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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BL1138.22.E5 1998 Book The Mahābhārata : an English version based on selected verses
BP603.C846 2012 Book Cults
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB245.S63 2012 Book Western civilization
D  History: General
D743.B385 2012 Book The Second World War
DS215.H68 2012 Book On Saudi Arabia : its people, past, religion, fault lines--and future
DS559.5.M358 2011 Book What it is like to go to war
DS779.23.Y56 2012 Book Yin-yang : American perspectives on living in China
E  History: America
E446.A48 2012 Book American antislavery writings : colonial beginnings to emancipation
E475.51.P18 2013 Book African Americans and the Gettysburg Campaign
F  History: America
F811.P79 2012 Book Arizona journeys : how transportation shaped the Grand Canyon state
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GT2850.M55 2011 Book The eater reader
H  Social Sciences
HG229.I444894 2013 Book Inflation
HM851.C75 2011 Book Bloggerati, twitterati : how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture
HQ75.15.S56 2011x Book Gay and lesbian communities the world over
HQ118.G56 2011 Book Global perspectives on prostitution and sex trafficking
HQ799.5.M55 2012 Book The millennial generation
HQ1236.5.U6W6628 2012 Book Women in politics
HQ1391.U5S47 2012 Book Gender and the American presidency : nine presidential women and the barriers they faced
HQ1420.A64 2012 Book Manipulating images : World War II mobilization of women through magazine advertising
HV888.5.S65 2012 Book Far from the tree : parents, children and the search for identity
HV6433.3.B567 2013 Book Bioterrorism
HV6626.F3296 2013 Book Family violence
HV8699.U5A7713 2010 Book Mexicans on death row
J  Political Science
JA71.R93 2012 Book On politics : a history of political thought from Herodotus to the present
JN30.G55 2012 Book European integration : a concise history
JQ1850.A91A75 2013 Book The Arab Spring
K  Law
K48.N48 2008 Book The new Oxford companion to law
L  Education
LB2395.3.M27 2012 Book The art of critical reading : brushing up on your reading, thinking, and study skills
LB2395.3.M387 2012 Book Essential reading skills : preparing for college reading
LB2395.3.M39 2012 Book Guide to college reading
M  Music
ML3531.R225 2012 Book Hip hop's amnesia : from blues and the black women's club movement to rap and the hip hop movement
N  Fine Arts
N7113.D3A4 1996 Book Salvador Dalí : masterpieces from the collection of the Salvador Dalí Museum
NA2542.36.E264 2013 Book Eco-architecture
NC825.C37C74 2004 Book How to draw the best of Nickelodeon
NC1764.D54 2009 Book Disney celebrated characters collection : including your Disney-Pixar favorites!.
NC1766.U53L6625 2010 Book The 100 greatest Looney tunes cartoons
ND813.D3A2 1993 Book The secret life of Salvador Dalí
ND813.D3M57 1990 Book Dali
ND3359.K4M45 2012 Book The Book of Kells
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PA4414.A2K5 1998 Book Antigone ; Oedipus the King ; Electra
PA6371.C4A24 2012 Book How to win an election : an ancient guide for modern politicians
PA6666.A1W3 Book Four tragedies and Octavia.
