love poems from Spain & Spanish America
PQ6613.A763Y4 1991 Book García Lorca, Federico Yerma ; : Poeta en Nueva York
PQ6619.I4A25 2000 Book Jiménez, Juan Ramón God desired and desiring
PQ6619.I4P64 2009 Book Jiménez, Juan Ramón The poet and the sea
PQ6623.U34A23 1984 Book Celaya, Gabriel The poetry of Gabriel Celaya
PQ7087.E5T43 1994 Book These are not sweet girls : Latin American women poets
PQ7087.E5T94 1996 Book Twentieth-century Latin American poetry : a bilingual anthology
PQ7235.T74 1998 Book The tree is older than you are : a bilingual gathering of poems & stories from Mexico with paintings by Mexican artists
PQ8097.N4A2 2003 Book Neruda, Pablo The poetry of Pablo Neruda
PQ8097.N4A235 2004 Book Neruda, Pablo The essential Neruda : selected poems
PQ8097.N4C212 1996 Book Neruda, Pablo Ceremonial songs = Cantos ceremoniales
PQ8097.P322A24 1985 Book Parra, Nicanor Antipoems, new and selected
PR1 Book Meyer, David Early Tahitian Poetics
PR502.H56 1990 Book Hoeper, Jeffrey D Poetry : an introduction
PR502.P25 2006 Book Paglia, Camille Break, blow, burn
PR503.T68 1996 Book Touchstones : American poets on a favorite poem
PR1174.N6 1983b Book The Norton anthology of poetry
PR1174.N6 1983 Book The Norton anthology of poetry
PR1174.N6 2005 Book The Norton anthology of poetry
PR1175.3.E94 1994 Book Avery, Gillian The Everyman anthology of poetry for children
PR1175.B4566 2004 Book The best poems of the English language : from Chaucer through Frost
  PR1175.B634 Book Blair, Walter Approaches to poetry
PR1175.O97 1990 Book The Oxford anthology of English poetry
  PR1175.O983 1939 Book The Oxford book of light verse
PR1177.S59 1993 Book France, Linda Sixty women poets
PR1191.T45 1995 Book The things that matter : an anthology of women's spiritual poetry
PR1195.B5B75 2010 Book Bright wings : an illustrated anthology of poems about birds
PR1195.D65D64 2003 Book Doggerel : poems about dogs
PR1195.H8O88 1995 Book The Oxford book of comic verse
PR1205.B76 1997 Book Four metaphysical poets
PR1215.N48 1984b Book The New Oxford book of eighteenth century verse
  PR1215.O85 Book The Oxford book of eighteenth century verse
PR1222.N48 1994 Book The New Oxford book of Romantic period verse
PR1223.N48 1990 Book The new Oxford book of Victorian verse
PR1508.W67 2011 Book The word exchange : Anglo-Saxon poems in translation
PR2842.E9 1989 Book Shakespeare, William The narrative poems
PR2848.D86 1998 Book Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's sonnets
PR2848.V46 1997 Book Vendler, Helen Hennessy The art of Shakespeare's sonnets
PR3539 .T889 2012 Book Taylor Johnson, Heather Letters to my Lover from a small mountain town
PR4142.M37 1996 Book Blake, William William Blake : selected poetry
PR4302.B76 1998 Book Burns, Robert Robert Burns : selected poems
PR4353.M85 1992 Book Byron, George Gordon Byron The essential Byron
PR4472.B44 1991 Book Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Poems
PR4478.H65 1996 Book Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Selected poems
  PR4809.H15A7 1989 Book Housman, A. E A Shropshire lad
PR4831.S75 1982 Book Keats, John Complete poems
PR4836.R525 2012 Book Roe, Nicholas John Keats : a new life
PR5237.A2M37 1994 Book Rossetti, Christina Georgina Poems and prose
PR5237.A4 1996 Book Rossetti, Christina Georgina Christina Rossetti
PR5237.G6 1994 Book Rossetti, Christina Georgina Goblin market, and other poems
PR5403.R4 Book Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley's Poetry and prose : authoritative texts, criticism
PR5438 .P76 2013 Book Protopapas, Argyros I Percy Bysshe Shelley's Poetic Science : His Visionary Enterprise and the Crisis of Self-Consciousness.
