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BL1138.22.E5 1998 Book The Mahābhārata : an English version based on selected verses
PA3827.A657 1998 Book Aeschylus Aeschylus
PA3827.A7F3 1984 Book Aeschylus The Oresteia
PA3827.A7M7 1996 Book Aeschylus The Oresteia trilogy
PA3827.A7 Book Aeschylus Oresteia
PA3827.A7S53 2003 Book Aeschylus The Oresteia
PA3827.A7V44 1959 Book Aeschylus The Oresteian trilogy : Agamemnon, The Choephori, The Eumenides
PA3827.P8S3 1989 Book Aeschylus Prometheus bound
PA3827.S4H4 1991 Book Aeschylus Seven against Thebes
PA3870.A55A25 2008 Book Apollodorus The library of Greek mythology
PA3875.A28S6 1973 Book Aristophanes The Acharnians ; : The clouds ; Lysistrata
PA3877.A1H3 1962 Book Aristophanes The complete plays of Aristophanes
PA3877.A2 1984 Book Aristophanes Four plays
PA3877.A2 2008 Book Aristophanes Birds ; Lysistrata ; Assembly-women ; Wealth
PA3877.A2 2010 Book Aristophanes Four plays
PA3975.A1 1998 Book Euripides Euripides
PA3975.A2 1972 Book Euripides Orestes, and other plays
PA3975.A2 1988 Book Euripides Plays, one
PA3975.A2 1998b Book Euripides Medea ; : Hippolytus ; Electra ; Helen
PA3975.A2 2008 Book Euripides Iphigenia among the Taurians ; : Bacchae ; Iphigenia at Aulis ; Rhesus
PA3975.A5A7 1989 Book Euripides Alcestis
PA4414.A1B34 2011 Book Sophocles The complete plays of Sophocles : a new translation
PA4414.A1G7 1991 Book Sophocles Sophocles
PA4414.A2K5 1998 Book Sophocles Antigone ; Oedipus the King ; Electra
PA4414.A7B7 1989 Book Sophocles Antigone
PA4414.T7W5 1991 Book Sophocles Women of Trachis
PA6570.M4C3 1971 Book Plautus, Titus Maccius The Menaechmus twins, and two other plays.
PA6666.A1W3 Book Seneca, Lucius Annaeus Four tragedies and Octavia.
PA8340.A19 1989 Book Hrotsvitha Dulcitius and Paphnutius
PE1122.L664 2006 Book Looking at literature : 12 short stories, a play, and a novel
PG3456.A19B7 1977 Book Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich Anton Chekhov's plays
PG3456.A19H5 1998 Book Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich Five plays
PG3456.A19V36 1995 Book Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov : the major plays
PK3798.S91M73 2011 Book Śūdraka The little clay cart (Mrcchakatika) : a Hindu drama attributed to King Shūdraka
PL2695.M8E5 2002 Book Tang, Xianzu The Peony Pavilion : Mudan ting
PN1980.O5 1993 Book On thrones of gold : three Javanese shadow plays
PN2924.5.K3S265 1999 Book Scott, A. C The kabuki theatre of Japan
  PN6111.B47 Book The Best American short plays.
PN6112.6 .S55C65 1989 Book Simon, Neil Come blow your horn : a comedy in three acts
PN6120.A5K713 1998 Book Korty, Carol Plays from African folktales
PQ1825.E5F68 1981 Book Molière Tartuffe, and other plays
PQ1825.E5S52 2008 Book Molière The misanthrope, Tartuffe and other plays
PQ1825.E5W5 1991 Book Molière The school for wives ; : and, The learned ladies
PQ1842.A485 1991 Book Molière Tartuffe : comedy in five acts, 1669
PQ1888.E5S56 2009 Book Racine, Jean Britannicus ; Phaedra ; Athaliah
PQ1898.A38 1986 Book Racine, Jean Phaedra : tragedy in five acts, 1677
PQ1956.A234 2008 Book Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de The Figaro trilogy
PQ1979.A66E5 1976 Book Diderot, Denis Rameau's nephew ; and, D'Alembert's dream
PQ2603.E378E53 2011 Book Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot
PQ2613.E53B313 1966 Book Genet, Jean The balcony
PQ2613.E53B613 1961 Book Genet, Jean The maids ; and, Deathwatch : two plays
  PQ2613.E53N43 Book Genet, Jean The blacks, : a clown show.
