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A  General Works
AM5.M923 1991eb Book Museum economics and the community
AM7.H44 1998eb Book Learning in the museum
AM7.K37 2000eb Book Dream spaces : memory and the museum
AM7.M35 1996eb Book Making histories in museums
AM7.O25 1990eb Book Objects of knowledge
AM101.C1598C85 2011eb Book The changing roles of the National Museum of Australia in creating Australian identity : how the politics of a nation shaped its culture
AM121.F66 1997eb Book Managing museums and galleries
AM151.C38 1998eb Book Hands-on exhibitions : managing interactive museums and science centres
AM151.D43 1996eb Book Museum exhibition : theory and practice
AY13.A2J36 2011eb Book Poetry, pictures, and popular publishing : the illustrated gift book and Victorian visual culture, 1855-1875
AZ183.U5E35 2010eb Book Educating scholars : doctoral education in the humanities
B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B21.W48 2005eb Book From a philosophical point of view : selected studies
B21.G74 2004eb Book Great thinkers A-Z
B29.W493 2006eb Book Philosophy as a humanistic discipline
B29.W494 2006eb Book The sense of the past : essays in the history of philosophy
B51.C58 2000eb Book Concise Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy
B51.M67 2008eb Book The A to Z of philosophy
B52.T38 2009eb Book Teaching philosophy
B53.A47 2011eb Book Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik
B53.P47 2011eb Book Perspektiven der Philosophie : Neues Jahrbuch
B53.B23 2005eb Book Theoretical writings
B56.C27 2009eb Book After the Death of God
B63.P6 1999eb Book Popper's Open society after fifty years : the continuing relevance of Karl Popper
B66.B48 2002eb Book Between philosophy and poetry : writing, rhythm, and history
B67.N48 1981eb Book The rationality of science
B72.P49 2009eb Book 101 great philosophers
B72.S52 1993eb Book Philosophy and philosophers : an introduction to western philosophy
B72.M48 1991eb Book Wisdom, information, and wonder : what is knowledge for?
B77.D413 2008eb Book A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophrenia
B77.G3713 2000eb Book The gift of language : memory and promise in Adorno, Benjamin, Heidegger, and Rosenzweig
B105.A35 C69 2010 Book A Critique of the Liberal Idea of a Person : The Contradiction within Equalitarian Ethical Theory.
B105.B64H47 2010eb Book An American body-politic : a Deleuzian approach
B105.A55O45 2009 Book Animal lessons : how they teach us to be human
B105.C473C55 1998eb Book Complexity and postmodernism : understanding complex systems
B105.I49C63 1991eb Book Imagination : a study in the history of ideas
B105.C477S78 2000eb Book Matters of mind : consciousness, reason and nature
B105.M55P75 1995eb Book Mental conflict
B105.C477P37 2011eb Book On awareness : a collection of philosophical dialogues
B105.E77G3713 2007eb Book Philosophy of exaggeration
B105.C457A43 2007eb Book Practical intelligence : the art and science of common sense
B105.D4S63 2007eb Book Reference and description : the case against two-dimensionalism
B105.A8F477 1998eb Book Reflective authenticity : rethinking the project of modernity
B105.E46F57 2002eb Book The vehement passions
B105.M4 B69 2011 Book This strange eventful history : a philosophy of meaning : pairs of thinkers in philosophy, religion, science and art
B105.M4S68 2010eb Book What is meaning?
