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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF1655.A88 2018 Book Astrology through history : interpreting the stars from ancient Mesopotamia to the present
BJ1496.C43 2020 Book The longing for less : living with minimalism
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB161.K355 2015 Book Humans need not apply : a guide to wealth and work in the age of artificial intelligence
CC75.7.S88 2014 Book Archaeological laboratory methods : an introduction
E  History: America
E98.P86C58 2018 Book Bowwow powwow = bagosenjige-niimi'idim
E179.C6556 2019 Book Conspiracies and conspiracy theories in American history
E184.M5G665 2013 Book The distance between us : a memoir
F  History: America
F128.64.L6D56 2019 Book Lady Liberty : an illustrated history of America's most storied woman
F787.O96 2013 Book Our lost border : essays on life amid the narco-violence
F811.T73 Book Arizona : a panoramic history of a frontier State
F965.I46 2019 Book How to hide an empire : a history of the greater United States
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GC21.W67 2018 Book The world's oceans : geography, history, and environment
GE146.E57 2020 Book Environmental catastrophe
H  Social Sciences
HB3505.G58 2020 Book America's changing demographics
HD6508.L2353 2020 Book Labor unions and workers' rights
HF1379.F3373 2020 Book Fair trade
HM671.P752 2020 Book Privilege in America
HQ1075.E246 2020 Book Gender in the 21st century
HV6556.M48 2020 Book The #MeToo movement
HV6561.M555 2019 Book Know my name : a memoir
HV9104.S54 1998 Book 8 ball chicks : a year in the violent world of girl gangs
J  Political Science
JK529.H375 2019 Book Saving the electoral college : why the national popular vote would undermine democracy
JV6483.H86 2020 Book Human migration
K  Law
KF4774.F743 2020 Book Freedom of the press
L  Education
LB3013.33.F6C85 2019 Book Parkland : birth of a movement
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PN4874.M4827A3 2012 Book The boy kings of Texas : a memoir
PN6710.M335 1994 Book Understanding comics : the invisible art
PS3601.L35388U53 2019 Book The undefeated
PS3603.U663A64 2020 Book American dirt
PS3604.E4439D58 2013 Book Ditch water : poems
PZ7.1.M34683Fry 2019 Book Fry bread : a Native American family story
PZ7.1.W5456Gen 2019 Book Genesis begins again
PZ7.7.C74New 2019 Book New kid
PZ7.K5693Dig 2019 Book Dig
PZ7.U277Be 2019 Book The beast player
Q  Science
Q335.H431 2013 Book Artificial intelligence for humans. Volume 1,
QC16.W785R63 2019 Book Queen of physics : how Wu Chien Shiung helped unlock the secrets of the atom
R  Medicine
RC454.4.A45 2020 Book America's mental health crisis
RC483.A283 2019 Book Advances in psychedelic medicine : state-of-the-art therapeutic applications
RC553.A88G725 2014 Book The autistic brain : helping different kinds of minds succeed
RG811.N85 2004 Book The doctors' plague : germs, childbed fever, and the strange story of Ignác Semmelweis
RM324.8.M43 2020 Book Medical use of illicit drugs
T  Technology
TD798.B84 2019 Book Peak plastic : the rise or fall of our synthetic world
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
ZA4237.D36 2020 Book The dark web
Book Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing
Book Contemporary Film History

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