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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B105.T54.B68 2010 Book Think : critical thinking and logic skills for everyday life
B121.P68 2000 Book Eastern philosophy for beginners
  BD21.R8 2010 Book The problems of philosophy,
  BD435.E95 2011eb Book Exit : endings and new beginnings in literature and life
BF315.K296 2012 Book The age of insight : the quest to understand the unconscious in art, mind, and brain : from Vienna 1900 to the present
  BF353.B87 2011eb Book Returning home : reconnecting with our childhoods
  BF408.C74 2011eb Book Collective creativity : collaborative work in the sciences, literature and the arts
BF441.C86 2012 Book Good thinking : seven powerful ideas that influence the way we think
BF456.N7S37 1997 DVD Media truth or fiction : what can you believe?
BF637.B85K584 2012 Book The bully society : school shootings and the crisis of bullying in America's schools
  BF637.C74A787 2005 DVD The arts of criticism-- giving and taking
  BF637.S4C685 2004 DVD The 8th habit : from effectiveness to greatness
  BJ1401.G563 2007eb Book Promoting and Producing Evil
BL312.T48 2009 Book Introduction to mythology : contemporary approaches to classical and world myths
  BL1202.H56 2007 DVD Hinduism, a way of life
BL2747.3.R67 2011 Book The atheist's guide to reality : enjoying life without illusions
  BP161.2.M49 2011 Book Physicians of the heart : a Sufi view of the ninety-nine names of Allah
BP187.3.H2443 2012 Book Hajj : journey to the heart of Islam
  BQ7479.8.N344M333713 2011eb Book Ornament of reason : the great commentary to Nagarjuna's Root of the middle way
BX8615.S88M37 2011 Book The Mormon menace : violence and anti-Mormonism in the postbellum South
  BX9869.S4M53 2011eb Book Michael Servetus, heartfelt : proceedings of the International Servetus Congress, Barcelona, 20-21 October, 2006
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
  CB151.M224 2011eb Book The horizon : a history of our infinite longing
  CB430.A33 2011eb Book Addressing modernity : social systems theory and U.S. cultures
  CE46.R86 2011eb Book The Roman calendar from Numa to Constantine : time, history, and the fasti
D  History: General
D810.J4L455 1973 Book The Holocaust : the destruction of European Jewry, 1933-1945
  DA28.1.P27 2011eb Book Historical dictionary of the British monarchy
  DR240.5.V553R43 2002 DVD The real Dracula
  DS110.B476S39 2011eb Book Biblical Bethsaida : an archaeological study of the first century
DS340.B66 2004 Book Modern South Asia : history, culture, political economy
DS559.5.D432 2005 DVD Dear America : letters home from Vietnam
  DS896.1.C93 2011eb Book Historical dictionary of Tokyo
DT655.H63 1998 Book King Leopold's ghost : a story of greed, terror, and heroism in Colonial Africa
E  History: America
E77.A145 2004 DVD 500 nations
  E98.F6S557 1998 DVD Shared visions : the art of storytelling
E98.F6T355 2004 DVD Tales of wonder I : Tales of wonder II : traditional Native American fireside stories
E123.C66 2006 DVD Conquistadors
E184.I6D49 2002x Book Irish America : coming into clover : the evolution of a people and a culture
E185.625.B55 2008 DVD Black is-- black ain't : a personal journey through black identity
  E185.97.G74A3 2011eb Book Random musings : reflections of a black intellectual
  E445.G3J69 2011eb Book Remember me : slave life in coastal Georgia
  E840.8.S38S36 2011eb Book Brent Scowcroft : internationalism and post-Vietnam war American foreign policy
  E840.8.L37A3 2008eb Book Renegade for peace and justice : a memoir of political and personal courage
E842.9.A55 1992 Book The Warren Commission report : the official report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
E908.M368 2012 Book Barack Obama : the story
F  History: America
F596.H94 2011 Book Empires, nations, and families : a history of the North American West, 1800-1860
  F1435.3.C14R47 2011eb Book 2012 and the end of the world : the Western roots of the Maya apocalypse
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
  G70.4.M38 2011eb Book Computer processing of remotely sensed images : an introduction
GN70.W45 2012 Book Human osteology
GN316.K64 2002 Book Cultural anthropology
H  Social Sciences
HA37.U55U7 2012 Book The US census
HB103.S6A325 2000 DVD Adam Smith and The wealth of nations
  HB 3722.F563 2011eb Book The financial crisis inquiry report : final report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States
HB3743.K78 2012 Book End this depression now!