B115.D36F7513 1998eb Book A history of ancient philosophy : from the beginnings to Augustine
B121.L43 2000eb Book Eastern philosophy: key readings
B121.L43 1999eb Book Key concepts in Eastern philosophy
B121.B55 1997eb Book Understanding Eastern philosophy
B128.H336E5 2003eb Book Han Feizi : basic writings
B133.G4R52 1991eb Book The philosophy of Gandhi : a study of his basic ideas
B154.H57 1997eb Book History of Jewish philosophy
B171.C684 2004eb Book Knowledge, nature, and the good : essays on ancient philosophy
B181.S66 2002eb Book Philosophy without women : the birth of sexism in Western thought
B187.5.G33513 2002eb Book The beginning of knowledge
B187.5.G3313 1998 Book The beginning of philosophy
B235.P24W56 2009eb Book Parmenides and To eon : reconsidering muthos and logos
B235.P24T35 2007eb Book The enduring significance of Parmenides : unthinkable thought
B244.T73L83 2009eb Book Pythagoras and the doctrine of transmigration : wandering souls
B317.S28 2010eb Book Socrates
B317.A39 2009eb Book Socrates : a guide for the perplexed
B331.S18 1996eb Book Heidegger and Aristotle : the question of being
B371.T37 2010eb Book Prudes, perverts, and tyrants : Plato's Gorgias and the politics of shame
B395.R325 2009eb Book Heidegger's platonism
B395.P74 2007eb Book Plato : a guide for the perplexed
B395.B435 2009eb Book Plato on virtue and the law
B395.S96913 1999eb Book Reading Plato
B395.B43 2007eb Book The Socratic method : Plato's use of philosophical drama
B398.V57.C67 2006eb Book Plato's stepping stones : degrees of moral virtue
B398.M4S55 2002eb Book The dialectic of essence : a study of Plato's metaphysics
B430.R48 2004eb Book Happy lives and the highest good : an essay on Aristotle's Nicomachean ethics
B434.K57 2008eb Book Aristotle's metaphysics : form, matter, and identity
B485.R6 1995eb Book Aristotle
B485.V45 2008eb Book Aristotle : a guide for the perplexed
B505.J78 1990eb Book Ancient concepts of philosophy
B505.S52 1996eb Book Stoics, Epicureans and sceptics : an introduction to Hellenistic philosophy
B525.H26 1998eb Book The sceptics
B528.J43 2009eb Book Stoic virtues : Chrysippus and the religious character of stoic ethics
B528.H73 2008eb Book The stoics : a guide for the perplexed
B563.S74 2007eb Book Stoic ethics : Epictetus and happiness as freedom
B577.L44C75 2007eb Book The school of Libanius in late antique Antioch
B721.M338 1988eb Book Early medieval philosophy (480-1150) : an introduction
B721.M339 1991eb Book Later medieval philosophy (1150-1350) : an introduction
B721.E86 1993eb Book Philosophy and theology in the Middle Ages
B721.R68 2003eb Book Routledge history of philosophy. Vol. 3,
B745.K53N48 1992eb Book Al-Fārābī and his school
B751.Z7G66 1992eb Book Avicenna
B765.T54B7333 2005eb Book Aquinas and the Ship of Theseus : solving puzzles about material objects
B765.T54M22 2008eb Book On Aquinas
B778 Book Humanistica Lovaniensia : journal of neo-Latin studies. Vol. LVII - 2008
B783.Z7G38 2011eb Book Essays on Giordano Bruno
B785.M24B46 2009eb Book Machiavelli's ethics
B791.S29 1995eb Book A short history of modern philosophy : from Descartes to Wittgenstein
B791.P54 2009eb Book The crisis in continental philosophy : history, truth and the Hegelian legacy
B791.C75 1997eb Book Very little-- almost nothing : death, philosophy, literature
B802.B56 2010eb Book A wicked company : the forgotten radicalism of the European Enlightenment
B802.E53 2008eb Book The Encyclopædia Britannica guide to the ideas that made the modern world : the ideas that made the modern world
B804.L37 1994eb Book Fifty key contemporary thinkers : from structuralism to postmodernity
B804.M36 2005eb Book Language
B804.A1L54 2003eb Book Life after theory
B804.O55 1998eb Book One hundred twentieth-century philosophers
B804.W43 2007eb Book What more philosophers think
B805.C66 2009eb Book The Continuum companion to continental philosophy
B808.5.N65 2006eb Book On truth and meaning : language, logic and the grounds of belief
