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A  General Works
AG243.N496 2007 Book 15,003 answers : the ultimate trivia encyclopedia
AY81.J8N38 2012 Book National Geographic Kids almanac 2013.
AZ108.B4313 2000 Book The Continuum encyclopedia of symbols
AZ108.T74 2004 Book 1,001 symbols : an illustrated guide to imagery and its meaning
  AZ188.U5O6 Book Operating grants for nonprofit organizations.
B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B41.B53 2008 Book The Oxford dictionary of philosophy
BF31.C65 2009 Book A dictionary of psychology
BF31.K356 2011 Book The Routledge Spanish bilingual dictionary of psychology and psychiatry
BF431.F565 2012 Book Are we getting smarter? : rising IQ in the twenty-first century
BF441.B9247 2012 Book The 5 elements of effective thinking
BF575.L8F53 2004 Book Why we love : the nature and chemistry of romantic love
BF1439.I35 2009 Book The encyclopedia of spirits : the ultimate guide to the magic of fairies, genies, demons, ghosts, gods, and goddesses
BF1623.S9C513 2002 Book A dictionary of symbols
BJ1285.T45 2000 Book The book of Jewish values : a day-by-day guide to ethical living
BJ1853.B36 2003 Book Letitia Baldrige's new manners for new times : a complete guide to etiquette
BL303.M45 2009 Book The Facts on File encyclopedia of world mythology and legend
BL580.B76 2011 Book Encyclopedia of sacred places
BL580.S235 2008 Book Sacred places of a lifetime : 500 of the world's most peaceful and powerful destinations
BL1923.E63 2011 Book The Routledge encyclopedia of Taoism
BL2001.2.H56 2004 Book Hindu myths : a sourcebook translated from the Sanskrit
BL2525.B88 2011 Book Religion in American life : a short history
BL2525.D58 2008 Book Encyclopedia of American religion and politics
BL2525.M449 2009 Book Melton's encyclopedia of American religions
BM50.E63 2002 Book The new encyclopedia of Judaism
BM50.O94 2011 Book The Oxford dictionary of the Jewish religion
BM499.S83 2012 Book Koren Talmud Bavli = Talmud Bavli
BM723.D46 2007 Book The encyclopedia of Jewish myth, magic and mysticism
BM Book Blackwell Companion to Judaism
BP109 2009 Book Three translations of the Koran (Al-Qur'an) side by side
BP605.N48W552 2003 Book New Age encyclopedia : a mind, body, spirit reference guide
BP1092010 Book The Qur'an : English translation and parallel Arabic text
BR1642.U5W535 2010 Book God's Own Party : the making of the Christian right
BR1710.F34 2011 Book The Oxford dictionary of saints
BR1710.P38 2011 Book The illustrated world encyclopedia of saints : an authoritative guide to the lives and works of over 500 saints, with expert commentary and over 500 beautiful paintings, statues, and icons
BS440.H235 2011 Book The HarperCollins Bible dictionary.
BS575.W593 2001 Book Women in scripture : a dictionary of named and unnamed women in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books, and the New Testament
BX4655.8.B86 2003 Book Our Sunday Visitor's encyclopedia of saints
BX4655.8.D44 2005 Book Dictionary of saints
BX4655.8.G85 2001 Book The encyclopedia of saints
BX8627.H33 2010 Book Understanding the Book of Mormon : a reader's guide
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CR113.2.H69 2010 Book Flags of the fifty states : their colorful histories and significance
CS49.S65 2006 Book The source : a guidebook of American genealogy
CS2367.H32 2006 Book A dictionary of first names
CT275.H62575A3 2012 Book Mortality
D  History: General
D11.G78 2005 Book The timetables of history : a historical linkage of people and events
D11.T535 2011 Book Timelines of history
D54.5.W55 2004b Book The British Museum timeline of the ancient world : Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome
D351.N53 2009 Book The New York times : the complete front pages, 1851-2009
D757.C59 2012 Book The Wehrmacht retreats : fighting a lost war, 1943
DA30.O93 2010 Book The Oxford history of Britain
DA34.O93 2002 Book The Oxford companion to British history
DS102.8.S545 2006 Book The Shengold Jewish encyclopedia
DS371.4123.K67J86 2010 Book War
DT14.A37435 2003 Book Africana : the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience : the concise desk reference
DT18.B76 2006 Book An African biographical dictionary
E  History: America
E76.2.W35 2006 Book Encyclopedia of Native American tribes
E78.S7L45 2009 Book A history of the ancient Southwest
E99.C85P3835 2011 Book Empire of the summer moon : Quanah Parker and the rise and fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian tribe in American history
E160.N242 2012 Book Guide to the national parks of the United States.