PC5333.M345 2010 Book Brazilian Portuguese-English, English-Brazilian Portuguese concise dictionary
PE1112.A24 2011 Book The Little, Brown essential handbook
PE1112.W43 2011 Book Grammar moves : shaping who you are
PE1122.L664 2006 Book Looking at literature : 12 short stories, a play, and a novel
PE1408.D462 2011 Book Choices writers make : a guide
PE1408.M369 2011 Book The world of writing : a guide
PE1408.R18 2012b Book The Allyn & Bacon guide to writing
PE1421.W5455 2012 Book Style : the basics of clarity and grace
PE1478.D37 2012 Book The Rowman & Littlefield guide to writing with sources
PJ4833.O9 1998 Book The Oxford English-Hebrew dictionary
PK3798.S91M73 2011 Book The little clay cart (Mrcchakatika) : a Hindu drama attributed to King Shūdraka
PL2695.M8E5 2002 Book The Peony Pavilion : Mudan ting
PN1969.M5T39 2012 Book Darkest America : Black minstrelsy from slavery to hip-hop
PN1980.O5 1993 Book On thrones of gold : three Javanese shadow plays
PN1995.9.B55A539 2007 DVD Amazing grace
PN1995.9 .H47L38 2012 DVD Latinos beyond reel : challenging a media stereotype
PN1997.2.W365 2012 DVD War horse
PN1997.A6532 2010 DVD Apocalypse now redux
PN1997.H362 1998 DVD Hamburger Hill
PN1997.M372 2004 DVD M*A*S*H
PN1997.P567 2001 DVD Platoon
PN1997.S295 1999d DVD Saving Private Ryan
PN2598.B795A3 2012 Book The Richard Burton diaries
PN2921.S35 Book The kabuki theatre of Japan
PN6112.6 .S55C65 1989 Book Come blow your horn : a comedy in three acts
PN6165.O54 2012 Book The Onion book of known knowledge : a definitive encyclopaedia of existing information : in 27 excruciating volumes
PN6725.C753 2012 Book Critical survey of graphic novels : heroes & superheroes
PN6725.C7536 2012 Book Critical survey of graphic novels : history, theme, and technique
PN6725.C756 2012 Book Critical survey of graphic novels : manga
PN6725.D196 2013 Book Girls and their comics : finding a female voice in comic book narrative
PN6725.H69 2012 Book Marvel Comics : the untold story
PQ2613.E53B613 1961 Book The maids ; and, Deathwatch : two plays
PQ6459.A2 1999 Book Fuente Ovejuna; The knight from Olmedo; Punishment without revenge
PR1195.B5B75 2010 Book Bright wings : an illustrated anthology of poems about birds
PR2602.J3 2004 Book Volpone and other plays
PR2807.A25 2003 Book Hamlet
PR2829.A2C74 2003 Book Othello
PR2831.A25 2003 Book Romeo and Juliet
PR2833.A25 2003 Book The tempest
PR6023.E926Z463 1991 Book All my road before me : the diary of C.S. Lewis, 1922-1927
PR6037.T18S7 2010 Book Star maker
PR6069.T6R6 1967b Book Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead.
PR9275.A583K5634 1997 Book Annie John
PR9369.3.F8M3 1982b Book "Master Harold" -- and the boys : a drama
PR9369.3.H4Z468 2007 Book A woman alone : autobiographical writings
PR9387.9.A3Z46 2012 Book There was a country : a personal history of Biafra
PS1449.C85R3 2008b Book The red badge of courage
PS3501.L178T5 2001 Book Edward Albee's Tiny Alice.
PS3517.N265B8 1956 Book Bus stop : a three-act romance
PS3517.N265D3 1988 Book The dark at the top of the stairs
PS3517.N265P5 1983 Book Picnic
PS3525.I5156A7 2000 Book All my sons : a drama in three acts
PS3525.I5156C67 1973 Book The creation of the world and other business
PS3525.I5156P7 1997 Book The price
PS3529.N5A7 1933 Book Ah, wilderness!
PS3529.N5I3 2006 Book The iceman cometh
PS3537.I663B3 1964 Book Barefoot in the park : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663B55 1986b Book Biloxi blues : a new comedy
PS3537.I663B73 1987b Book Broadway bound
PS3537.I663B7x 1984b Book Brighton Beach memoirs
PS3537.I663C48 1979 Book Chapter two : a comedy in two acts
PS3537.I663D56 2002 Book The dinner party
PS3537.I663F6 1981b Book Fools : a comic fable
PS3537.I663G5 1971b Book The gingerbread lady : a new play
PS3537.I663G6 1974 Book The good doctor : a new comedy with music
PS3537.I663J3 1993 Book Jake's women
PS3537.I663L3 1970 Book Last of the red hot lovers : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663L38 1995c Book Laughter on the 23rd floor : a play
PS3537.I663L66 1996 Book London suite : a comedy
PS3537.I663N44 2003 Book 45 seconds from Broadway / Neil Simon.
PS3537.I663O3 1994 Book The odd couple : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663P6 1997 Book Plaza suite : a comedy in three acts
PS3537.I663P7 1972b Book The prisoner of Second Avenue : a comedy in two acts
PS3537.I663R8 1990 Book Rumors : a farce
PS3537.I663S7 1996 Book The star-spangled girl : a new comedy
PS3537.I663S8 1973 Book The sunshine boys : a comedy in two acts
PS3539.R342M33 1993 Book Machinal
PS3545.I345A6 2006 Book Three plays
PS3545.I5365C37 2004 Book Cat on a hot tin roof
PS3545.I5365O7 1987 Book Orpheus descending : a play in three acts
PS3545.I5365S85 1978 Book Summer and smoke : play in two parts
PS3551.L25A9 2011 Book At home at the zoo : a play
PS3551.L25S4 2008 Book Seascape : a play
PS3556.O7344F43 1990b Book Fefu and her friends : a play
PS3563.E27C47 1980b Book Children of a lesser god
PS3563.E27W48 1974b Book When you comin back, Red Ryder?