B808.5.R423 2007eb Book Origins of analytic philosophy : Kant and Frege
B808.5.S667 1993eb Book Pseudo-problems : how analytic philosophy gets done
B808.9.D35 2000eb Book Stream of consciousness : unity and continuity in conscious experience
B808.5.W57 1996eb Book Wittgenstein and Quine
B809.15.M37 2009eb Book Social conventions : from language to law
B809.8.R39 1998eb Book The algebra of revolution : the dialectic and the classical Marxist tradition
B809.3.M32 2004eb Book The idea of pure critique
B812.S33 2009eb Book Comparative theories of nonduality : the search for a middle way
B812.P77 1999eb Book Rational woman : a feminist critique of dichotomy
B816.C37 2009eb Book The empiricists : a guide for the perplexed
B819.C66 2009eb Book How to be an existentialist, or, How to get real, get a grip and stop making excuses
B821.H657 2000eb Book Humanism and early modern philosophy
B821.S498 2008 Book Levinas and Camus : humanism for the twenty-first century
B823.R43 2000eb Book Reception of the Scottish Enlightenment in Germany : six significant translations, 1755-1782
B828.25.C66 2000eb Book Negativity and politics : Dionysus and dialectics from Kant to poststructuralism
B828.36.H36 2000eb Book Philosophy and ordinary language : the bent and genius of our tongue
B828.45.S4713 2009eb Book The five senses : a philosophy of mingled bodies (I)
B828.3.L39 1988eb Book The opening of vision : nihilism and the postmodern situation
B828.2.C49 1998eb Book The physical, the natural and the supernatural : modern ideas of matter and mind
B828.2.B44 1998eb Book The possibility of naturalism : a philosophical critique of the contemporary human sciences
B828.45.G66 2006eb Book Wittgenstein and the theory of perception
B829.5.M314 1993eb Book Four phenomenological philosophers : Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty
B829.5.M647 2000eb Book Introduction to phenomenology
B829.D54 2006eb Book Pessimism : philosophy, ethic, spirit
B829.5.J86 2011eb Book Transversal rationality and intercultural texts : essays in phenomenology and comparative philosophy
B831.2.L86 1995eb Book Reason, truth, and self : the postmodern reconditioned
B831.2.B47 1995eb Book The idea of the postmodern : a history
B831.3.P33 2001eb Book The practice turn in contemporary theory
B832.T35 2008eb Book Pragmatism : a guide for the perplexed
B832.M33 2006eb Book The varieties of pragmatism : truth, realism, and knowledge from James to Rorty
B832.M33 2006eb Book Varieties of pragmatism : truth, realism, and knowledge from James to Rorty
B835.A38 2001eb Book After postmodernism : an introduction to critical realism
B835.M34 2007eb Book Pragmatism without foundations : reconciling realism and relativism
B835.K57 1999eb Book Relativism and reality : a contemporary introduction
B835.A1 Book Scientific realism and democratic society : the philosophy of Philip Kitcher
B835.B86 1994eb Book Smoke and mirrors : how science reflects reality
B837.G735 2009eb Book Scepticism and the possibility of knowledge
B840.M23 2000eb Book Metaphors and the dynamics of knowledge
B840.M29 2000eb Book The metaphysicians of meaning : Russell and Frege on sense and denotation
B842.A53 2006eb Book The way we argue now : a study in the cultures of theory
B842.G36 2007eb Book What we can never know : blindspots in philosophy and science
B846.M23 2002eb Book The architecture of the visible
B851.M66 2009eb Book Lost intimacy in American thought : recovering personal philosophy from Thoreau to Cavell
B851.D53 2005eb Book The dictionary of modern American philosophers
B873.Z35 2003eb Book Jonathan Edwards' philosophy of history : the re-enchantment of the world in the Age of Enlightenment
B905.R58 2005eb Book America's first women philosophers : transplanting Hegel, 1860-1925
B944.A37G67 2000eb Book Existentia Africana : understanding Africana existential thought
B945.R524D36 2006eb Book After Rorty : the possibilities for ethics and religious belief
