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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF335.D78 2014 Book The power of habit : why we do what we do in life and business
BL312.W66 2006 Book World mythology : the illustrated guide
D  History: General
DS405.E556 2006 Book Encyclopedia of India
DS524.S68 2004 Book Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia, from Angkor Wat to East Timor
DS556.5.G66 2016 Book Vietnam : a new history
E  History: America
E99.B8C753 1996 Book Crow Dog : four generations of Sioux medicine men
E184.A1S599 2015 Book American swastika : inside the white power movement's hidden spaces of hate
E184.S75G367 2016 Book Latino politics in America : community, culture, and interests
E185.86.B76 2015 Book Dark matters : on the surveillance of blackness
E907.D413 2016 Book Debating the Obama presidency
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GF80.M4313 2008 Book Anastasia
GR550.C57 2016 Book The classic fairy tales : texts, criticism
GT2905.S65 2016 Book World atlas of tea : from the leaf to the cup, the world's teas explored and enjoyed
GV1469.3.E65 2012 Book Encyclopedia of video games : the culture, technology, and art of gaming
H  Social Sciences
HD75.6.F39 2016 Book Inside the green economy : promises and pitfalls
HF5549.5.M5J65 2010 Book Generations, Inc. : from boomers to linksters--managing the friction between generations at work
HM1106.G682 2001 Book The relationship cure : a five-step guide to strengthening your marriage, family, and friendships
HQ75.15.S24 2016 Book The Sage encyclopedia of LGBTQ studies
HQ118.P79 2016 Book Prostitution narratives : stories of survival in the sex trade
HQ734.C4665 2015 Book The 5 love languages : the secret to love that lasts
HQ755.8.S53123 2011 Book The whole-brain child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind
HQ767.9.S2898 2000 Book Ages and stages : a parent's guide to normal childhood development
HT241.S67 2015 Book Globalization and urbanization : the global urban ecosystem
HV12.E53 2008 Book The encyclopedia of social work.
HV5805.E82B69 2015 Book Killing Pablo : the hunt for the world's greatest outlaw
HV7936.R3Z33 2015 Book White privilege and black rights : the injustice of U.S. police racial profiling and homicide
HV9950.S545 2016 Book Exploring and understanding careers in criminal justice : a comprehensive guide
HX39.5.S67 2013 Book Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century life
HX39.S74 2016 Book Karl Marx : greatness and illusion
J  Political Science
  JA51.S7 Book The statesman's year-book.
JC328.6.F56 2015 Book Political violence in Judaism, Christianity and Islam : from holy war to modern terror
JZ1318.D536 2017 Book Globalization and migration : a world in motion
JZ1318.N43 2015 Book Globalization and culture : global mélange
K  Law
KF3771.W55 2016 Book The new states of abortion politics
KF9618.R55 2007 Book Rights of the accused
L  Education
LB2342.15.W5G65 2016 Book Paying the price : college costs, financial aid, and the betrayal of the American dream
M  Music
ML48.A38 2014 Book American musicals
N  Fine Arts
N6797.F77A4 2016 Book Lucian Freud's sketchbooks
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
P94.6.L845 2015 Book Globalization and media : global village of Babel
PA6307.A2M39 2016 Book How to win an argument : an ancient guide to the art of persuasion
PG2640.R77 2016 Book Russian-English visual bilingual dictionary.
PN1995.9.P7M28 1991b Book On directing film
PN1995.9.W4S536 2000 DVD Shane
PN1997.A37 2010 DVD The African Queen
PN1997.A48852 2011 DVD American graffiti
PN1997.A6232 2007 DVD The apartment
PN1997.B47 2012 DVD The best years of our lives
PN1997.B7332 2000b DVD The bridge on the River Kwai
PN1997.B747 2011 DVD Bringing up Baby
PN1997.C322 2000 DVD Cabaret
PN1997.D425 2012 DVD The deer hunter
PN1997.E288 1999 DVD Easy rider
PN1997.F72 2001 DVD The French connection
PN1997.G6588 2007 DVD GoodFellas
PN1997.G6753 2005 DVD The graduate
  PN1997.I58 2002 DVD Intolerance
PN1997.I756 2008 DVD It happened one night
PN1997.J3572 2012 DVD Jaws
PN1997.K57 2006 DVD King Kong
PN1997.L376 1999 DVD The last picture show
PN1997.M35 2010 DVD The Maltese falcon
PN1997.M53643 2011 DVD Midnight cowboy
PN1997.N52 2004 DVD A night at the opera
PN1997.N682 2010 DVD Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest
PN1997.P792 2012 DVD Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
PN1997.R662 2006 DVD Rocky
PN1997.S382 2007 DVD The searchers
PN1997.S5753 2012 DVD Singin' in the rain
PN1997.S858 2012 DVD Sullivan's travels
PN1997.S8665 2008 DVD Sunset Boulevard
PN1997.T743 2003 DVD The treasure of the Sierra Madre
PN1997.Y36 2003 DVD Yankee Doodle Dandy
PR6123.E475A6 2016 Book The number poems
PS169.E25A44 2008 Book American Earth : environmental writing since Thoreau
PS3503.R167bS66 2014 Book Something wicked this way comes
PS3537.A426N56 1991 Book Nine stories
PS3555.D4845W58 1999 Book W;t : a play
PS3556.E427S7 1993 Book Stone butch blues : a novel
PS3565.L5U77 2016 Book Upstream : selected essays
Q  Science
QA76.9.D3A2824 2009 Book Oracle database 11g : a beginner's guide
QC28.D37 2015 Book The quantum rules : how the laws of physics explain love, success, and everyday life
QC173.59.S65G54 2016 Book Time travel : a history
QH81.L56 2013 Book A Sand County almanac & other writings on ecology & conservation
QL698.3.A285 2016 Book The genius of birds
R  Medicine
RA784.A257 2006 Book The Mediterranean prescription : meal plans and recipes to help you stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life
RC280.B8B6642 2016 Book Breast cancer
RC537.5.S47 2016 Book Depression in later life : an essential guide
RJ61.C329 2014 Book Caring for your baby and young child : birth to age 5
  RM125.N87 Book Nurse's drug handbook.
RT49.S94 2016 Book All-in-one nursing care planning resource : medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, psychiatric-mental health
RT79.N863 2016 Book Nursing school entrance exams
S  Agriculture
SB950.2.A1M37 2015 Book Pesticides, a love story : America's enduring embrace of dangerous chemicals
T  Technology
TR850.B7598 2016 Book Cinematography : theory and practice : imagemaking for cinematographers and directors
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z4.H68 2016 Book The book : a cover-to-cover exploration of the most powerful object of our time
Z721.F36 2016 Book Fantasies of the library
Book Accounting Principles Vol 1 ch 1-12
Book Accounting Principles vol 2 ch 13-26
Book Business in Action
  Book Course Reader for ENG 101
Book Devil
DVD Devil's Backbone
Book Essentials of Modern Business Statistics
Book Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business
  Book library calculator
DVD Maria Full of Grace
Book Methods in Behavioral Research
Book Puntos De partida
DVD Talk to Her

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