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A  General Works
AC5.L718 1994 Book The Life of learning : the Charles Homer Haskins lectures of the American Council of Learned Societies
AC8.C1822 1982eb Book The Capers papers
AC8.P66 1997eb Book The blue caterpillar and other essays
AC8.P6624 2005eb Book Indian summer : musings on the gift of life
AC8.P666 1988eb Book May days
AC8.P6725 2004eb Book The best of Pickering
AC30.S82 2012eb Book Studien zu Geschichte, Theologie und Wissenschaftsgeschichte
AE1.5.A98 2008eb Book How Wikipedia works : and how you can be a part of it
AE1.G76 2012eb Book Grosse Lexika und Wörterbücher Europas : europäische Enzyklopädien und Wörterbücher in historischen Porträts
AE2.Q46H43 2002eb Book The construction of knowledge in Islamic civilization : Qudāma b. Jaʻfar and his Kitāb al-Kharāj wa-ṣināʻat al-kitāba
AE5.G46 2009eb Book Genius. Volume 1
AE5.P65 2009eb Book Polymath. Volume 1
AE5.P65 2009eb Book Polymath. Volume 2
AE5.P65 2009eb Book Polymath. Volume 3
AE25.E6D37 1979 E-book Book The business of enlightenment : a publishing history of the Encyclopédie, 1775-1800
AE27.R33 2012eb Book Altertumskunde-- Altertumswissenschaft-- Kulturwissenschaft : Erträge und Perspektiven nach 40 Jahren Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde
AE100.O88 2009eb Book Wikipedia : a new community of practice?
aE355.2.A58 1997eb Book A wampum denied : Procter's War of 1812
AG5.G46eb vol. 1 Book Generalist. Vol. 1
AG5.G46eb vol. 2 Book Generalist. Vol. 2
AG5.G46eb vol. 3 Book Generalist. Vol. 3
AG5.G46eb vol. 4 Book Generalist. Vol. 4
AG5.G46eb vol. 5 Book Generalist. Vol. 5
AG5.G46eb vol. 6 Book Generalist. Vol. 6
AG5.G46eb vol. 7 Book Generalist. Vol. 7
AG5.G46eb vol. 8 Book Generalist. Vol. 8
AG5.G46eb vol. 9 Book Generalist. Vol. 9
AG5.I34eb vol. 1 Book Ideas & concepts. Vol. 1
AG10.55.O74 2006eb Book Organizing knowledge : encyclopaedic activities in the pre-eighteenth century Islamic world
AG106.E45 2007eb Book Sonny sez! : legends, yarns, and downright truths
AG Book The Submarine Effect : an Original Novel.
AM7.G555 2009eb Book Learning at the museum frontiers : identity, race, and power
AM7.M8812 2010eb Book Museums and design education : looking to learn, learning to see
AM7.R465 2006eb Book The responsive museum : working with audiences in the twenty-first century
AM7.S76 2006eb Book The delirious museum : a journey from the Louvre to Las Vegas
AM11.N67 2009eb Book Children's museums : an American guidebook
AM11.O76 1990eb Book Curators and culture : the museum movement in America, 1740-1870
AM121.M4 1997eb Book Marketing the museum
AM231.I58 1994eb Book Interpreting objects and collections
AM390.F73 2010eb Book Collecting the 20th century
AS4.U83V47 2011eb Book Die Philosophie und die UNESCO
AS4.U8S7314 2007eb Book L'action normative a l'UNESCO. Volume II,
AS4.U8S7314eb vol. 1 Book L'action normative a l'UNESCO. : essais à l'occasion du 60e anniversaire de l'UNESCO / Volume I,
AS4.U8S73eb vol. 1 Book Standard-setting at UNESCO. : essays in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of UNESCO / Vol. 1,
AS4.U8S73eb vol. 2 Book Standard-setting in UNESCO. Volume II,
AS6.W73 2005 Book The meeting spectrum : the guide for meeting professionals
AS182.G68A5 2011eb Book Jahrbuch der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, 2010
AS182.J34 2009eb Book Jahrbuch der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen.