  HB3807.5.L96 2011eb Book Bust : Greece, the euro, and the sovereign debt crisis
HC103.L438 2012 Book Land of promise : an economic history of the United States
HC110.I5S867 2012 Book The price of inequality
HC110.P6P5883 2012 Book Poverty
HC435.3.K36 2012 Book India becoming : a portrait of life in modern India
  HD30.23.H48 2011eb Book What's holding you back? : ten bold steps that define gutsy leaders
  HD30.2.P375 2011eb Book The complete guide to knowledge management : a strategic plan to leverage your company's intellectual capital
  HD38.5.S444 2011eb Book Supply chain as strategic asset : the key to reaching business goals
  HD57.7.G34 2011eb Book Business leadership in China : how to blend best Western practices with Chinese wisdom
  HD58.7.R524 2011eb Book Built on values : creating an enviable culture that outperforms the competition
  HD62.6.L537 2010eb Book Results now for nonprofits : purpose, strategy, operations, and governance
HD4904.25.W6624 2012 Book Work and family
  HD9665.5.R44 2011eb Book Supply chain management in the drug industry : delivering patient value for pharmaceuticals and biologics
  HF5415.1265.G554 2011eb Book Social marketing to the business customer : listen to your B2B market, generate major account leads, and build client relationships
  HF5415.32.P43 2011eb Book Pre-commerce : how companies and customers are transforming business together
  HF5415.5.P458 2011eb Book Managing customer relationships : a strategic framework
  HF5415.5.W58 2011eb Book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 administration bible
  HF5718.22.D827 2010eb Book Resonate : present visual stories that transform audiences
HG179.B244 2005 Book Start late, finish rich : a no-fail plan for achieving financial freedom at any age
HG179.K563 1999 Book The cashflow quadrant : rich dad's guide to financial freedom
  HG3851.M493 2011eb Book Attack currency trends : how to anticipate and trade big moves in the forex market
  HG4529.M365 2011eb Book Investments workbook : principles of portfolio and equity analysis
  HG4910.C585 2011eb Book Regulation of securities, markets, and transactions : a guide to the new environment
HG4910.D535 2011 Book Street freak : money and madness at Lehman Brothers : a memoir
  HG6015.M23 2011eb Book Forecasting in financial and sports gambling markets : adaptive drift modeling
  HG6024.A3G56 2011eb Book No-hype options trading : myths, realities, and strategies that really work
HM586.F48 2012 Book The real world : an introduction to sociology
  HM1271.H93 2010eb Book Hybrid cultures - nervous states : Britain and Germany in a (Post) Colonial world
HN90.E4H39 2012 Book Twilight of the elites : America after meritocracy
HQ21.D33 2012 Book How to think more about sex
HQ31.D133 2012 Book The origins of sex : a history of the first sexual revolution
HQ76.8.U5H57 2012 Book Victory : the triumphant gay revolution
HQ76.8.U5O89 2005 DVD Out of the past : the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in America
HQ755.8.T95 1994 Book Questions from dad : a very cool way to communicate with kids
HQ766.5.U5G66 2007 Book The moral property of women : a history of birth control politics in America
  HQ777.9.D66 2004 DVD Domino : interracial people and the search for identity
HQ1155.F442 2012 Book Feminism
HV5825.M3427 2012 Book Marijuana
  HV5840.M4P38 2011eb Book The challenge of violent drug-trafficking organizations : an assessment of Mexican security based on existing RAND research on urban unrest, insurgency, and defense-sector reform