PR5553.H5 1999 Book Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson Tennyson's poetry : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism
PR5852.H87 1990 Book Wordsworth, William Wordsworth : poetical works
PR5852.V3 2002 Book Wordsworth, William Selected poetry of William Wordsworth
PR5853.H4 1988 Book Wordsworth, William The essential Wordsworth
PR5900.A3 1996 Book Yeats, W. B The collected poems of W.B. Yeats
PR6001.U4A17 1976 Book Auden, W. H Collected poems
PR6001.U4A17 1989 Book Auden, W. H Selected poems
PR6003.R4R775 1997 Book Brooke, Rupert Rupert Brooke & Wilfred Owen
PR6023.A66A17 1989 Book Larkin, Philip Collected poems
PR6058.E2S7 1985b Book Heaney, Seamus Station Island
PR6066.I53A6 1996 Book Pinter, Harold Collected poems and prose
PR6073.I4367A6 2012eb Book Wilmer, Clive New and collected poems
PR8658.F3 1993 Book The Faber book of twentieth-century Scottish poetry
PR9199.3.A364 S77 2004 Book Ala, Salvatore Straight Razor and Other Poems
PR9199.3.R5316 Book Robertson, Lisa R's Boat
PR9199.3.S45A6 1940 Book Service, Robert W The collected poems of Robert Service.
PR9199.3.S5173S83 2012eb Book Sibum, Norm Sub divo
PR9619.3.W345 .D384 2012 Book Dixon, Graeme Holocaust Island
PR9619.3.W345 .W384 2004 Book Watson, Samuel Wagan Smoke Encrypted Whispers
PR9619.4 .H635 S55 2012 Book Hodgson, Elizabeth Skin Painting
PR9639.3.G733S65 2010eb Book Green, Paula Slip Stream
PR28411992 Book Shakespeare, William The sonnets and narrative poems
PR43531993 Book Byron, George Gordon Byron Selected poems
PR44721991 Book Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Poems
PR48321992 Book Keats, John The poems
PR55511971b Book Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson Tennyson's poetry : authoritative texts, juvenilia and early responses, criticism
PR59021992 Book Yeats, W. B Selected poems
PS151.W4 1993 Book Where we stand : women poets on literary tradition
PS153.M4P47 1995 Book Pérez-Torres, Rafael Movements in Chicano poetry : against myths, against margins
PS323.5.P57 2002eb Book Pinsky, Robert Democracy, culture, and the voice of poetry
PS323.5.P58 2001 Book Poetry speaks : hear great poets read their work, from Tennyson to Plath
  PS508.C6C74 Book Creative writing competition winners.
  PS508.C6L57 Book Mariposa : Estrella Mountain literary review.
  PS508.C6L57 Book The literary review.
  PS508.C6U57 1995 Book Unspoken
PS508.M4F46 1985 Book Five poets of Aztlán
PS571.A6A74 1982 Book Arizona anthem
PS571.A6F48 1997 Book Fever dreams : contemporary Arizona poetry
PS584.C66 1995 Book The Columbia anthology of American poetry
PS586 Book Bolin, Christopher Ascension Theory
PS586.G59 2005 Book Good poems for hard times
PS591.A76O6 1993 Book The open boat : poems from Asian America
PS591.H58P36 1995 Book Paper dance : 55 Latino poets
PS591.I55D57 2002 Book The dirt is red here : art and poetry from native California
PS591.I55V65 1993 Book Voices of the rainbow : contemporary poetry by Native Americans
PS591.M54U58 1994 Book Unsettling America : an anthology of contemporary multicultural poetry
PS591.N4A32 Book The poetry of Black America : anthology of the 20th century
PS591.N4D54 2004 Book A different image : the legacy of Broadside Press : an anthology
PS591.N4V56 2000 Book The Vintage book of African American poetry
PS591.P8A46 1994 Book Aloud : voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe
PS593.H3H34 1991 Book The Haiku anthology : haiku and senryu in English
PS593.P75G73 2003 Book Great American prose poems : from Poe to the present
PS595.B83W57 2005 Book The Wisdom anthology of North American Buddhist poetry
PS595.C6C69 1994 Book Cowboy love poetry : verse from the heart of the West
PS595.F45P64 2009 Book Poems from the women's movement / edited by Honor Moore.
PS595.H8A44 2003 Book American wits : an anthology of light verse
PS595.P63I56 1992 Book Inner chimes : poems on poetry
PS607.A56 1993 Book American poetry : the nineteenth century.