B945.W453P48 2002eb Book A philosophy of culture : the case for holistic pragmatism
B945.D394T46 2009eb Book Daniel Dennett
B945.D44T55 1988eb Book Dewey
B945.P874H53 2009eb Book Hilary Putnam
B945.P44B374 2009eb Book Peirce's philosophy of communication : the rhetorical underpinnings of the theory of signs
B945.Q54K46 2006eb Book Quine : a guide for the perplexed
B945.Q54G379 2006eb Book Quine on meaning
B945.Q54G74 2008eb Book Quine's naturalism : language, theory, and the knowing subject
B945.K794A46 2007eb Book Saul Kripke
B945.D41H53 1998eb Book The essential Dewey. Volume 2,
B945.P4 Book The essential Peirce : selected philosophical writings. Vol. 2,
B945.S24 Book The letters of George Santayana. Book seven,
B1028.P34 2000eb Book Caliban's reason : introducing Afro-Caribbean philosophy
B1197.D47 2006eb Book Francis Bacon and the limits of scientific knowledge
B1201.B434A57 2000eb Book The philosophy of Robert Boyle
B1247.F55 2007eb Book Hobbes : a guide for the perplexed
B1247.H85 2009eb Book Hobbes and the making of modern political thought
B1247.P48 2008eb Book Made with words : Hobbes on language, mind, and politics
B1247.M33 2009eb Book Starting with Hobbes
B1248.H5H64 2000eb Book Hobbes and history
B1294.U95 2007eb Book Locke's Essay concerning human understanding : a reader's guide
B1329.G37 2008eb Book Berkeley's Three dialogues : a reader's guide
B1334.R53 2009eb Book Berkeley's Principles of human knowledge : a reader's guide
B1348.B477 2008eb Book Berkeley : a guide for the perplexed
B1348.B458 2005eb Book Berkeley and Irish philosophy
B1348.B48 2007eb Book Berkeley's philosophy of spirit : consciousness, ontology and the elusive subject
B1348.J66 2009eb Book Starting with Berkeley
B1484.B35 2005eb Book Hume's enquiry concerning human understanding : reader's guide
B1489.F56 2007eb Book Hume's social philosophy : human nature and commercial sociability in A treatise of human nature
B1489.N66 1999eb Book Routledge philosophy guidebook to Hume on knowledge
B1493.D523P95 2006eb Book Hume's Dialogues concerning natural religion : reader's guide
B1498.B47 2009eb Book David Hume
B1498.W36 2009eb Book David Hume and the problem of other minds
B1498.C68 2007eb Book Hume : a guide for the perplexed
B1498.N49 2000eb Book The new Hume debate
B1498.R43 2005eb Book The reception of David Hume in Europe
B1499.M5F64 2003eb Book A defense of Hume on miracles
B1499.R45Y63 2008eb Book Hume on God : irony, deism and genuine theism
B1499.R45H84 1996eb Book Hume on natural religion
B1499.A4T69 2000eb Book Hume's aesthetic theory : sentiment and taste in the history of aesthetics
B1499.K7D53 1998eb Book Hume's epistemology and metaphysics : an introduction
B1499.E8H855eb Book Hume's moral theory
B1499.N37M68 1999eb Book Hume's naturalism
B1537.D38 2006eb Book Thomas Reid's Ethics : moral epistemology on legal foundations
B1545.Z7B76 1994eb Book Adam Smith's discourse : canonicity, commerce, and conscience
B1567.K48 1999eb Book Key philosophers in conversation : the Cogito interviews
B1574.B34H37 2010eb Book Bentham
B1574.B34S36 2009eb Book Bentham : a guide for the perplexed
B1603.U873W47 2007eb Book Mill's Utilitarianism : a reader's guide
B1603.U873C75 1997eb Book Routledge philosophy guidebook to Mill on utilitarianism
B1607.H49 2006eb Book Rethinking Mill's ethics : character and aesthetic education
B1647.M124M38 1994eb Book Alasdair MacIntyre : critic of modernity
B1647.M74B35 1999eb Book G.E. Moore
B1647.M144B37 2011eb Book The intentional spectrum and intersubjectivity : phenomenology and the Pittsburgh Neo-Hegelians
B1649.P64C66613 1997eb Book An introduction to the thought of Karl Popper
B1649.R94G745 2007eb Book Bertrand Russell, language and linguistic theory
B1649.R254F67 2005eb Book F.P. Ramsey : critical reassessments
B1649.S264R87 2009eb Book John Searle
B1649.O344B68 2011eb Book Michael Oakeshott's skepticism