HV6025.S48 2008 Book Criminology : the core
HV6248.D5M37 2005 Book John Dillinger : the life and death of America's first celebrity criminal
HV6430.B55B473 2012 Book Manhunt : the ten-year search for Bin Laden--from 9/11 to Abbottabad
HV6515.D36 2008 Book The murder book : examining homicide
HV6515.E34 2002 Book The killers among us : an examination of serial murder and its investigation
HV6515.F69 2008 Book The will to kill : making sense of senseless murder
HV6533.L8V35 2000 Book Rethinking Southern violence : homicides in post-Civil War Louisiana, 1866-1884
  HV8079.C65S34 2012eb Book The lure : the true story of how the Department of Justice brought down two of the world's most dangerous cyber criminals
HV8138.D37 2008 Book An introduction to policing
HV8138.M52 2010 Book Human relations & police work
  HV8145.A7L38 1996 Book The last full measure : law enforcement deaths in Arizona
  HV9474.A4F85 1997 Book Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, 1934-1963
J  Political Science
JA76.R653 2011 Book The leaderless revolution : how ordinary people will take power and change politics in the twenty-first century
JC423.D381256 2012 Book Democracy
  JF37.P6 Book Political handbook of the world.
  JF801.C58 2011eb Book Citizens of the world : pluralism, migration and practices of citizenship
JK1012.A44 2011 Book The almanac of American politics 2012 : the senators, the representatives and the governors : their records and election results, their states and districts
  JN1.E85 Book The Europa world year book.
K  Law
  KF272.O474 2011eb Book Schools for misrule : legal academia and an overlawyered America
  KF299.T46B76 2011eb Book Cheaper by the hour : temporary lawyers and the deprofessionalization of the law
KF4550.Z9R57 2006 Book Our Constitution
KF8700.Z9U54 2008 DVD Understanding government
KF8745.T48S49 2008 DVD Sex & justice
KF9219.S36 2010 Book Criminal law today
KF9660.A7G37 2007 Book Criminal evidence : principles and cases
  KJE4445.F677 2011eb Book The Constitution's gift : a constitutional theory for a democratic European Union
L  Education
LA212.W35 2011 DVD Waiting for "Superman"
LA227.4.D455 2012 Book College : what it was, is, and should be
LB2331.B68 2006 Book The skillful teacher : on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom
LB2343.32.T47 2012 Book Thriving in transitions : a research-based approach to college student success
LB3013.32.S94 2009 Book Bullying prevention and intervention : realistic strategies for schools
  LC111.L674 2010 DVD The lord is not on trial here today
  LC191.4.S34 2011eb Book Culture, relevance, and schooling : exploring uncommon ground
M  Music
ML420.A5834A3 2012 Book My cross to bear
ML420.H167G46 2011 DVD George Harrison : living in the material world
  ML1711.8.N3H57 2011eb Book Off-Broadway musicals since 1919 : from Greenwich Village follies to the Toxic avenger
ML3551.L67 2012 Book Exploring American folk music : ethnic, grassroots, and regional traditions in the United States
N  Fine Arts
N5300.A78 2005 DVD Art of the Western world
N6797.T64H36 1995 Book J.R.R. Tolkien : artist & illustrator
N6923.M45W35 2010 Book Michelangelo : the artist, the man, and his times
N7477.B42 2006 DVD Sister Wendy : the complete collection
NA4830.C36 2006 DVD Cathedral
NK4890.C67C695 2010 Book Vintage jewelry design : classics to collect & wear
NK7304.P48 1996 Book Jewelry : from antiquity to the present
NK7306.T35 2008 Book 7000 years of jewelry
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
P35.V36 2004 Book Language and prejudice : Tamara M. Valentine.