PQ2617.O6R5 Book Ionesco, Eugène Rhinoceros, and other plays
PQ2619.A65U3 2012 Book Jarry, Alfred Ubu roi
PQ2637.A82H82 1989 Book Sartre, Jean-Paul No exit, and three other plays
PQ4627.M2A25 2007 Book Machiavelli, Niccolò The comedies of Machiavelli
PQ4694.L513 2010 Book Goldoni, Carlo The mistress of the Inn
PQ4835.I7A2 1988 Book Pirandello, Luigi Collected plays
PQ6459.A2 1999 Book Vega, Lope de Fuente Ovejuna; The knight from Olmedo; Punishment without revenge
PQ6613.A763A225 1990 Book García Lorca, Federico Plays : one
PQ6613.A763B6 1987 Book García Lorca, Federico Bodas de sangre
PQ6613.A763C4 1983 Book García Lorca, Federico La casa de Bernarda Alba
PQ6613.A763C4 1991 Book García Lorca, Federico La casa de Bernarda Alba
PQ6613.A763Y4 1991 Book García Lorca, Federico Yerma ; : Poeta en Nueva York
PQ6639.N3T7 1995 Book Unamuno, Miguel de Tres novelas ejemplares y un prólogo
PQ8498.32.A65C47 1990 Book Vargas Llosa, Mario La chunga
PR1260.E947 2007 Book Anonymous Everyman
PR2602.J3 2004 Book Jonson, Ben Volpone and other plays
PR2622.A2B37 1987 Book Jonson, Ben Volpone, or, The fox
PR2664.A2K64 2005 Book Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus : a two-text edition (A-text, 1604 ; B-text, 1616) contexts and sources criticism
PR2754.P76 1998 Book Shakespeare, William The Arden Shakespeare complete works
PR2803.A2C76 2004 Book Shakespeare, William As you like it
PR2803.L93 2003 Book Lynch, Stephen J. As you like it : a guide to the play
PR2805.A2B75 1988 Book Shakespeare, William The tragedy of Coriolanus
PR2807.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William Hamlet
PR2807.A25 2003 Book Shakespeare, William Hamlet
PR2807.B617 2003 Book Bloom, Harold Hamlet : poem unlimited
PR2807.J63 Book Jones, Ernest Hamlet and Oedipus
PR2807.P36 1996 Book Pennington, Michael Hamlet : a user's guide
PR2808.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William Julius Caesar
PR2809.A2C76 2005 Book Shakespeare, William Henry IV, parts one and two
PR2810.A1 2008 Book Shakespeare, William Henry IV, Part one
  PR2810.A2S5 Book Shakespeare, William The first part of King Henry the Fourth
  PR2811.A2C44 1957 Book Shakespeare, William The second part of King Henry the Fourth
PR2812.A1 2008 Book Shakespeare, William Henry V
PR2812.A2H8 1980 Book Shakespeare, William Henry V
PR2819.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William King Lear
PR2819.A25C76 2003 Book Shakespeare, William King Lear
PR2819.A25D87 1986 Book Shakespeare, William King Lear
PR2819.A2F62 1997 Book Shakespeare, William King Lear
PR2819.A2F73 1987 Book Shakespeare, William The tragedy of King Lear : with new dramatic criticism and an updated bibliography
PR2823.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William Macbeth
PR2823.A25 2003 Book Shakespeare, William Macbeth
PR2824.A2B3 1994 Book Shakespeare, William Measure for measure
PR2825.A1 2008 Book Shakespeare, William Merchant of Venice
PR2825.A2C76 2003 Book Shakespeare, William The merchant of Venice
PR2825.J36 2003 Book Janik, Vicki K The merchant of Venice : a guide to the play
PR2827.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William A midsummer night's dream
PR2827.A2C76 2003 Book Shakespeare, William A midsummer night's dream
PR2828.A2Z56 1994 Book Shakespeare, William Much ado about nothing
PR2829.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William Othello
PR2829.A2C74 2003 Book Shakespeare, William Othello
PR2831.A1 2009 Book Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet
PR2831.A1B66 2012 Book Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet in plain and simple English
PR2831.A25 2003 Book Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet
PR2831.A2B72 1998 Book Shakespeare, William The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
PR2832.A2T47 1984 Book Shakespeare, William The taming of the shrew
PR2833.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William The tempest
PR2833.A25 2003 Book Shakespeare, William The tempest
PR2833.A2O74 1987 Book Shakespeare, William The tempest
PR2837.A1 2007 Book Shakespeare, William Twelfth night
PR2837.A2L6 1988 Book Shakespeare, William Twelfth night
PR2878.R6R34 2004 Book Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet
PR3182.W45 2009 Book Webster, John The Duchess of Malfi and other plays.