B1649.P64S34 2007eb Book Popper, objectivity and the growth of knowledge
B1649.S247D66 2009eb Book Roger Scruton : the philosopher on Dover Beach
B1649.R91G74 1999eb Book Russell on religion : selections from the writings of Bertrand Russell
B1649.R94M53 2006eb Book Russell's theory of perception, 1905-1919
B1649.S2471D66 2009eb Book The Roger Scruton reader
B1657.T39 2007eb Book The philosophy of Herbert Spencer
B1809.S85W55 2005eb Book Contemporary French philosophy : modernity and the persistence of the subject
B1854.C36 2009eb Book Between two worlds : a reading of Descartes's Meditations
B1854.F57 1999eb Book Descartes and method : a search for a method in Meditations
B1854.F68 2008eb Book Descartes' Meditations : a reader's guide
B1854.P733 2009eb Book Starting with Descartes
B1873.S55 2008eb Book Descartes : a guide for the perplexed
B1878.D82B34 2002eb Book Decartes' dualism
B1878.M55S55 2005eb Book Descartes and the metaphysics of human nature
B1878.N3D47 2000eb Book Descartes' natural philosophy
B1878.K6B69 2009eb Book Descartes on innate ideas
B1878.M55M33 2009eb Book Descartes's changing mind
B1878.K6B76 2002eb Book Descartes's method of doubt
B1897.P47 2009eb Book Nicolas Malebranche : freedom in an occasionalist world
B2137.S56 2007eb Book Rousseau : a guide for the perplexed
B2137.D45 2009eb Book Starting with Rousseau
B2138.E8D45 2006eb Book Rousseau and the ethics of virtue
B2337.D4513 2008eb Book Of habit
B2430.B274F45 2008eb Book Alain Badiou : live theory
B2430.D454I68 2003eb Book An introduction to the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
B2430.B273E875 2009eb Book Badiou's Being and event : a reader's guide
B2430.B273E8713 2007eb Book Being and event
B2430.B43L16 1999eb Book Bergson
B2430.D454B48 2003eb Book Between Deleuze and Derrida
B2430.B27113 2008eb Book Conditions
B2430.I74A5 2008eb Book Conversations
B2430.D483P6638 2005eb Book Deconstruction and democracy : Derrida's Politics of friendship
B2430.D454C647 2006eb Book Deleuze : a guide for the perplexed
B2430.D454A26 2008eb Book Deleuze and Guattari : a psychoanalytic itinerary
B2430.D454L35 2006eb Book Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy of history
B2430.D454S54 2009eb Book Deleuze and Ricoeur : disavowed affinities and the narrative self
B2430.D454H84 2008eb Book Deleuze and the genesis of representation
B2430.D45K47 2007eb Book Deleuze and the unconscious
B2430.D454D49 2008eb Book Deleuze, Guattari and the production of the new
B2430.D453D456 2009eb Book Deleuze's Difference and repetition : a reader's guide
B2430.D484D478 1989eb Book Derrida and deconstruction
B2430.D484G38 2005eb Book Derrida and disinterest
B2430.D484S52 2009eb Book Derrida and theology
B2430.D484G385 2009eb Book Derrida, literature and war : absence and the chance of meeting
B2430.D483E27 2009eb Book Derrida's Writing and difference : a reader's guide
B2430.D484W69 2008eb Book Derrida : writing events
B2430.D453D4513 2001eb Book Difference and repetition
B2430.L484L54 1995eb Book Emmanuel Levinas : the genealogy of ethics
B2430.G784G46 2002eb Book Félix Guattari : an aberrant introduction
B2430.F724O439 2009eb Book Foucault and fiction : the experience book
B2430.F724C365 2000eb Book Foucault and religion : spiritual corporality and political spirituality
B2430.F724F35 1998eb Book Foucault and social dialogue : beyond fragmentation
B2430.F724F74 2009eb Book Foucault's legacy
B2430.F724T36 2009eb Book Foucault's philosophy of art : a genealogy of modernity
B2430.F724.O44 2002eb Book Foucault : the art of ethics
B2430.R553T49 2008eb Book From text to action : essays in hermeneutics, II
B2430.D454G565 2009eb Book Gilles Deleuze : image and text
B2430.D454G54 2009eb Book Gilles Deleuze : the intensive reduction
B2430.G494K58 2009eb Book Girard and theology
B2430.G784W38 2009eb Book Guattari's diagrammatic thought : writing between Lacan and Deleuze
B2430.B381A57 2002eb Book Henri Bergson : key writings