AS182.J35 2008eb Book Jahrbuch der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen 2007
AS911.N9N5854 2004eb Book Nobel laureates in search of identity & integrity : voices of different cultures
AS911.N9N586 2001eb Book The Nobel Prize : the first 100 years
AS911.N9W53 1996eb Book The who's who of Nobel Prize winners, 1901-1995
AS911.N9W53 2002eb Book The Who's who of Nobel Prize winners, 1901-2000
AS935.E54 2005eb Book The economy of prestige : prizes, awards, and the circulation of cultural value
AZ103.R87 2005eb Book The future without a past : the humanities in a technological society
AZ182.H97 2007eb Book Hyphenated histories : articulations of Central European Bildung and Slavic studies in the contemporary academy
AZ182.T43 2011eb Book Teaching the humanities online : a practical guide to the virtual classroom
AZ182.W56 1998eb Book The pale of words : reflections on the humanities and performance
AZ183.N4S87 2009eb Book Sustainable humanities : report from the Committee on the National Plan for the Future of the Humanities.
AZ183.U5E45 1997eb Book Literature lost : social agendas and the corruption of the humanities
AZ183.U5K76 2007eb Book Education's end : why our colleges and universities have given up on the meaning of life
AZ191.P73 2005eb Book Building evaluation capacity : 72 activities for teaching and training
AZ221.S47 2006eb Book History of scholarship : a selection of papers from the Seminar on the History of Scholarship held annually at the Warburg Institute
AZ228.S63M6713 2002eb Book The humanities in the age of technology
AZ301.S68 2007eb Book Transformationen antiker Wissenschaften
AZ346.S64 2006eb Book Spektakuläre Experimente : Praktiken der Evidenzproduktion im 17. Jahrhundert
AZ361.S56 1969eb Book The two cultures
AZ362.S35 2008eb Book Science matters : humanities as complex systems
AZ604 Book La circulation des savoirs : Interdisciplinarite, Concepts Nomades, Analogies, Metaphores.
AZ606.K66 2009eb Book Kommunikation in der Frühen Neuzeit
AZ606.K86 2003eb Book Kunstkammer, Laboratorium, Bühne : Schauplätze des Wissens im 17. Jahrhundert
AZ791.H7982513 1987eb Book The records of Ming scholars
AZ999.M2 2006eb Book Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds
B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B1.O9eb v. 30 Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume 30
B1.O92 2007eb Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume 33, Winter 2007
B1.O93eb vol. 3 Book Oxford studies in metaphysics. Volume 3
B3.P47 vol.35eb Book Perspektiven der philosophie. Neues Jahrbuch, Band 35-2009
B20.P517 1999eb Book Die Philosophie in ihren Disziplinen : eine Einführung : Bochumer Ringvorlesung Wintersemester 1999/2000
B20.6.G73eb v. 75 Book Essays on Frege's conception of truth
B20.6.G73eb v. 78 Book Grazer philosophische Studien : internationale Zeitschrift für analytische Philosophie. Vol. 78, 2009
B20.6.G73eb v. 80 Book Grazer philosophische Studien : internationale Zeitschrift fur analytische Philosophie. Vol. 80
B20.6.G73eb v. 73 Book Grazer philosophische Studien. Vol. 73
B20.6.G73 v. 74 Book Philosophical knowledge : its possibility and scope
B20.6.G73eb vol. 72 Book Propositions : semantic and ontological issues
B20.6.G73 vol. 79eb Book Reliable knowledge and social epistemology : essays on the philosophy of Alvin Goldman and replies by Goldman
B21.S78 vol. 45 Book Form and being : studies in Thomistic metaphysics
B21.S78 vol. 10eb Book Metaphysical themes in Thomas Aquinas
B21.S78 vol. 47eb Book Metaphysical themes in Thomas Aquinas II
B21.S78 vol. 42eb Book Nature in American philosophy
B21.O9 2009 v. 36 Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Vol. 36,