E160.G87 2011 Book Guide to the state parks of the United States.
E169.1.S559 2004 Book The 1940s
E169.12.R53 2003 Book The 1960s
E174.5.C55 1997 Book Chronicle of America
E176.49.V52 2010 Book Vice presidents : a biographical dictionary
E180.F54 2008 Book 50 states : all you need to know
E185.R334 2001 Book Black Books Galore! guide to great African American children's books about boys
E185.R33 2001 Book Black Books Galore! guide to more great African American children's books
E185.96.B94 2001 Book Black roots : a beginner's guide to tracing the African American family tree
E185.G27 2011 Book Life upon these shores : looking at African American history, 1513-2008
E185.96.B58 2005 Book Portraits of African-American heroes
E840.J46 2010 Book American foreign policy : the dynamics of choice in the 21st century
E907.G67 2012 Book Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney on the issues
E907.O215 2012 Book Obama at the crossroads : politics, markets, and the battle for America's future
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G465.J687 2007 Book Journeys of a lifetime : 500 of the world's greatest trips
G1021.G6 2010 Book Goode's world atlas
G1030.A876 2010 Book Atlas of world history
GE42.G37 2011 Book A perfect moral storm : the ethical tragedy of climate change
GN316.M64 2000 Book Social and cultural anthropology : a very short introduction
GN336.W33 2010 DVD Wade Davis : the wayfinders : why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world
H  Social Sciences
H41.S63 2009 Book The social science encyclopedia
H97.H154 2011 Book Authoritative governance : policy-making in the age of mediatization
HB61.B554 2012 Book A dictionary of economics
HB95.S74 2010 Book Neoliberalism : a very short introduction
  HD62.4.N37 Book Nations of the world : a political, economic & business handbook.
HE5614.2.O56 2011 Book Traffic enforcement and crash investigation
HF1002.K375 2006 Book Webster's new world English-Spanish/Spanish-English business dictionary
HF5382.T59 2011 Book The top 100 : the fastest-growing careers for the 21st century.
HF5383.B56 2013 Book What color is your parachute? : a practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers
HM1261.G757 2010 Book Leadership : a very short introduction
HN57.T68 2012 Book To promote the general welfare : the case for big government
HN80.S54B43 2011 Book Banished : the new social control in urban America
HQ471.O552 2012 Book Online pornography
  HQ1421.M57 2011 DVD Miss representation
HV6025.B43 2011 Book Criminology : a sociological approach
HV6025.C59 2013 Book Criminology
HV6025.S346 2012 Book Criminology today : an integrative introduction
HV6025.V57 2012 Book Criminology : theory, research, and policy
HV6080.H28 2010 Book Crime types and criminals
HV6250.3.U5W35 2011 Book Victimology : legal, psychological, and social perspectives
HV6446.M29 2008 Book Government versus organized crime
HV6773.D54 2011 Book Digital crime and digital terrorism
HV6789.A366 2013 Book Criminal justice
HV7419.B36 2013 Book Criminal justice ethics : theory and practice
  HV7936.R53R4 1990 VHS Report writing
HV8073.I568 2012 Book Introduction to criminal investigation
HV8079.W47B39 2008 Book Investigating white collar crime
HV8139.C647 2013 Book Law enforcement in the United States
HV8139.S32 2011 Book Introduction to policing
HV8139.W35 2011 Book The police in America : an introduction
HV8141.R6 2009 Book Police & society
HV9104.J8319 2012 Book Juvenile crime
HV9104.T39 2011 Book Juvenile justice : policies, programs, and practices
HV9304.A63 2013 Book Corrections in America : an introduction
J  Political Science
JA Book World Politics 2012-2013 : Trend and Transformation
JC573.R63 2011 Book The reactionary mind : conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin
JF2051.D35 2011 Book Political parties and democratic linkage : how parties organize democracy
JK524.P63 2012 Book The candidate : what it takes to win, and hold, the White House
JK1965.M34 2007 Book American political parties and elections : a very short introduction