PR3317.A6 2008 Book Behn, Aphra The rover ; : The feigned courtesans ; The lucky chance ; The emperor of the moon
PR3415.A4 2007 Book Dryden, John All for love
PR3541.L5A7 Book Lillo, George The London merchant
PR3771.D59 2008 Book Wycherley, William Love in a wood ; : The gentleman dancing-master ; The country wife ; The plain dealer
PR5360.F71 Book Shaw, Bernard Bernard Shaw's plays : Major Barbara, Heartbreak House, Saint Joan, Too true to be good;
  PR5361.W4 1986 Book Shaw, Bernard The portable Bernard Shaw
PR5363.A3 1946b Book Shaw, Bernard Plays unpleasant
  PR5363.A88 1952 Book Shaw, Bernard Arms and the man : a pleasant play
PR5363.H4 2011 Book Shaw, Bernard Heartbreak house
PR5363.S3 2003 Book Shaw, Bernard Saint Joan : a chronicle play in six scenes and an epilogue /
  PR5363.S32 1952 Book Shaw, Bernard Saint Joan : a chronicle play in six scenes and an epilogue
PR6003.E282E54 1982 Book Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2 acts
PR6005.H66A84 2004 Book Christie, Agatha And then there were none : a mystery play in three acts
PR6037.H23E5 1974b Book Shaffer, Peter Equus
PR6052.O39M3 1990 Book Bolt, Robert A man for all seasons : a play in two acts
PR6053.H786C5 1994 Book Churchill, Caryl Cloud 9
PR6056.R5D3 1990b Book Friel, Brian Dancing at Lughnasa
PR6056.R5W65 1993b Book Friel, Brian Wonderful Tennessee
PR6058.A678S4 1989 Book Hare, David The secret rapture
PR6058.A73D7 1982 Book Harwood, Ronald The dresser
PR6061.A83L37 2001 Book Kaufman, Moisés The Laramie project
PR6066.I53 1990 Book Pinter, Harold Complete works
PR6066.I53O4 1971b Book Pinter, Harold Old times
PR6069.T6I66 1998 Book Stoppard, Tom The invention of love
PR6069.T6J8 1974 Book Stoppard, Tom Jumpers
PR6069.T6R4 1993 Book Stoppard, Tom The real Inspector Hound : and other entertainments
PR6069.T6R6 1967b Book Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead.
PR9196.7.O5I57 1994 Book Instant applause : 26 very short complete plays.
PR9309.9.D67D4 1994 Book Dorfman, Ariel Death and the maiden
PR9369.3.F8A6 1991 Book Fugard, Athol Blood knot, and other plays
PR9369.3.F8L4 1989 Book Fugard, Athol A lesson from Aloes : a play
PR9369.3.F8M3 1982b Book Fugard, Athol "Master Harold" -- and the boys : a drama
  PR9369.3.F8M9 1989 Book Fugard, Athol My children! My Africa!
PR9387.9.S6D4 2003 Book Soyinka, Wole Death and the king's horseman : authoritative text : backgrounds and contexts, criticism
PS627.M5C66 1996 Book Contemporary plays by women of color : an anthology
PS627.O53T35 1997 Book Take ten : new 10-minute plays
PS628.H57L38 1996 Book Latins anonymous : two plays
PS628.H57S5 1992 Book Shattering the myth : plays by Hispanic women
PS628.M4N4 1989 Book Necessary theater : six plays about the Chicano experience
PS628.N4B57 1992 Book Black thunder : an anthology of contemporary African-American drama
PS628.N4M66 1994 Book Moon marked and touched by sun : plays by African-American women
PS628.N4N5 1986 Book 9 plays by Black women
PS628.N4T68 1989 Book Totem voices : plays from the Black world repertory
PS628.W6H47 1997 Book Here to stay : five plays from the Women's Project
PS628.W6W664 1993 Book Women on the verge : 7 avant-garde American plays
  PS3501.L178A7 1991 Book Albee, Edward The American dream ; : and, The zoo story : two plays
PS3501.L178T5 2001 Book Albee, Edward Edward Albee's Tiny Alice.
PS3501.L178W5 1983b Book Albee, Edward Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? : a play
PS3513.I2824M5 1962 Book Gibson, William The miracle worker
PS3515.A515B5 1973 Book Hansberry, Lorraine Les blancs : the collected last plays of Lorraine Hansberry.
PS3515.A515R3 1994 Book Hansberry, Lorraine A raisin in the sun
PS3515.U274A19 1963 Book Hughes, Langston Five plays
PS3515.U274A6 1958 Book Hughes, Langston The Langston Hughes reader.