P85.C47A3 2012 Book The science of language : interviews with James McGilvray
P90.G299 2010 Book Communication works
P94.5.M44M67 2012 Book The media and models of masculinity
  P299.M6I5 2011eb Book In the mood for food
PE27.T65 2006 Book The monsters and the critics and other essays
PE1413.G34 2009 Book The writers world : essays
PE1417.B43 2010 Book Between worlds : a reader, rhetoric, and handbook
PN1992.77.D692 2012 DVD Downton Abbey. Season 2
PN1992.77.W35 2011 DVD The walking dead. The complete first season
  PN1993.5.G3B73 2011eb Book Wim Wenders and Peter Handke : collaboration, adaption, recomposition
PN1995.9.C55J86 2008 DVD Juno
PN1995.T33513 1989 Book Sculpting in time : reflections on the cinema
PN1996.W245 2010 Book Essentials of screenwriting : the art, craft, and business of film and television writing
PN1997.2.A55 1999 DVD Animal farm
PN1997.2.B48 2011 DVD A better life
PN1997.B727652 2009 DVD Breakfast at Tiffany's
PN1997.F3775 2004 DVD Fast times at Ridgemont High
PN1997.G7 1998 DVD Great expectations
PN1997.G72 2012 DVD Great expectations
PN1997.N6784 2009 DVD El norte
PN4897.A724W4 1988 Book The Arizona Project
PN6231.S64F67 2004 Book The Grits, girls raised in the South, guide to life
PQ2603.E378A6 2009 Book Three novels : Molloy, Malone dies, The unnamable
  PQ3989.2.M653E93 2010eb Book Tactical silence in the novels of Malika Mokeddem
  PQ7618.H83 2011eb Book Gauchos and foreigners : glossing culture and identity in the Argentine countryside
PR2837.A2N8 2005 DVD Twelfth night, or, What you will
PR2976.R93 2002 Book Shakespeare
PR2987.S75 2012 Book The Cambridge Shakespeare guide
PR6019.O9F556 2011 Book Riverrun to Livvy : lots of fun reading the first page of James Joyce's Finnegans wake
PR6019.O9F587 2007 Book Lots of fun at Finnegans wake : unravelling universals
PR6039.O32B6 1992 Book The book of lost tales
PR6039.O32H6 1966b Book The Hobbit ; : or, There and back again
PR6039.O32L3 1994 Book The lays of Beleriand
PR6039.O32L6 1996 Book The lost road and other writings : language and legend before 'The lord of the rings'
PR6039.O32L6374 2000 Book The return of the shadow : the history of The lord of the rings, part one
PR6039.O32L63743 1992 Book Sauron defeated : the end of the third age
PR6039.O32L6375 1989 Book The treason of Isengard : the history of the Lord of the rings, part two
PR6039.O32L6377 2000 Book The war of the ring
PR6039.O32M67 1993 Book Morgoth's ring : the later Silmarillion, part 1, the legends of Aman
PR6039.O32P4 1996 Book The peoples of Middle-earth
PR6039.O32S46 1995 Book The shaping of Middle-earth : the Quenta, the Ambarkanta, and the annals
PR6039.O32S537 2002 Book The Silmarillion
PR6039.O32W37 1994 Book The war of the jewels : the later Silmarillion, part two, the legends of Beleriand
PR6039.O32Z48 2000 Book The letters of J.R.R. Tolkien : a selection
PR6039.O32Z62 2000 Book J.R.R. Tolkien : a biography
PR6054.Y43O87 2011 Book Otherwise known as the human condition : selected essays and reviews, 1989-2010
PS3505.H6428Z467 2008 Book The journals of John Cheever
PS3515.E37F3 2012 Book A farewell to arms : the Hemingway Library edition
PS3552.U7827M4 1997 Book The melancholy death of Oyster Boy & other stories
PS3556.O713C36 2012 Book Canada
PS3561.I483S7 2011 Book The stand
  PS3563.C3816Z85 2011eb Book Robin McKinley : girl reader, woman writer
  PS3566.Y55A7337 2011eb Book Pynchon's Against the day : a corrupted pilgrim's guide
PZ7.F632115Fl 2008 Book Flying solo
PZ10.3.R414Tan 2005 Book And Tango makes three
Q  Science
  Q181.J376 2011eb Book Teaching lab science courses online : resources for best practices, tools, and technology
QA76.17.D97 2012 Book Turing's cathedral : the origins of the digital universe
QA76.73.C15H55 2011 Book Objective-C programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide
  QA76.73.J38R895 2011eb Book Smashing jQuery
QA76.76.A65C666 2012 Book iOS programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide
  QA76.9.C65M63 2011eb Book Modeling and simulation in the medical and health sciences
  QA76.9.C65N88 2011eb Book Building software for simulation : theory and algorithms, with applications in C++
QA152.3.M3527 2009 Book Beginning & intermediate algebra
QA159.J59 2010 Book Algebra success in 20 minutes a day.
