New Titles May 2014

Agriculture Education
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Military Science Science
Social Sciences Technology

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A  General Works
  AS22.E5 Book Encyclopedia of associations.
H  Social Sciences
  HF5351.E52 Book Encyclopedia of business information sources.
  HF5382.5.U5O24 & Internet Book Occupational outlook handbook
  HG4009.H66 Book Hoover's handbook of world business.
HV6556.S445 2014 Book Sexual violence
HV7935.W43 2014 Book Managing police organizations
HV7936.C83P43 2012 Book Community policing and problem solving : strategies and practices
HV7936.S8I2 2014 Book Supervision of police personnel
K  Law
KF9619.Z35 2011 Book Criminal procedure : constitution and society
L  Education
LB1025.N456 No. 137 2014 Book Active learning spaces
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PC2640.C3 1977 Book Cassell's French dictionary : French-English, English-French
Q  Science
QH541.5.S3E535 2014 Book Endangered oceans
R  Medicine
  R726.7.S774 2006 DVD Stressed to the limit
RM301.27.M43 2014 Book Medical testing
S  Agriculture
SB951.14.P47 2014 Book Pesticides
T  Technology
TJ211.2.R63 2014 Book Robotic technology
U  Military Science
U21.2.W3589 2014 Book War
Book Human Sexuality
  Book Internship
Book Juvenile Delinquency theory practice and the law
  Book This Is 40
Book Victimology legal psychological and social perspectives

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