B21.S78 vol. 44 Book Scholastic meditations
B21.S78 vol. 56 Book The intimate strangeness of being : metaphysics after dialectic
B21.S78 vol. 46eb Book The texture of being : essays in first philosophy
B23.Q45eb Bd. 78 Book Der Begriff des Skeptizismus : seine systematischen Formen, die pyrrhonische Skepsis und Hegels Herausforderung
B23.Q45 Bd. 83 2011eb Book Gut des Menschen : Untersuchungen zur Problematik und Entwicklung der Glücksethik bei Aristoteles und in der Tradition des Peripatos
B23.S35 2005eb Book Natur, Technik, Geist : Kontexte der Natur nach Aristoteles und Descartes in lebensweltlicher und subjektiver Erfahrung
B23.Q45eb vol. 60 Book Sittengesetz und Freiheit : Untersuchungen zu Immanuel Kants Theorie des freien Willens
B23.Q45 Bd. 69 Book The determinate world : Kant and Helmholtz on the physical meaning of geometry
B23.Q45eb vol. 82 Book Theorie der praktischen Freiheit : Fichte -- Hegel
B29.L63213 1987eb Book Constructive philosophy
B29.M36774 1989eb Book Farewell to matters of principle : philosophical studies
B29.M36774513 1991eb Book In defense of the accidental : philosophical studies
B29.D428 2007eb Book Judgment after Arendt
B29.M5342 2006eb Book Mind and modality : studies in the history of philosophy in honour of Simo Knuuttila
B29.L26 1987eb Book Mind and philosophers
B29.P41558 2011 Book Person, being, & history : essays in honor of Kenneth L. Schmitz
B29.P5236 2004eb Book Philosophy and its public role
B29.P88 1992 Book Renewing philosophy
B29.R628 1999eb Book The transient and the absolute : an interpretation of the human condition and of human endeavor
B51.O94 2005 Book The Oxford companion to philosophy
B52.C36 2006eb Book 20 thinking tools : collaborative inquiry for the classroom
B52.B385 2006eb Book Beyond the tower : concepts and models for service-learning in philosophy
B52.E97 2008eb Book Experimental philosophy
B52.65.U55H47 2009eb Book Hermes in the Academy : ten years' study of Western esotericism at the University of Amsterdam
B52.7.S38 2003eb Book The philosopher's autobiography : a qualitative study
B52.66.T73 2012eb Book Translation and philosophy
B52.7.W37 1992eb Book Writing philosophy : a guide to professional writing and publishing
B53.R62 2012eb Book Doing philosophy
B53.C367 2008eb Book The historiographical concept 'system of philosophy' : its origin, nature, influence, and legitimacy
B53.L333 1991eb Book Tradition and authenticity in the search for ecumenic wisdom
B53.W355 2011eb Book Warum noch Philosophie? : historische, systematische und gesellschaftliche Positionen
B53.S56 2008eb Book What is philosophy? : an introduction
B56.F35 2005eb Book Faith and philosophical analysis : the impact of analytical philosophy on the philosophy of religion
B56.D47 2005eb Book Is there a sabbath for thought? : between religion and philosophy
B56.V38 2004eb Book Metaphor, analogy, and the place of places : where religion and philosophy meet
B56.S89 2005eb Book Styles of piety : practicing philosophy after the death of God
B56.T73 2003eb Book Transcendence in philosophy and religion
B56.T735 2007eb Book Transcending boundaries in philosophy and theology : reason, meaning and experience
B56.R46 2011eb Book Transzendenz und Negativität : religionsphilosophische und ästhetische Studien
B63.H88 2008eb Book There is no such thing as a social science : in defence of Peter Winch
B65.F37 2004eb Book Contemporary political theory : a reader
B67.S56613 2012eb Book The art of philosophy : wisdom as a practice
B72.E84 2009eb Book Eternal truths
B72.K445 2008eb Book From Empedocles to Wittgenstein : historical essays in philosophy
B72.H36 2009eb Book Hanes athroniaeth y Gorllewin
B72.M385 2005eb Book Reshaping reason : toward a new philosophy
