New Titles April 2016

Education History: General
Language, Literature, Popular Films Medicine
Military Science Political Science
Social Sciences Technology

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D  History: General
D804.3.S56 2003 DVD Shoah
DU622.D68 2016 Book Maui revealed : the ultimate guidebook
H  Social Sciences
HT861.S375 2016 Book Slavery and human trafficking
HV3004.M46 2016 Book Mental illness
HV6773.C918 2016 Book Cybercrime
HV8141.P57 2016 Book Police brutality
J  Political Science
JC599.U5U7 2016 Book The US Libertarian movement
L  Education
LB1779.T42 2016 Book Teachers and ethics
LB2345.3.R37S487 2016 Book Sexual assault on campus
LB2369.G53 2016 Book MLA Handbook
LB2864.5.S35 2016 Book School safety
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PN1995.9.W3T474 2007b DVD 300
PN1997.2.P747 2014 DVD Pride
R  Medicine
RC280.B8B6642 2016 Book Breast cancer
T  Technology
TL793.S659 2016 Book Space exploration
TX724.5.C5F66 1999 Book The Food of China : authentic recipes from the Middle Kingdom
U  Military Science
UG1242.D7D755 2016 Book Drones
Book Business and Society
Book Corrections an introduction
Book Criminal Justice a brief introduction

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