PS613.A45 1993 Book American poetry since 1950 : innovators and outsiders : an anthology
PS613.F76 1994 Book From the other side of the century : a new American poetry, 1960-1990
PS613.N4 1978 Book The New Yorker book of poems
PS613.N67 1988 Book The Norton anthology of modern poetry
  PS615.B474 Book The Best American poetry.
PS615.B48 1995 Book Between earth and sky : poets of the cowboy West
PS615.N38 1991 Book New American poets of the 90's
PS615.S627 1995 Book Sparkles in the sand
PS1541.A1 1960 Book Dickinson, Emily Complete poems
PS1541.A1 1960 Book Dickinson, Emily The complete poems of Emily Dickinson
PS1541.A1 1997 Book Dickinson, Emily Final harvest : Emily Dickinson's poems
PS1541.A6 2005 Book Dickinson, Emily The poems of Emily Dickinson : reading edition
PS1556.A1 1993 Book Dunbar, Paul Laurence The collected poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar
PS1556.L6 1984 Book Dunbar, Paul Laurence Lyrics of lowly life
PS2252.B84 1988 Book Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Selected poems
PS2600.G22 2002 Book Poe, Edgar Allan The complete tales & poems of Edgar Allan Poe
PS3200.F82 Book Whitman, Walt Complete poetry and collected prose
PS3203.B624 2003 Book Whitman, Walt Selected poems
PS3203.V3 1977 Book Whitman, Walt The portable Walt Whitman
PS3204.H66 1988 Book Whitman, Walt Voyages : poems
  PS3501.L373A17 1957 Book H. D H.D. selected poems.
PS3503.R7244I48 2003 Book Brooks, Gwendolyn In Montgomery, and other poems
PS3505.I27E25 1989 Book Ciardi, John Echoes : poems left behind
PS3505.R43A17 2008 Book Creeley, Robert The collected poems of Robert Creeley, 1975-2005.
PS3505.U287A6 1991 Book Cullen, Countee My soul's high song : the collected writings of Countee Cullen, voice of the Harlem Renaissance
PS3505.U334A17 1994 Book Cummings, E. E Complete poems, 1904-1962
PS3505.U334A6 1994 Book Cummings, E. E Selected poems
PS3505.U334C5 1979 Book Cummings, E. E [Chaire]
  PS3509.L43 1971b Book Eliot, T. S The complete poems and plays, 1909-1950
PS3509.L43A17 1991 Book Eliot, T. S Collected poems, 1909-1962
PS3509.L43W3 1988 Book Eliot, T. S The waste land, and other poems
PS3511.R94A17 1979 Book Frost, Robert The poetry of Robert Frost : the collected poems
  PS3511.R94I5 1962 Book Frost, Robert In the clearing
PS3511.R94T473 1997 Book Frost, Robert Three books
PS3515.U274A17 1994 Book Hughes, Langston The collected poems of Langston Hughes
PS3515.U274A6 1958 Book Hughes, Langston The Langston Hughes reader.
PS3515.U274A6 2004 Book Hughes, Langston Vintage Hughes
PS3515.U274D7 1994 Book Hughes, Langston The dream keeper and other poems
PS3515.U274Z617 1992 Book Berry, Faith Langston Hughes, before and beyond Harlem
PS3515.U3A17 1979 Book Hugo, Richard Selected poems
PS3517.G53A6 1993 Book Ignatow, David Against the evidence : selected poems, 1934-1994
PS3519.E27A6 2001 Book Jeffers, Robinson The selected poetry of Robinson Jeffers
PS3519.E27S76 2001 Book Jeffers, Robinson Stones of the Sur
PS3521.E735A6 2012 Book Kerouac, Jack Jack Kerouac : collected poems
PS3521.I582W55 1995 Book Kinnell, Galway When one has lived a long time alone
PS3523.O89A17 1997 Book Lowell, Robert Selected poems
PS3525.A27A17 1985 Book MacLeish, Archibald Collected poems, 1917-1982
PS3527.A637Z4 1987 Book Nash, Ogden Ogden Nash's zoo
PS3527.E5A17 1977 Book Nemerov, Howard The collected poems of Howard Nemerov.
PS3529.H28M4 1967 Book O'Hara, Frank Meditations in an emergency
PS3531.O82A17 1982 Book Pound, Ezra Collected early poems of Ezra Pound
PS3531.O82A6 1957b Book Pound, Ezra Selected poems
PS3535.O39 1975 Book Roethke, Theodore The collected poems of Theodore Roethke.