B72.C593 1999eb Book The Columbia history of Western philosophy
B72.Z33 2010eb Book The handy philosophy answer book
B72.S654 1999eo Book The joy of philosophy : thinking thin versus the passionate life
B72.M346 2003eb Book The many faces of philosophy : reflections from Plato to Arendt
B72.F76 2005eb Book The rhetoric of philosophy
B72.M39 2000eb Book Transformations of mind : philosophy as spiritual practice
B72.U43 2001eb Book Umbrüche : historische Wendepunkte der Philosophie von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit : festschrift für Kurt Flasch zu seinem 70. Geburtstag
B74.B69 2010eb Book Philosophy : an innovative introduction : fictive narrative, primary texts, and responsive writing
B82.I58 2011eb Book Internationales Jahrbuch für Wittgenstein-Forschung
B82.P47eb vol. 31 Book Perspektiven der Philosophie. : Neues Jahrbuch / Bd. 31, 2005
B82.P47eb vol. 32 Book Perspektiven der Philosophie. : Neues Jahrbuch / Bd. 32, 2006
B82.P47eb vol. 33 Book Perspektiven der Philosophie. : Neues Jahrbuch / Bd. 33, 2007
B82.P47eb vol. 34 Book Perspektiven der Philosophie. : Neues Jahrbuch / Bd. 34, 2008
B83.S56 2010eb Book Philosophie als Verdeutlichung : Abhandlungen zu Erkennen, Sprache und Handeln
B104.V47 2008 Book Encyclopedia of philosophers on religion
B105.U5A27 2006eb Book Absolute generality
B105.C457S44 2010eb Book America and the political philosophy of common sense
B105.B64B69 2000eb Book An utterly dark spot : gaze and body in early modern philosophy
B105.W3M67 2002eb Book A philosophy of war
B105.E46N48 2000eb Book A tear is an intellectual thing : the meanings of emotion
B105.A35B5515 2005eb Book Aus Gründen Handeln
B105.I56 Book Bewusstsein, Intentionalität und mentale Repräsentation : Husserl und die analytische Philosophie des Geistes
B105.M53G47 2007eb Book Body and soul in ancient philosophy
B105.L45C513 2004eb Book Bounds of freedom : Popper, liberty and ecological rationality
B105.I56A76 2012eb Book Brains, Buddhas, and believing : the problem of intentionality in classical Buddhist and cognitive-scientific philosophy of mind
B105.A35P54 2000eb Book Causing actions
B105.C45K46 2006eb Book Changing conceptions of the child from the Renaissance to post-modernity : a philosophy of childhood
B105.C473C66 2002eb Book Complexity and healthcare : an introduction
B105.C477G46 1996eb Book Consciousness and self-consciousness : a defense of the higher-order thought theory of consciousness
B105.C477B58 2005eb Book Consciousness : a very short introduction
B105.C477D46 1993eb Book Content and consciousness
B105.A35R68 2011 Book Creating oneself : agency, desire and feminist transformations
B105.C74C74 2007 Book Creations of the mind : theories of artifacts and their representation
B105.D56D43 2009eb Book Debating dispositions : issues in metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind
B105.T54 Book Denken en weten over de wereld
B105.E95J86 2009eb Book Der bewusste Ausdruck : Anthropologie der Artikulation
B105.E46W43 2009eb Book Die Klarheit der Gefühle : Was es heisst, Emotionen zu verstehen
B105.P8D678 2007eb Book Dirt : new geographies of cleanliness and contamination
B105.I44D57 2005eb Book Disillusionment : from the forbidden fruit to the promised land
B105.S79B6513 1999eb Book Distant suffering : morality, media, and politics
B105.W6D87 2006eb Book Eight women philosophers : theory, politics, and feminism
B105.E46S69 2000eb Book Emotion and peace of mind : from Stoic agitation to Christian temptation
B105.E46R63 2003eb Book Emotions : an essay in aid of moral psychology
B105.A35D37 2001eb Book Essays on actions and events
B105.E9E94eb Book Experience & theory