PS3517.N265B8 1956 Book Inge, William Bus stop : a three-act romance
PS3517.N265D3 1988 Book Inge, William The dark at the top of the stairs
PS3517.N265P5 1983 Book Inge, William Picnic
PS3525.I316C9 2003 Book Miller, Arthur The crucible : a play in four acts
PS3525.I5156A6 2006 Book Miller, Arthur Collected plays, 1944-1961
PS3525.I5156A6 2012 Book Miller, Arthur Collected plays, 1964-1982
PS3525.I5156A66 1980 Book Miller, Arthur After the fall : a play in two acts
PS3525.I5156A7 2000 Book Miller, Arthur All my sons : a drama in three acts
PS3525.I5156C67 1973 Book Miller, Arthur The creation of the world and other business
PS3525.I5156D3 1987 Book Miller, Arthur Danger, memory! : two plays
PS3525.I5156D4 1996 Book Miller, Arthur Death of a salesman
PS3525.I5156P7 1997 Book Miller, Arthur The price
PS3525.I5156V5 1977 Book Miller, Arthur A view from the bridge : a play in two acts with a new introduction
  PS3529.N5A6 1955 Book O'Neill, Eugene The plays of Eugene O'Neill.
PS3529.N5A7 1933 Book O'Neill, Eugene Ah, wilderness!
PS3529.N5I3 2006 Book O'Neill, Eugene The iceman cometh
PS3529.N5L6 2002 Book O'Neill, Eugene Long day's journey into night
PS3537.I663A6 1971 Book Simon, Neil The collected plays of Neil Simon
PS3537.I663A6 1986 Book Simon, Neil The collected plays of Neil Simon
PS3537.I663B3 1964 Book Simon, Neil Barefoot in the park : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663B55 1986b Book Simon, Neil Biloxi blues : a new comedy
PS3537.I663B73 1987b Book Simon, Neil Broadway bound
PS3537.I663B7x 1984b Book Simon, Neil Brighton Beach memoirs
PS3537.I663C48 1979 Book Simon, Neil Chapter two : a comedy in two acts
PS3537.I663D56 2002 Book Simon, Neil The dinner party
PS3537.I663F6 1981b Book Simon, Neil Fools : a comic fable
PS3537.I663G5 1971b Book Simon, Neil The gingerbread lady : a new play
PS3537.I663G6 1974 Book Simon, Neil The good doctor : a new comedy with music
PS3537.I663J3 1993 Book Simon, Neil Jake's women
PS3537.I663L38 1995c Book Simon, Neil Laughter on the 23rd floor : a play
PS3537.I663L66 1996 Book Simon, Neil London suite : a comedy
PS3537.I663N44 2003 Book Simon, Neil 45 seconds from Broadway / Neil Simon.
PS3537.I663O3 1994 Book Simon, Neil The odd couple : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663P6 1997 Book Simon, Neil Plaza suite : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663P7 1972b Book Simon, Neil The prisoner of Second Avenue : a comedy in two acts
PS3537.I663R8 1990 Book Simon, Neil Rumors : a farce
PS3537.I663S7 1996 Book Simon, Neil The star-spangled girl : a new comedy
PS3537.I663S8 1973 Book Simon, Neil The sunshine boys : a comedy in two acts
PS3539.R342M33 1993 Book Treadwell, Sophie Machinal
PS3545.I345A6 1985 Book Wilder, Thornton Three plays
PS3545.I345A6 2006 Book Wilder, Thornton Three plays
PS3545.I5365A19 1976 Book Williams, Tennessee Four plays
PS3545.I5365A19 1990 Book Williams, Tennessee The theatre of Tennessee Williams.