PS3537.A618 1970 Book Sandburg, Carl The complete poems of Carl Sandburg.
PS3537.A618A6 1996 Book Sandburg, Carl Selected poems
PS3537.N32F83 1995 Book Snodgrass, W. D The Fuehrer bunker : the complete cycle : poems
  PS3537.T4753A17 Book Tố Hữu Poems
PS3537.T4753A6 1997 Book Stevens, Wallace Collected poetry and prose
PS3537.T4753Z6244 2005 Book Critchley, Simon Things merely are : philosophy in the poetry of Wallace Stevens
PS3537.T4753Z82 1986 Book Vendler, Helen Wallace Stevens : words chosen out of desire
PS3543.A563N4 1990 Book Van Duyn, Mona Near changes : poems
PS3545.I32165A6 1987 Book Wilbur, Richard The poems of Richard Wilbur
PS3545.I544A6 1985 Book Williams, William Carlos Selected poems
PS3549.U47 .T384 2012 Book Terblanche, Etienne E. E. Cummings : Poetry and Ecology.
PS3551.D66A77 1982 Book Adoff, Arnold All the colors of the race : poems
PS3551.L35774F33 2009 Book Alexie, Sherman Face
PS3551.L35774O53 2000 Book Alexie, Sherman One stick song
PS3551.L845O84 1995 Book Alvarez, Julia The other side = El otro lado
PS3551.N4155F54 2008 Book Emerson, Claudia Figure studies : poems
PS3551.N4155L38 2005 Book Emerson, Claudia Late wife : poems
PS3551.N464A17 1994 Book Angelou, Maya The complete collected poems of Maya Angelou.
PS3551.N464C45 2006 Book Angelou, Maya Celebrations : rituals of peace and prayer
PS3552.A583F86 1996 Book Baraka, Imamu Amiri Funk lore : new poems, 1984-1995
PS3552.I33D47 1997 Book Bidart, Frank Desire
PS3552.L9K25 2004 Book Bly, Robert Kabir : ecstatic poems
PS3552.L9W48 1993 Book Bly, Robert What have I ever lost by dying? : collected prose poems
PS3552.O75645I5 2011 Book Boruch, Marianne In the Blue Pharmacy : Essays on Poetry and Other Transformations.
PS3552.R22745S57 1991eb Book Bradley, Jerry Simple versions of disaster
PS3552.R6229S6 1998 Book Brodsky, Joseph So forth : poems
PS3552.U7827M4 1997 Book Burton, Tim The melancholy death of Oyster Boy & other stories
PS3553.A7667A94 1999 Book Carson, Anne Autobiography of Red : a novel in verse
PS3553 .A7812 A6 2014eb Book Carter, Jared Darkened Rooms of Summer : New and Selected Poems
PS3553.H62F67 1992 Book Chorlton, David Forget the country you came from : poems
PS3553.L667 T68 2006 Book Clover, Joshua The Totality for Kids
PS3553.O47478B35 2008 Book Collins, Billy Ballistics : poems
PS3553.U467H3 1975 Book Cuneo, Louis Haiku revisited
PS3554.A934912P74 2010 Book Davis, Jon Preliminary report
PS3554.A934912S37 1995 Book Davis, Jon Scrimmage of appetite
PS3555.S5J86 2003 Book Eshleman, Clayton Juniper fuse : upper paleolithic imagination & the construction of the underworld
PS3556.A3625E26 2003 Book Fairchild, B. H Early occult memory systems of the lower midwest
PS3556.L42268J69 1995 Book Fleischman, Paul Joyful noise : poems for two voices
PS3556.O7334R46 1997 Book Forman, Ruth Renaissance
PS3557.I55A6 1996 Book Giovanni, Nikki The selected poems of Nikki Giovanni.
PS3557.I94T47 2011eb Book Gizzi, Peter Threshold songs
PS3557.L314P38 2003eb Book Glaser, Elton Pelican tracks
PS3558.A7238E98 1998 Book Haskins, Lola Extranjera
PS3558.A725S86 1996 Book Hass, Robert Sun under wood : new poems
PS3558.E4735 Book Hejinian, Lyn My life : and, My life in the nineties
PS3558.E74A614 2007 Book Herrera, Juan Felipe 187 reasons mexicanos can't cross the border : undocuments, 1971-2007
PS3558 Book Willard, Steve Harm.