JK1976.B76 2011 Book Hiring and firing public officials : rethinking the purpose of elections
K  Law
KD667.C65L39 2009 Book Law and the Internet
KF390.B84M5573 2011 Book Essentials of the legal environment
KF505.C34 2010 Book Red families v. blue families : legal polarization and the creation of culture
KF4550.Z9S365 2011 Book Constitutional law in contemporary America
KF4850.E87 2012 Book Espionage and intelligence
KF9219.85.C475 2012 Book Essentials of criminal law
KF9219.W35 2012 Book Principles of criminal law
KF9223.I5 2008 Book In the margins : special populations and American justice
KF9619.85.L57 2011 Book Criminal procedure
KF9619.B47 2013 Book Criminal procedure law : police issues and the Supreme Court
KF9619.S8 2013 Book Procedures in the justice system
KF9619.Z35 2008 Book Criminal procedure : constitution and society
KF9660.W67 2012 Book Criminal evidence : an introduction
L  Education
LB2806.36.C5354 2012 Book Charter schools
LC4823.R67 2005 Book Lives on the boundary : a moving account of the struggles and achievements of America's educationally underprepared
M  Music
M50.B47 2009 CD Best cello 100
ML420.D98B435 2011 Book Understanding Bob Dylan : making sense of the songs that changed modern music
N  Fine Arts
NA200.P79 2008 Book World architecture : the masterworks
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
P99.N792 2008 Book The Element encyclopedia of secret signs and symbols : the ultimate A-Z guide from alchemy to the zodiac
PC4640.C598 2010 Book The Firefly Spanish/English visual dictionary
PE1591.M464 2010 Book The thinker's thesaurus : sophisticated alternatives to common words
PE1591.R64 1986b Book The synonym finder
PE1629.C67 2010 Book Merriam-Webster's visual dictionary
PE1629.U48 2011 Book Visual dictionary.
PE1689.A48 2011 Book The Facts on File dictionary of clich├ęs
PE3724.O3G74 1999 Book The big book of filth
PN1992.77.L67 2012 DVD The Lorax
PN1997.2.P4334 2007 DVD Peaceful warrior
PN1997.I772 2007 DVD Ivanovo detstvo
PN6084.P6O94 2006 Book Oxford dictionary of political quotations
PR19.O94 2006 Book The Oxford companion to English literature
PR6019.O9Z52616 2012 Book James Joyce : a new biography
PR6019.O9Z5332 1983 Book James Joyce
PS3537.T3234O46 2006 Book John Steinbeck's Of mice and men
PS3551.N27B58 1994 Book Bless me, Ultima
PS3565.C57G6 1983 Book A good man is hard to find and other stories
PS3573.A425I5 1973 Book In love & trouble : stories of Black women
Q  Science
QA531.P67 2012 Book The secrets of triangles : a mathematical journey
QD466.R78 1985 Book Handbook of the elements
QH308.2.C34 2002 Book Biology
R  Medicine
RA413.7.U53U535 2011 Book The uninsured
RC86.8.H43 2011 Book Heartsaver First aid, CPR, AED : student workbook
RT81.5.P69 2011 Book Dictionary of nursing theory and research
S  Agriculture
S494.5.U72U72 2012 Book Urban agriculture
T  Technology
T11.S386 2006 Book Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers
TR145.A38 bk. 2 Book The negative
TR659.5.T46 2012 Book Extraordinary everyday photography : awaken your vision to create stunning images wherever you are
U  Military Science
U24.D57 2009 Book The dictionary of military terms
V  Naval Science
VG87.O946 2012 Book No easy day : the autobiography of a Navy SEAL : the firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama bin Laden
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z711.6.G46S56 2008 Book Basics of genealogy reference : a librarian's guide
Z1361.N39R336 2001 Book Black Books Galore! guide to great African American children's books about girls
  Book ART news
Book Culture & Psychology
Book Design Principles and Problems
Book Discovery Series Introduction to Human Sexuality
Book Essential Art History
Book Essentials of Business Communication
  Book Hotel Rwanda
Book Human Relations
Book Illuminated Manuscripts
  Book Lives of the most eminent painters Vol.1
  Book Lives of the most eminent painters Vol.2
Book Management
  Book Romero
Book Skills for Success with Microsoft Office 2010

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