PS3566.A736V46 1995 Book Venus : a play
PS3569.H394A6 1983 Book Fool for love
PS3569.H394C87 1976 Book Curse of the starving class : a play in three acts
PS3569.H45T75 1981 Book True west
PS3569.M465F56 1997 Book Fires in the mirror : Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and other identities
PS3618.U48C57 2006 Book The clean house and other plays
Q  Science
QA5.T36 1998 Book Barron's mathematics study dictionary
QA76.76.O63M398 2012 Book Teach yourself visually Windows 8
QA76.774.M434B68 2013 Book Windows 8 Bible
QA76.774.M434L46 2012 Book Windows 8 all-in-one for dummies
QA76.774.M434T48 2012 Book Windows 8 secrets : do what you never thought possible with Windows 8 and RT
QA76.774.M44H35 2012 Book Windows 8 : out of the box
QB65.T74 2012 Book Space atlas : mapping the universe and beyond
QC5.D53 2009 Book A dictionary of physics.
QC981.2.D86 2003 Book The weather identification handbook
QD31.3.M66 2011 Book Chemistry for dummies
QD33.2.C87 2011 Book Chemistry
QD37.M66 2012 Book Chemistry II for dummies
QE26.3.S66 2011 Book Geology for dummies
QE521.3.S54 2006 Book Earthquakes
QE534.3.B78 2010 Book Earthquakes : science and society
QK603.R57 2011 Book The book of fungi : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world
QL785.27.B45 2007 Book The emotional lives of animals : a leading scientist explores animal joy, sorrow, and empathy--and why they matter
QL785.27.M37 1996 Book When elephants weep : the emotional lives of animals
R  Medicine
R726.H843 2002 Book Final exit : the practicalities of self-deliverance and assisted suicide for the dying
RA395.A3G53 2012 Book The battle over health care : what Obama's reform means for America's future
RA410.53.L63 2012 Book It's enough to make you sick : the failure of American health care and a prescription for the cure
RA412.3.M423 2013 Book Medicare
RC86.9.D56 2011 Book McGraw-Hill's EMT-basic
RC552.E18C67 2007 Book The eating disorder sourcebook : a comprehensive guide to the causes, treatments, and prevention of eating disorders
RC552.P67B63 2010 Book Mind-body workbook for PTSD : a 10-week program for healing after trauma
RC553.H3S33 2012 Book Hallucinations
RC565.A4493 2010 Book Alcoholism sourcebook : basic consumer health information about alcohol use, abuse, and addiction, including facts about the physical consequences of alcohol abuse, such as brain changes and problems with cognitive functioning, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, cardiovascular disease, pancreatitis, and alcoholic neuropathy, and the effects of alcohol on reproductive health and fetal development, mental health problems associated with alcohol abuse, and alcohol's impact on families, workplaces, and the community; along with information about underage drinking, alcohol treatment and recovery, a glossary of related terms, and directories of resources for more information
RC655.R67 2009 Book The thyroid sourcebook
RC674.C3588 2011 Book Cardiovascular care made incredibly visual!.
RC683.5.E5E256 2011 Book ECG interpretation made incredibly easy!.
RD93.95.W69 2012 Book Wound care made incredibly visual.
RM666.C266M432 2013 Book Medical marijuana
T  Technology
TK5105.8885.D78B45 2011 Book Drupal for dummies
TK5105.8885.D78H65 2009 Book Front end Drupal : designing, theming, scripting
TK5105.8885.D78T658 2010 Book Beginning Drupal 7
TK5105.8885.D78T66 2010 Book Pro Drupal 7 development
TT507.R656 2012 Book Free stylin' : how hip hop changed the fashion industry
TX656.W56 2012 Book Consider the fork : a history of how we cook and eat
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z666.63.F73J56 2012 Book Demystifying FRAD : functional requirements for authority data
Z694.15.R47H37 2010 Book The RDA primer : a guide for the occasional cataloger
  Book From Maryvale to Bejing: My Story of Overcoming Adversities and Becoming a Gold Medalist

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