PS3545.I5365A6 2000 Book Williams, Tennessee Plays
PS3545.I5365C37 2004 Book Williams, Tennessee Cat on a hot tin roof
PS3545.I5365O7 1987 Book Williams, Tennessee Orpheus descending : a play in three acts
PS3545.I5365S8 1980 Book Williams, Tennessee A streetcar named Desire
PS3545.I5365S8 2004 Book Williams, Tennessee A streetcar named desire
PS3545.I5365S85 1978 Book Williams, Tennessee Summer and smoke : play in two parts
PS3551.L25A9 2011 Book Albee, Edward At home at the zoo : a play
PS3551.L25S4 2008 Book Albee, Edward Seascape : a play
PS3551.L25T48 1995 Book Albee, Edward Three tall women : a play in two acts
PS3552.L43P38 1995 Book Blessing, Lee Patient A, and other plays : five plays
PS3552.R845S5 1998 Book Brustein, Robert Sanford Six characters in search of an author
PS3554.I3A6 2007 Book Dick, Philip K Four novels of the 1960s
PS3554.I3A6 2008 Book Dick, Philip K Five novels of the 1960s & 70s
PS3554.I3A6 2009 Book Dick, Philip K Valis and later novels
PS3556.O7344F43 1990b Book Fornes, Maria Irene Fefu and her friends : a play
PS3558.A3735T5 1983 Book Hall, Richard Walter Three plays for a gay theater & three essays
PS3558.E4962C7 1982b Book Henley, Beth Crimes of the heart
PS3558.O34644A9 1985b Book Hoffman, William M. As is : a play
PS3558.W83M2 1988 Book Hwang, David Henry M. Butterfly
PS3561.O646I5 1969 Book Kopit, Arthur L Indians; : a play,
PS3561.U778A85 2003 Book Kushner, Tony Angels in America : a gay fantasia on national themes
PS3563.A4345O4 1993 Book Mamet, David Oleanna
PS3563.A4345S4 1978 Book Mamet, David Sexual perversity in Chicago ; and, The duck variations : two plays
PS3563.A4345S5 1985 Book Mamet, David The shawl ; and, Prairie du Chien : two plays
PS3563.A7293P53 1996 Book Martin, Steve Picasso at the Lapin Agile and other plays
PS3563.E27C47 1980b Book Medoff, Mark Howard Children of a lesser god
PS3563.E27W48 1974b Book Medoff, Mark Howard When you comin back, Red Ryder?
PS3564.A525P3 1997 Book Najera, Rick The pain of the macho and other plays
PS3564.O623A6 1988 Book Norman, Marsha Four plays
PS3566.A736V46 1995 Book Parks, Suzan-Lori Venus : a play
PS3566.R558B4 1991 Book Prida, Dolores Beautiful senoritas & other plays
PS3569.H394A6 1983 Book Shepard, Sam Fool for love
PS3569.H394C87 1976 Book Shepard, Sam Curse of the starving class : a play in three acts
PS3569.H45T75 1981 Book Shepard, Sam True west
PS3569.M465F56 1997 Book Smith, Anna Deavere Fires in the mirror : Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities
PS3570.R3342S6 1983 Book Trambley, Estela Portillo Sor Juana and other plays
PS3572.A387M86 2005 Book Valdez, Luis Mummified deer and other plays
PS3573.A42688O53 1997 Book Wallace, Naomi One flea spare
PS3573.I45677F4 1986 Book Wilson, August Fences : a play
PS3573.I45677J64 1988 Book Wilson, August Joe Turner's come and gone : a play in two acts
PS3573.I458A6 1993 Book Wilson, Lanford Lanford Wilson : 21 short plays
PS3618.U48C57 2006 Book Ruhl, Sarah The clean house and other plays
PT1828.B6A26 Book Büchner, Georg Complete plays and prose / Georg Büchner ; translated with an introduction by Carl Richard Mueller.
PT2026.F2F3313 2001 Book Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust : a tragedy : interpretive notes, contexts, modern criticism
PT2026.F2L85 1987 Book Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust.
PT2026.F2L85 1998 Book Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust. Part one
PT2603.R397D7 1964B Book Brecht, Bertolt The threepenny opera
PT2603.R397G813 2008 Book Brecht, Bertolt The good person of Szechwan
PT2603.R397M82 Book Brecht, Bertolt Mother Courage and her children; : a chronicle of the Thirty Years' War.
PT2607.U493B43 1990 Book Dürrenmatt, Friedrich The visit : a tragi-comedy
PT2607.U493B43 2006 Book Dürrenmatt, Friedrich The visit : a tragicomedy
PT2611.R814F53 1985 Book Frisch, Max The firebugs : a morality without a moral : a play
PT2685.E5V43 2002 Book Weiss, Peter The persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat : as performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade
  PT8854.E38 1961 Book Ibsen, Henrik Hedda Gabler and other plays
PT8854.G78 1966 Book Ibsen, Henrik Four major plays
PT8854.M3 1988 Book Ibsen, Henrik An enemy of the people ; The wild duck ; Rosmersholm
PT8854.M3 2008 Book Ibsen, Henrik Four major plays
PT8862.A37M5 1977 Book Ibsen, Henrik Arthur Miller's adaptation of An enemy of the people by Henrik Ibsen.
PT8868.A326 1989 Book Ibsen, Henrik Hedda Gabler ; : and, A doll's house
PT9811.A3C37 1983 Book Strindberg, August Strindberg, five plays
PT9811.A3S635 1986b Book Strindberg, August Selected plays
PT9812.F32B78 1992 Book Brustein, Robert Sanford The father

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