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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF575.H27D54 2008 Book Happiness : unlocking the mysteries of psychological wealth
BL1138.24.E5 2009 Book The Mahābhārata
BQ5630.A6N5313 2012 Book You are here : discovering the magic of the present moment
BR162.3.B77 2012 Book Through the eye of a needle : wealth, the fall of Rome, and the making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD
E  History: America
E77.4.N3834 2012 Book Native Americans
E169.1.D796 2004 Book The 1920s
E169.Z82B39 2007 Book The 1980s
H  Social Sciences
HB251.F74 2012 Book Plutocrats : the rise of the new global super-rich and the fall of everyone else
HD30.2.C66 2012 Book Everything You Want to Know About Agile : how to get agile results in a less-than-agile organization
HD60.W485 2012 Book Whistleblowers
HQ472.U6P75 2008 DVD The price of pleasure : pornography, sexuality & relationships
HV9469.P747 2012 Book Prison privatization : the many facets of a controversial industry
J  Political Science
JF515.R65 2011 Book Robert's rules of order, newly revised, in brief : updated in accord with the eleventh edition of the complete manual
JF515.R692 2011 Book Robert's rules of order newly revised
K  Law
KF156.S26 2009 Book Legal words you should know : over 1,000 essential terms to understand contracts, wills, and the legal system
KF755.C55 2011 Book Quick & legal will book
KF777.M86 2009 Book Estate & trust administration for dummies
KF4528.C59 2012 Book The Constitution : the essential user's guide
KF4819.85.P37 2012 Book Pass the new citizenship test, 2012 edition
L  Education
LB2351.52.U6G448 2008 Book Conquering the college admissions essay in 10 steps : crafting a winning personal statement
LB2353.48.A245 2012 Book Barron's ACT 36 : aiming for the perfect score
LB2353.56.P77 2012 Book PSAT/NMSQT : premier
LB2353.57.C7282 2012 Book Cracking the SAT
LB2367.4.C73 2012 Book Cracking the GRE
LC1090.L279 2010 Book The global classroom : an essential guide to study abroad
  LC4603.3.E48 2003 DVD Educating Peter
LD760.R67 2012 Book Subversives : the FBI's war on student radicals, and Reagan's rise to power
M  Music
M1366.R65R63 2011 CD Road shows. Vol. 2
M1500.G537E56 1993 CD Einstein on the beach
ML410.T69A3 2012 Book Who I am : a memoir
ML420.J299A3 2012 Book Purpose : an immigrant's story
ML420.M828A3 2011 Book Mustaine : a heavy metal memoir
ML421.B562W95 2012 Book Bringing metal to the children : the complete Berzerker's guide to world tour domination
ML421.M48H35 2010 Book The ultimate Metallica
ML421.M48W35 2012 Book Enter night : a biography of Metallica
ML3534.C475 2004 Book Sound of the beast : the complete headbanging history of heavy metal
ML3534.T78 2011 Book Eddie Trunk's essential hard rock and heavy metal
  MT655.2.A25 2007 DVD 101 drum circle rhythms
MT655.2.A53 2007 DVD Akaran iko iko : Learning again, again : mastery through repetition in the Mande djembe orchestra.
  MT655.2.C543 2004 DVD Clearwater Beach drum101 drum circle
N  Fine Arts
NC263.E83S3 2004 Book M.C. Escher : visions of symmetry
NC703 .H25 1967 Book The elements of dynamic symmetry.
NC1766.J3P655 2001 Book Anime essentials : every thing a fan needs to know
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PA3827.A7 Book Oresteia
PA3877.A2 2008 Book Birds ; Lysistrata ; Assembly-women ; Wealth
PA3877.A2 2010 Book Four plays
PA3975.A2 2008 Book Iphigenia among the Taurians ; : Bacchae ; Iphigenia at Aulis ; Rhesus
PA6570.M4C3 1971 Book The Menaechmus twins, and two other plays.
PA8340.A19 1989 Book Dulcitius and Paphnutius
PG3347.W6 2011 Book Wondrous moment
PG3456.A19H5 1998 Book Five plays
PJ6640.O94 2010 Book Oxford essential Arabic dictionary : English-Arabic, Arabic-English.
