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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B485.C35 1995 Book The Cambridge companion to Aristotle
BF637.B85B39 2013 Book Sticks and stones : defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy
BF1031.P3343 2013 Book Paranormal phenomena
BH131.E3613 2002 Book Art and beauty in the Middle Ages
BJ1461.S95 2013 Book Mind, brain, and free will
BS2575.53.M423 2012 Book A simple guide to Matthew
BS2585.53.M385 2013 Book A simple guide to Mark
BS2595.53.M34 2013 Book A simple guide to Luke
BS2615.53.M343 2013 Book A simple guide to John
BT220.S95 2010 Book Was Jesus God?
D  History: General
DS79.76.K95 2012 Book American sniper : the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history
DS389.P3417 2013 Book Pakistan
E  History: America
E183.8.I55M46 2013 Book Argo : how the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history
E183.7.C478 2011 Book How the world works
F  History: America
F130.N4M38 1996 Book The color of water : a Black man's tribute to his white mother
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G558.Q37 2005 Book Into the Bermuda Triangle : pursuing the truth behind the world's greatest mystery
G558.M33 2005 Book The fog : a never before published theory of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon
GB5014.N374 2013 Book Natural disasters
GV942.5.G65 2008 Book The ball is round : a global history of soccer
H  Social Sciences
HA214.D86 2013 Book America's ranking among nations : a global perspective of the United States in graphic detail
HB171.O915 2008 Book The Oxford handbook of political economy
HB501.O97 2012 Book The Oxford handbook of capitalism
HC105.M73 2012 Book The dawn of innovation : the first American industrial revolution
HC106.83.C37 2009 DVD Capitalism hits the fan : a lecture on the economic meltdown
HD6054.3.S265 2013 Book Lean in : women, work, and the will to lead
HE9797.4.S4U82 2013 Book US airport security
HF1713.F73534 2013 Book Free trade
HG179.E27 2007 Book America's cheapest family gets you right on the money : your guide to living better, spending less, and cashing in on your dreams
HQ75.15.H66 2013 Book Homosexuality
HQ755.8.P3787 2013 Book Parenting
HQ766.5.U5H387 2013 Book Reproductive rights and the state : getting the birth control, RU-486, morning-after pills and the Gardasil vaccine to the U.S. market
HQ801.83.T44 2013 Book Teen dating
HQ1233.D68 2010 Book Enlightened sexism : the seductive message that feminism's work is done
HV33.R66 2012 Book The psychopath test : a journey through the madness industry
HV6594.2.L37 2013 Book Give me everything you have : on being stalked
HX39.5.W484 2000 Book Karl Marx : a life
J  Political Science
JA74.5.O93 2009 Book The Oxford handbook of political behavior
JC571.H76853 2013 Book Human rights
JC574.R93 2012 Book The making of modern liberalism
K  Law
KF2765.C73 2013 Book Captive audience : the telecom industry and monopoly power in the new gilded age
L  Education
LB1044.87.K485 2012 Book The one world schoolhouse : education reimagined
LB2369.L4 2012 Book Writing research papers : a complete guide
M  Music
ML38.B48W66 2010 Book The road to Woodstock
ML38.B48W66 2010 Book Woodstock : three days that rocked the world
N  Fine Arts
N5770.P615 2004 Book Pompeii : the history, life and art of the buried city
NA1313.G3A58 2008 DVD Antonio Gaudí
NA1313.G3V36 2001 Book Gaudí : a biography
NA1313.G3Z4713 2005 Book Gaudí, 1852-1926 : Antoni Gaudí i Cornet : a life devoted to architecture
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PE1408.M3854 2011 Book Write time, write place : paragraphs and essays
PE1408.W975 2012 Book The little DK handbook
PE1591.O89 1999 Book The Oxford American thesaurus of current English
PE1591.W38 1993 Book Merriam-Webster's collegiate thesaurus.
PL729.A34 2012 Book The art of haiku : its history through poems and paintings by Japanese masters
PL861.U92716B578 2007 Book Birthday
PN1992.8.M87W66 2009 DVD Woodstock : 3 days of peace & music
PN1997.2.A74 2013 DVD Argo
PN1997.2.B525 2013 DVD The Bible : the epic miniseries.
PN1997.2.O64 2012 DVD One for the money
PN1997.A322 2002 DVD All about Eve
PN1997.S61152 2011 DVD Smoke signals
PN4756.M353 2013 Book Media ethics
PN6101.M453 2013 Book Selected translations : 1948-2011
PR4836.R525 2012 Book John Keats : a new life
PR5398.M57 2013 Book The lady and her monsters : a tale of dissections, real-life Dr. Frankensteins, and the creation of Mary Shelley's masterpiece
PR6015.U9B65 2006 Book Brave new world
PS3521.E855F57 1987 Book Flowers for Algernon
PS3552.L9Z59 2013 Book Airmail : the letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Tranströmer
PS3569.H4834Z469 2013 Book How literature saved my life
PS3618.U755V36 2013 Book Vampires in the lemon grove : stories
Q  Science
QA31.B47 2013 Book The king of infinite space : Euclid and his Elements
QA37.3.M47 2014 Book Basic college mathematics with P.O.W.E.R. learning
QA37.3.M55 2013 Book Basic college mathematics : media update
QA39.2.B476 2012 Book Mathematics for elementary teachers : an activity approach
QA39.3.B457 2012 Book Mathematics for elementary teachers : a conceptual approach
QA39.3.B597 2013 Book Math in our world : media update
QA39.3.M47 2014 Book Prealgebra with P.O.W.E.R. learning
QA39.3.M56 2013 Book Prealgebra
QA107.2.B37 2014 Book Basic mathematical skills with geometry / : Stefan Baratto, Clackamas Community College, Barry Bergman, Clackamas Community College, Don Hutchison, Clackamas Community College.
QA152.3.M57 2014 Book Beginning and intermediate algebra
QA154.3.C594 2014 Book College algebra
QA303.2.S653 2012 Book Calculus : early transcendental functions
QA531.C63 2011 Book Trigonometry
QB43.3.S36 2012 Book Pathways to astronomy
QL706.8.G37 2007 Book 100 animals
QP385.K87 2012 Book How to create a mind : the secret of human thought revealed
R  Medicine
R855.3.M424 2013 Book Medical technology
RA784.M638 2013 Book Salt, sugar, fat : how the food giants hooked us
RC280.B8L53 2012 Book The breast cancer survival manual : a step-by-step guide for women with newly diagnosed breast cancer
RC280.B8M3532 2012 Book The Mayo Clinic breast cancer book
RC280.B8S4972 2004 Book Breast cancer husband : how to help your wife (and yourself) through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond
RF290.B58 2013 Book Shouting won't help : why I - and 50 million other Americans - can't hear you
RT55.N35 2013 Book NCLEX-PN Q&A plus! : made incredibly easy!.
T  Technology
TX370.S635 2012 Book Fast food and junk food : an encyclopedia of what we love to eat
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z43.S5428 1981 Book Calligraphy made easy : a beginner's workbook
  DVD American Justice: Why O.J. Simpson Won
Book Wordsmith

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