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Education History: General
Language, Literature, Popular Films Law
Medicine Military Science
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Political Science
Science Social Sciences

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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BJ971.B8S36 2011 Book The samurai series
D  History: General
DS559.2.T87 2013 Book Kill anything that moves : the real American war in Vietnam
DT87.5.D4 1977 Book Tutankhamen : life and death of a pharaoh
H  Social Sciences
HB3722.W64 2010 Book Capitalism hits the fan : the global economic meltdown and what to do about it
HC103.G673 2005 Book An empire of wealth : the epic history of American economic power
HF5718.U64 2009 DVD Upgrade your communications skills at work. 10,
HV6773.C9123 2013 Book Cybercrime
HV6789.G88 2007 Book Criminal justice : a collection of true-crime cases
HV7936.P47B47 2007 Book Management and supervision in law enforcement
  HV8073 Book Criminal investigation products : product catalog 2007/2008.
HV8138.L277 2008 Book Policing in America : a balance of forces
J  Political Science
JF1351.S448 2013 Book Introducing public administration
JK1121.C664 2012 Book Congressional ethics
JK8235.G39 2005 Book An introduction to Arizona history and government
K  Law
KF9219.C37 2011 Book An introduction to criminal law
KF9619.D45 2007 Book Criminal procedure : law and practice
L  Education
LB2343.4.D57 2012 Book Discipline-centered learning communities : creating connections among students, faculty, and curricula
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PL729.J57 2011 Book Haiku poetics in twentieth-century avant-garde poetry
PN1997.2.R625 2010 DVD The road
PN1997.S5685 2011 DVD Shrek
PR5489.C5 2007 Book A child's garden of verses
PS3563.O8749Z9134 2012 Book Toni Morrison : forty years in the clearing
Q  Science
QC981.8.G56G574414 2013 Book Global warming
R  Medicine
  RC552.P67P78 2011 Book Relationships among adult attachment, social support, and PTSD symptoms in trauma-exposed college students
U  Military Science
U408.5.H69 2012 Book Barron's ASVAB : Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
  Book Audio Recorder
Book Essentials of Modern Business Statistics
Book Essentials of Sociology
Book Gender Roles
Book Half the Sky
Book Human Sexuality
Book Marriages & Families
Book Not for Sale
Book Not on Our Watch
Book Racial and Ethnic Groups
  Book Social Problems
Book Transgender Voices

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