PK6235.5.A34 2009 Book Oxford picture dictionary : English/Farsi
PL679.B37 2004 Book Basic Japanese-English dictionary = [Kiso Nihongo gakushū jiten]
PL1455.O88 2010 Book English-Chinese, Chinese-English
PN2074.D66 2012 Book Theater careers : a realistic guide
PN6727.W285B85 2012 Book Building stories
PQ1825.E5S52 2008 Book The misanthrope, Tartuffe and other plays
PQ1888.E5S56 2009 Book Britannicus ; Phaedra ; Athaliah
PQ1956.A234 2008 Book The Figaro trilogy
PQ2603.E378E53 2011 Book Waiting for Godot
PQ2619.A65U3 2012 Book Ubu roi
PQ4627.M2A25 2007 Book The comedies of Machiavelli
PQ4694.L513 2010 Book The mistress of the Inn
PQ6292.V5A77 2002b Book Life is a dream = La vida es sueño
PR1260.E92 1995 Book Everyman, and other miracle and morality plays
PR1260.E947 2007 Book Everyman
PR2664.A2K64 2005 Book Doctor Faustus : a two-text edition (A-text, 1604 ; B-text, 1616) contexts and sources criticism
PR2803.A2C76 2004 Book As you like it
PR2809.A2C76 2005 Book Henry IV, parts one and two
PR2819.A25C76 2003 Book King Lear
PR2823.A25 2003 Book Macbeth
PR2825.A2C76 2003 Book The merchant of Venice
PR2827.A2C76 2003 Book A midsummer night's dream
PR3182.W45 2009 Book The Duchess of Malfi and other plays.
PR3317.A6 2008 Book The rover ; : The feigned courtesans ; The lucky chance ; The emperor of the moon
PR3415.A4 2007 Book All for love
PR3541.L5A7 Book The London merchant
PR3771.D59 2008 Book Love in a wood ; : The gentleman dancing-master ; The country wife ; The plain dealer
PR5363.H4 2011 Book Heartbreak house
PR5397.F74 2012 Book Frankenstein : the 1818 text, contexts, criticism
PR6053.H786C5 1994 Book Cloud 9
PR6066.I53O4 1971b Book Old times
PR9275.A583K5634 1997 Book Annie John
PR9369.3.F8A6 1991 Book Blood knot, and other plays
PR9387.9.S6D4 2003 Book Death and the king's horseman : authoritative text : backgrounds and contexts, criticism
PS374.N4C36 2004 Book The Cambridge companion to the African American novel
PS374.P63R67 2006 Book Genreflecting : a guide to popular reading interests.
PS1017.L5 2012 Book Little women
PS1294.C63A64 1994 Book The Awakening : an authoritative text, biographical and historical contexts, criticism
PS3525.I5156D4 1996 Book Death of a salesman
PS3529.N5L6 2002 Book Long day's journey into night
PS3537.I663R67 2004 Book Rose's dilemma : a play
PS3545.I5365A6 2000 Book Plays
PS3552.R845S5 1998 Book Six characters in search of an author
PS3558.W83M2 1988 Book M. Butterfly
PS3573.A42688O53 1997 Book One flea spare
PS3573.I45677F4 1986 Book Fences : a play
PT1828.B6A26 Book Complete plays and prose / Georg Büchner ; translated with an introduction by Carl Richard Mueller.
PT2026.F2L85 1998 Book Faust. Part one
PT2603.R397G813 2008 Book The good person of Szechwan
PT2621.A26V42613 1996 Book The metamorphosis : translation, backgrounds and contexts, criticism
PT2685.E5V43 2002 Book The persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat : as performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade
PT8854.M3 2008 Book Four major plays
PT9811.A3C37 1983 Book Strindberg, five plays
Q  Science
Q125.R455 2007 Book Chronology of science
Q162.S25 2011 Book Ask your science teacher : answers to everyday questions : things you always wanted to know about how the world works
QA47.Z95 2012 Book CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae
QA76.76.E95S4436 2007 Book Decoding the universe : how the new science of information is explaining everything in the cosmos, from our brains to black holes
QA76.76.H94G657 2007 Book Dynamic HTML : the definitive reference
QA99.S45 2010 Book Proofiness : the dark arts of mathematical deception
QB981.S446 2004 Book Alpha and Omega : the search for the beginning and end of the universe
QD466.G73 2009 Book The elements : a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe
QP512.O94 2006 Book Oxford dictionary of biochemistry and molecular biology
R  Medicine
RA639.Q83 2012 Book Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic
RC1230.L46 2003 Book Anabolic steroids : and other performance-enhancing drugs
T  Technology
T11.S7 2007 Book Writing white papers : how to capture readers and keep them engaged
TK5105.8885.D78K63 2009 Book Cracking Drupal : a drop in the bucket
TR140.C82E43 2012 Book Short nights of the Shadow Catcher : the epic life and immortal photographs of Edward Curtis
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z692.G7F58 2011 Book Library collections for teens : manga and graphic novels
Z692.A93B74 2007 Book Understanding manga and anime
Z5956.C6K35 2012 Book Mostly manga : a genre guide to popular manga, manhwa, manhua, and anime
ZA3075.V64 2011 Book Humor and information literacy : practical techniques for library instruction
Book Ike's Bluff: President Eisenhower's secret battle to save the world
Book Something's Got to Give

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