B2430.D454D38 2002eb Book Intensive science and virtual philosophy
B2430.M3764W38 2009eb Book In the shadow of phenomenology : writings after Merleau-Ponty I
B2430.L964R42 1990eb Book Introducing Lyotard : art and politics
B2430.D484P69 2006eb Book Jacques Derrida : a biography
B2430.D484S54 2005eb Book Jacques Derrida : live theory
B2430.D484H63 1998eb Book Jacques Derrida : opening lines
B2430.B33974L36 2000eb Book Jean Baudrillard
B2430.B33974H44 2004eb Book Jean Baudrillard : live theory
B2430.L3874S55 1999eb Book Lefebvre, love, and struggle : spatial dialectics
B2430.L484H88 2004eb Book Levinas : a guide for the perplexed
B2430.B273L6413 2009eb Book Logics of worlds : being and event, 2
B2430.M3764P74 1998eb Book Merleau-Ponty
B2430.M3764M376 2006eb Book Merleau-Ponty : a guide for the perplexed
B2430.R554D84 2009eb Book Paul Ricoeur's pedagogy of pardon : a narrative theory of memory and forgetting
B2430.R554P45 2007eb Book Ricoeur : a guide for the perplexed
B2430.R554S26 2009eb Book Ricœur and the hermeneutics of suspicion
B2430.S34C66 2006eb Book Sartre : a guide for the perplexed
B2430.S33E8347 2009eb Book Sartre's Being and nothingness : a reader's guide
B2430.S34H48 2009eb Book Sartre's ethics of engagement : authenticity and civic virtue
B2430.S34R45 2007eb Book Sartre's phenomenology
B2430.S34F85 2008eb Book Sex and philosophy : rethinking de Beauvoir and Sartre
B2430.W474F54 2001eb Book Simone Weil and the intellect of grace
B2430.D484G395 2007eb Book Starting with Derrida : Plato, Aristotle, and Hegel
B2430.B43L38 2003eb Book The challenge of Bergsonism : phenomenology, ontology, ethics
B2430.D484G39 2006eb Book The impossible mourning of Jacques Derrida
B2430.L484S255 2000eb Book The metaphysics of love : gender and transcendence in Levinas
B2430.S34F69 2003eb Book The new Sartre : explorations in postmodernism
B2430.D454L35 2002eb Book The non-philosophy of Gilles Deleuze
B2430.B273T4413 2009eb Book Theory of the subject
B2430.D454A5513 2004eb Book The signature of the world, or, What is Deleuze and Guattari philosophy?
B2430.S33T736 2000eb Book The subject in question : Sartre's critique of Husserl in The transcendence of the ego
B2430.B274T48 2004eb Book Think again : Alain Badiou and the future of philosophy
B2430.D454T55 2009eb Book Thinking between Deleuze and Kant : a strange encounter
B2430.D484U53 2004eb Book Understanding Derrida
B2430.D454L354 2006eb Book Who's afraid of Deleuze and Guattari?
B2431.T4613 2011eb Book The death of philosophy : reference and self-reference in contemporary thought
B2433.M453A6713 2009eb Book After finitude : an essay on the necessity of contingency
B2558.S77 2006eb Book The shorter Leibniz texts : a collection of new translations
B2598.P455 2007eb Book Leibniz : a guide for the perplexed
B2598.D4513 2006eb Book The fold : Leibniz and the Baroque
B2599.O7S77 2006eb Book Leibniz reinterpreted
B2615.A35 2003eb Book The age of German idealism
B2690.A5 2011 Book Moses Mendelssohn : writings on Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible
B2745.G33 2009eb Book Mythology, madness, and laughter : subjectivity in German idealism
B2798.K222654 2005eb Book Kant and his influence
B2798.K22273 2008eb Book Kant and the early moderns
B2798.M69 2000eb Book Kant trouble : the obscurities of the enlightened
B2798.G895 2008eb Book Knowledge, reason, and taste : Kant's response to Hume
B2799.S54F67 2008eb Book Kant and skepticism
B2799.E8S77 2000eb Book Kant, duty, and moral worth
B2799.A4B474 2009eb Book Kant's aesthetic theory : the beautiful and agreeable
B2799.A4K57 2004eb Book The aesthetic in Kant : a critique
B2799.A4K35 2006eb Book The demands of taste in Kant's aesthetics
B2799.I55L57 2000eb Book The hypocritical imagination : between Kant and Levinas
B2844.B53 Book Fichte trifft Darwin, Luhmann und Derrida. : Die Bestimmung des Menschen in differenztheoretischer Rekonstruktion und im Kontext der Wissenschaftslehre nova methodo.