PS3558.I694A69 2006 Book Hirshfield, Jane After : poems
PS3558.O89 Book Howe, Fanny Gone : Poems.
PS3560.E888N5 1999 Book Jewel A night without armor : poems
PS3561.I66H23 2003 Book Kirby, David The ha-ha : poems
PS3561.I66H68 2000 Book Kirby, David The house of blue light : poems
PS3561.I66H69 2007eb Book Kirby, David The house on Boulevard St. : new and selected poems
PS3561.O455D5 1988 Book Komunyakaa, Yusef Dien Cai Dau
PS3561.O455T45 1998 Book Komunyakaa, Yusef Thieves of paradise
PS3561.O87F57 2007 Book Kowit, Steve The first noble truth : poems by
PS3562.A849C3 1992 Book Laviera, Tato La carreta made a U-turn
PS3562.E35438R6 1986 Book Lee, Li-Young Rose : poems
PS3562.O4967D73 2007eb Book Longenbach, James Draft of a letter
PS3562.O75M37 1993 Book Lorde, Audre The marvelous arithmetics of distance : poems 1987-1992
PS3563.A262T6 1999 Book McClure, Michael Touching the edge : dharma devotions from the hummingbird Sangha
PS3563.A2914R3 1988eb Book McDonald, Walter Rafting the Brazos
PS3563.A42M98 1996 Book Malanga, Gerard Mythologies of the heart
PS3563.A567S66 1995 Book Manyarrows, Victoria Lena Songs from the Native lands
PS3563.O73C6 1991 Book Mora, Pat Communion
PS3563.O8856L37 1998 Book Moss, Thylias Last chance for the Tarzan holler : poems
PS3563.U3954S64 2002 Book Mullen, Harryette Romell Sleeping with the dictionary
PS3564.Y44F8 1998 Book Nye, Naomi Shihab Fuel : poems
PS3565.L34S2 Book Olds, Sharon Satan says
PS3565.L5N47 1992 Book Oliver, Mary New and selected poems
PS3565.L5T57 2006 Book Oliver, Mary Thirst : poems
PS3565.R7737L37 1995 Book Cofer, Judith Ortiz The Latin deli : prose and poetry
PS3566.I54S2 1975 Book Pinsky, Robert Sadness and happiness : poems
PS3566.I54W36 1990 Book Pinsky, Robert The want bone
PS3566.L27A17 1992 Book Plath, Sylvia The collected poems
PS3568.I587T4 1990b Book Ríos, Alberto Teodoro Luna's two kisses : poems
PS3569.A838T7 1993 Book Savard, Jeannine Trumpeter : poems
PS3569.C25 I8 2008 Book Scalapino, Leslie It's go in horizontal : Selected Poems, 1974-2006.
PS3569.H3324F6 1989 Book Shange, Ntozake For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf : a choreopoem
PS3569.I47224E94 2011 Book Silverstein, Shel Every thing on it : poems and drawings
PS3569.I47224L5 2009 Book Silverstein, Shel A light in the attic
PS3569.N88R5 2010 Book Snyder, Gary Riprap and cold mountain poems
PS3569.O72N49 1995 Book Soto, Gary New and selected poems
PS3569 .S384 2013 Book Sommer, Jason The Laughter of Adam and Eve
PS3569.T1223H69 1994eb Book St. Germain, Sheryl How heavy the breath of God
PS3569.T1223J68 1996eb Book St. Germain, Sheryl The journals of Scheherazade : poems
PS3569.T3714A83 2005eb Book Stein, Kevin American ghost roses : poems
PS3569.T69A6 1997 Book Strand, Mark Selected poems
PS3569.U18P35 2001 Book Suárez, Virgil Palm crows
PS3569.U18S63 1997 Book Suárez, Virgil Spared Angola : memories from a Cuban-American childhood
PS3569.W384G73 2012 Book Swensen, Cole Gravesend
PS3570.A44L57 1995 Book TallMountain, Mary Listen to the night : poems for the animal spirits of mother earth
PS3570.A44Q5 1994 Book TallMountain, Mary A quick brush of wings
PS3570.E6774C8 1991 Book Terranova, Elaine The cult of the right hand
PS3571.P4A6 1993 Book Updike, John Collected poems, 1953-1993
PS3571.R74G47 1997 Book Urrea, Luis Alberto Ghost sickness
PS3572.I354D47 1998 Book Villanueva, Alma Desire
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