New Titles October 2020

Agriculture History: General
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Political Science
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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BD331.H567 2019 Book The case against reality : why evolution hid the truth from our eyes
BF201.H46 2020 Book The WEIRDest people in the world : how the West became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous
D  History: General
DS881.9.B87 2004 Book Inventing Japan, 1853-1964
H  Social Sciences
HM866.M197 2021 Book Mass shootings
HV7936.C88M36 2001 Book Mapping and analysing crime data : lessons from research and practice
HV9471.P746 2021 Book The prison industrial complex
J  Political Science
JK528.W39 2020 Book Let the people pick the president : the case for abolishing the Electoral College
JK2265.P36 2021 Book Party politics
S  Agriculture
SK33.H827 2021 Book Hunting and conservation
Book Payroll Accounting

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