B2848 Book Schiller versus Fichte. : Schillers Begriff der Person in der Zeit und Fichtes Kategorie der Wechselbestimmung im Widerstreit.
B2898.N49 2004eb Book The new Schelling
B2929.P57 2011eb Book Hegel on self-consciousness : desire and death in the Phenomenology of spirit
B2948.T83 2008eb Book Education in Hegel
B2948.J36 2007eb Book Hegel : a guide for the perplexed
B2948.S74 1990eb Book Hegel, Kant and the structure of the object
B2948.A485 2009eb Book Hegel's theory of recognition : from oppression to ethical liberal modernity
B2949.A4J36 2009eb Book Art, myth and society in Hegel's aesthetics
B2949.R3D4 2009eb Book Hegel and theology
B2949.S6R67 1995eb Book Hegel contra sociology
B2949.L25V47 2007eb Book Hegel's philosophy of language
B3108.S3 1994eb Book Philosophical writings
B3199.A34T475 2006eb Book Adorno : a guide for the perplexed
B3199.A34H45 2009eb Book Adorno's poetics of critique
B3199.A33A8813 2002eb Book Aesthetic theory
B3199.A33N413 1983eb Book Negative dialectics
B3209.B584W45 1996eb Book Body-and image-space : re-reading Walter Benjamin
B3209.B754G544 1996eb Book Ernst Bloch
B3209.B584C38 1998eb Book Walter Benjamin : the colour of experience
B3213.B83B43 2002eb Book Between man and man
B3245.F24S58 2010eb Book Gottlob Frege
B3248.G34A5 2006eb Book A century of philosophy
B3248.G34L39 2006eb Book Gadamer : a guide for the perplexed
B3248.G34L33 2008eb Book Gadamer and the question of the divine
B3279.H48F4713 2010 Book Country path conversations
B3279.H8472E5 1982eb Book Critical theory : selected essays
B3279.H8473E3 2004eb Book Eclipse of reason
B3279.H49C395 2008eb Book Heidegger : a guide for the perplexed
B3279.H48S4629 2008eb Book Heidegger and a metaphysics of feeling : Angst and the finitude of being
B3279.H49B6844 2008eb Book Heidegger and Aristotle : philosophy as praxis
B3279.H49H5 1995eb Book Heidegger and ethics
B3279.H49K499 2009eb Book Heidegger and happiness : dwelling on fitting and being
B3279.H49D55 2008eb Book Heidegger and philosophical atheology : a neo-scholastic critique
B3279.H49L443 2005eb Book Heidegger and the place of ethics : being-with in the crossing of Heidegger's thought
B3279.H49W39 2009eb Book Heidegger, ethics and the practice of ontology
B3279.H49O23 2009eb Book Heidegger on language and death : the intrinsic connection in human existence
B3279.H49I79 2008eb Book Heidegger, politics and climate change : risking it all
B3279.H48B575 2006eb Book Heidegger's Being and time : a reader's guide
B3279.H49L82 2008eb Book Heidegger's early philosophy : the phenomenology of ecstatic temporality
B3279.H49M3413 1996eb Book Heidegger's hidden sources : East Asian influences on his work
B3279.H49B785 2009eb Book Heidegger's later writings : a reader's guide
B3279.H49B43 1998eb Book Heidegger & the political : dystopias
B3279.H94B39 1999eb Book Husserl
B3279.H94H42 2006eb Book Husserl's phenomenology : knowledge, objectivity and others
B3279.H49E44 2001eb Book Mapping the present : Heidegger, Foucault and the project of a spatial history
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