B105.A35B45 2001eb Book Facing the future : agents and choices in our indeterminist world
B105.F66T45 2002eb Book Food for thought : philosophy and food
B105.R4F67 1996eb Book Forms of representation
B105.L45C64 1997eb Book Freedom's moment : an essay on the French idea of liberty from Rousseau to Foucault
B105.F75M58 2012eb Book Friendship : a central moral value
B105.E46D59 2003eb Book From passions to emotions : the creation of a secular psychological category
B105.C477F86 2008eb Book Funktionen des Bewusstseins
B105.E46K53 2012eb Book Handbuch Klassische Emotionstheorien : von Platon bis Wittgenstein
B105.C477H54 2004eb Book Higher-order theories of consciousness : an anthology
B105.I3I33 2009eb Book Idealization XIII : modeling in history
B105.M55P58 2004eb Book Identifying the mind : selected papers of U.T. Place
B105.A8G65 1995eb Book In search of authenticity : from Kierkegaard to Camus
B105.I56I578 2005eb Book Intentionality : past and future
B105.I56D464 1996 Book Kinds of minds : toward an understanding of consciousness
B105.E46.K53 2008eb Book Klassische Emotionstheorien : von Platon bis Wittgenstein
B105.P53D86 2006eb Book La question du lieu en poésie : du surréalisme jusqu'à nos jours
B105.B64S85 2001eb Book Living across and through skins : transactional bodies, pragmatism, and feminism
B105.C456F46 2007eb Book Love song for the life of the mind : an essay on the purpose of comedy
B105.M4S665 2010eb Book Meaning, subjectivity, society : making sense of modernity
B105.I49M36 2004 Book Mindsight : image, dream, meaning
B105.E9O5 2003eb Book On becoming aware : a pragmatics of experiencing
B105.O7R47 2001eb Book Order and disorder
B105.O7V64 2000eb Book Order and history. Volume V,
B105.C477H46 2009eb Book Person sein und Geschichten erzählen : eine Studie über personale Autonomie und narrative Gründe
B105.C45K47 2010eb Book Philosophical dialogue with children : essays on theory and practice
B105.M55N67 2004eb Book Philosophy of the brain : the brain problem
B105.P53M35 1999eb Book Place and experience : a philosophical topography
B105.P53P59 2010 Book Places of public memory : the rhetoric of museums and memorials
B105.P62E46 2007eb Book Preference and information
B105.M4 Book Prospects for meaning
B105.U5B8 Book Resemblance and identity : an examination of the problem of universals
B105.S55S54 2002eb Book Simplicity, inference and modeling : keeping it sophisticatedly simple
B105.M4S69 2011eb Book Sinn
B105.E7L66 2005eb Book Sounding the event : escapades in dialogue and matters of art, nature and time
B105.A35M44 1992eb Book Springs of action : understanding intentional behavior
B105.I56B74 2007eb Book Structures of agency : essays
B105.M4L355 2000eb Book Surviving the age of virtual reality
B105.W3E86 2006eb Book The ethics of war : shared problems in different traditions
B105.C5L6 1964eb Book The great chain of being : a study of the history of an idea : the William James lectures delivered at Harvard University, 1933
B105.S68L64 1999eb Book The logic of strategy
B105.V33K44 2000eb Book Theories of vagueness
B105.I56H87 1999eb Book The presence of mind
B105.M65S44 1999eb Book The primacy of movement
B105.W3P75 2010eb Book The prism of just war : Asian and Western perspectives on the legitimate use of military force
B105.M4P47 1993eb Book The problem of the essential indexical : and other essays
B105.M4P46 2003eb Book The quest for meaning : friends of wisdom from Plato to Levinas
B105.C455S77 2000eb Book The quest for reality : subjectivism and the metaphysics of colour
B105.M4S35 2003eb Book The things we mean
B105.R4P74 2000eb Book The triangle of representation
B105.W3V37 1993eb Book The war puzzle
B105.A55W45 2012eb Book Thinking animals : why animal studies now?
B105.T54P47 2006eb Book Thinking : from solitude to dialogue and contemplation
B105.E9U54 2012eb Book Understanding human experience : reason and faith
B105.R4W43 2009eb Book Understanding representation
B105.V33H93 2008eb Book Vagueness, logic and ontology
B105.R4M44 2006eb Book Voluptuous philosophy : literary materialism in the French Enlightenment
B105.I56J33 1997eb Book What minds can do : intentionality in a non-intentional world
B105.W6B76 2002eb Book Women philosophers of the seventeenth century
B111.K46 2004eb Book Ancient philosophy
B111.A56 2000eb Book Ancient philosophy : a very short introduction
B111.M48 2005eb Book Metaphysics, soul, and ethics in ancient thought : themes from the work of Richard Sorabji
B111.O94eb vol. 34 Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Vol. 34,
B111.O94eb vol. 35 Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Vol. 35, winter 2008
B111.O94 2007eb Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume XXXII, summer 2007
B111.O94 2006eb Book Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Vol. XXXI,
B111.B67 2008eb Book Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy Volume XXIII,
B112.M57 2008eb Book Miroir et savoir : la transmission d'un thème platonicien, des Alexandrins à la philosophie arabo-musulmane : actes du colloque international tenu à Leuven et Louvain-la-Neuve, les 17 et 18 novembre 2005
B121.K85 2007eb Book Classic Asian philosophy : a guide to the essential texts
B121.K86 1999eb Book Learning from Asian philosophy
B126.H277 2000eb Book A Daoist theory of Chinese thought : a philosophical interpretation
B126.D34 2006 Book Davidson's philosophy and Chinese philosophy : constructive engagement
B126.S645 2003eb Book Effortless action : Wu-wei as conceptual metaphor and spiritual ideal in early China
B126.E27 1968eb Book The Chinese mind : essentials of Chinese philosophy and culture
B126 Book The world of thought in ancient China
B127.L35W37 2000eb Book Aristotle in China : language, categories, and translation
B127.C65T55 1992eb Book Confucian discourse and Chu Hsi's ascendancy
B127.T3D36 2002eb Book Daoist identity : history, lineage, and ritual
B127.C65L42 2006eb Book Learning from Chinese philosophies : ethics of interdependent and contextualised self
B127.T3W39 2000eb Book What is Tao
B128.C3474T55 1994eb Book Ch'en Liang on public interest and the law
B128.C54C48 1986eb Book Chu Hsi and Neo-Confucianism
B128.C54C42 1989eb Book Chu Hsi : new studies
B128.C8C66 2009eb Book Confucius
B128.C314O47 1996eb Book Die Einheit der Welt : die Qi-Theorie des Neo-Konfuzianers Zhang Zai (1020-1077)
B128.T824L64 2011eb Book Dong Zhongshu, a "Confucian" heritage and the Chunqiu fanlu
B128.H7C82 2005eb Book Human nature, ritual, and history : studies in Xunzi and Chinese philosophy
B128.S514W93 1996eb Book The recluse of Loyang : Shao Yung and the moral evolution of early Sung thought
B128.C54C465 2000eb Book The religious thought of Chu Hsi
B131.T58 2009eb Book An insight into Hindu philosophy : life and beyond
B131.M615 1992eb Book Reason and tradition in Indian thought : an essay on the nature of Indian philosophical thinking
B132.A3D38 2010eb Book Advaita Vedānta and Zen Buddhism : deconstructive modes of spiritual inquiry
B132.V3D54 1988eb Book Advaita Vedānta : a philosophical reconstruction
B132.Y6B435 2009eb Book An introduction to yoga
B132.D5P37 2007eb Book Dharma
B132 .A8 H56 2012 Book Hindu and Buddhist ideas in dialogue : self and no-self
B132.K6R36 2007eb Book Indian philosophy and the consequences of knowledge : themes in ethics, metaphysics and soteriology
B132.S4B7613 2011eb Book Language and reality : on an episode in Indian thought
B132.Y6R36 2009eb Book Lessons in gnani yoga : the yoga of wisdom
B132.Y6R36 2009eb Book Lessons in Raja Yoga
B132.V3M94 1995eb Book Let the cow wander : modeling the metaphors in Veda and Vedānta
B132.S6P37 2007eb Book Living in spirit : the philosophy of eternity and the religion of humanity
B132.L6B43 2011eb Book Studies on the Cārvāka/Lokāyata
B132.Y6M85 2009eb Book The doctrine and practice of yoga
B132.D5G58 1994eb Book The sense of adharma
B132.Y6P38 2009eb Book The yoga sutras of Patanjali : the book of the spiritual man
B132.Y6M69 2009eb Book Transformative yoga : five keys to unlocking inner bliss
B133.T3C7 2009eb Book Creative unity
B133.S5G75 2011 Book The secret Sankara : on multivocality and truth in Sankara's teaching
B151.A58 2010eb Book An anthology of philosophy in Persia Vol. 2,
B151.A58 2010eb Book An anthology of philosophy in Persia Vol. 3,
B162.B847 2009eb Book Buddhist philosophy : essential readings
B162.9.M34 1998eb Book Introduction to ancient philosophy
B162.P65 2009eb Book Pointing at the moon : Buddhism, logic, analytic philosophy
B162.J32 1988eb Book The heart of Buddhist philosophy
B171.S73 2010eb Book A critical history of Greek philosophy
B171.C68 1987eb Book Contemporary essays on Greek ideas : the Kilgore festschrift
B171.E88 2006eb Book Hellenic philosophy : origin and character
B171.R57 1982eb Book Human value : a study in ancient philosophical ethics
B171.M44 2005eb Book Meet the philosophers of ancient Greece : everything you always wanted to know about ancient Greek philosophy but didn't know who to ask
B171.B46 2010eb Book Place, commonality and judgement : continental philosophy and the ancient Greeks
B171.B67 2005eb Book Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
B171.B67eb vol. 21 Book Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy. Volume 21, 2005
B171.B69822 2007eb Book Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy Volume XXII.
B171.B67 2009eb Book Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. XXIV, 2008
B171.R381 2007eb Book Reading ancient texts : essays in honour of Denis O'Brien. Volume I,
B171.R382 2007eb Book Reading ancient texts : essays in honour of Denis O'Brien. Volume II,
B173.V66 2008eb Book Vom selbst-verständnis in antike und neuzeit : Notions of the self in antiquity and beyond
B178.M67 2000eb Book Myth and philosophy from the Presocratics to Plato
B187.F7F74 2011eb Book A free will : origins of the notion in ancient thought
B187.C38H36 1998eb Book Cause and explanation in ancient Greek thought
B187.S7K73 1998eb Book Die Entdeckung des Raums : vom hesiodischen "chaos" zur platonischen "chōra"
B187.5.M554 2012eb Book Die Milesier : Anaximander und Anaximenes
B187.T5D76 2007 Book Greek philosophers as theologians : the divine arche
B187.M4L56 2003eb Book In the grip of disease : studies in the Greek imagination
B187.R46M37 2004 Book Inventing superstition : from the Hippocratics to the Christians
B187.H3K46 2006eb Book Life, liberty, and the pursuit of utility : happiness in philosophical and economic thought
B187.L6L637 2010eb Book Logos der Vernunft, Logos des Glaubens
B187.I48S95 2007eb Book Particulars in Greek philosophy : the seventh S.V. Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy
B187.P57R54 2000eb Book Pleasure and the good life : Plato, Aristotle, and the Neoplatonists
B187.5.O82 2004eb Book Presocratic philosophy : a very short introduction
B187.5.F57 2000eb Book The first philosophers : the presocratics and sophists
B187.T5T73 2002eb Book Traditions of theology : studies in Hellenistic theology, its background and aftermath
B218.P473P75 2008eb Book Empedokles Physika I : eine Rekonstruktion des zentralen Gedankengangs
B223.S75 1996eb Book Heraklit : der Werdegang des Weisen
B235.P24M34 2010eb Book Die Konzeption des "noein" bei Parmenides von Elea
B235.P23N3713 2003eb Book Paramenides of Elea : a verse translation with interpretative essays and commentary to the text
B243.O46 1989eb Book Pythagoras revived : mathematics and philosophy in late antiquity
B253.M554 2009eb Book Die Milesier : Thales
B253.S39 2011eb Book Thales von Milet in der frühen christlichen Literatur : Darstellungen seiner Figur und seiner Ideen in den griechischen und lateinischen Textzeugnissen christlicher Autoren der Kaiserzeit und Spätantike
B279.T76 1998eb Book The epistemology of the Cyrenaic school
B288.R5513 1991eb Book The great Sophists in Periclean Athens
B298.I58 2003eb Book Democritus : science, the arts, and the care of the soul : proceedings of the International Colloquium on Democritus, Paris, 18-20 September 2003
B305.P84Z55 2007eb Book Protagoras and the challenge of relativism : Plato's subtlest enemy
B317.W37 2005eb Book Descent of Socrates : self-knowledge and cryptic nature in the Platonic dialogues
B317.B69 1994eb Book Plato's Socrates
B317.R46 2006eb Book Remembering Socrates : philosophical essays
B317.H38 2009eb Book Socrates and Jesus : the argument that shaped western civilization
B318.R45R43 2000eb Book Reason and religion in Socratic philosophy
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