QA402.M425 2008 Book Thinking in systems : a primer
QA461.T46 2010 Book Geometry success in 20 minutes a day.
QA531.R84 2010x Book Master math : trigonometry
QA Book HTML & JavaScript basics
  QD181.A4K37 2010eb Book Surface complexation modeling : gibbsite
  QE508.Y85 2011eb Book Optically stimulated luminescence : fundamentals and applications
QE705.G8M39 2011 Book The first fossil hunters : dinosaurs, mammoths, and myth in Greek and Roman times : with a new introduction by the author
QH442.2.C56475 2012 Book Cloning
  QH541.S58 2011eb Book Principles of ecology and management : international challenges for future practitioners
  QL715.A45 2011eb Book Field guide to marine mammals of the Pacific Coast : Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia
QM25.N46 2011 Book Atlas of human anatomy
  QP552.C24P457 2011eb Book Calcium binding proteins
QR41.2.T67 2010 Book Microbiology : an introduction
R  Medicine
  R143.S23 2011eb Book Greco-Arab and Islamic herbal medicine : traditional system, ethics, safety, efficacy, and regulatory issues
R726.A8533 2012 Book Assisted suicide
R727.3.L34 2011 Book Improving medical outcomes : the psychology of doctor-patient visits
R728.8.C758 2005 DVD Delmar's critical thinking for medical assistants
R728.8.S55 2005 DVD Skills and procedures for medical assistants : administrative series.
R728.8.W59 2002 Book Workbook to accompany Delmar's comprehensive medical assisting : administrative and clinical competencies
RA427.2U24 2006 Book The guide to clinical preventive services : recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Tack Force.
RA638.V33212 2012 Book Vaccines
RA778.G62 2009 Book Dr. Nieca Goldberg's complete guide to women's health
  RA1051.C873 2011eb Book Current practice in forensic medicine
RB113.P3636 2013 Book Pathophysiology made incredibly easy!.
RC76.J37 2004 Suppl. Book Student laboratory manual for Physical examination & health assessment, fourth edition
  RC78.7.D53A3887 2010eb Book Advances in optical imaging for clinical medicine
  RC112.A88 2011eb Book The AST handbook of transplant infections
  RC280.S66S72 2010eb Book Soft tissue tumors : a multidisciplinary, decisional, diagnostic approach
RC440.M3545 2008 Book Mental health nursing.
RC728.5.I578 2005 DVD Insurance and coding,
RG137.E43 2010 Book In our control : the complete guide to contraceptive choices for women
RJ504.7.D76 2012 Book Drugging our children : how profiteers are pushing antipsychotics on our youngest, and what we can do to stop it
RM300.M63 2013 Book Focus on pharmacology : essentials for health professionals
RT42.M2466 2002 Book Health promotion in nursing
RT48.6.A35 2002 Book Nursing diagnosis handbook : a guide to planning care
RT48.H425 2002 Suppl. Book Student lab manual to accompany Health assessment & physical examination, 2nd ed.
RT48.W43 2003 lab manual Book Lab manual to accompany health assessment in nursing, second edition
RT49.C38 1999 Book Nursing care plans & documentation : nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems
RT49.N87 2007 Book Nursing care plans : nursing diagnosis and intervention
RT51.C643 2000 Book Clinical companion
RT67.P56 2006 Book Health promotion in nursing practice
RT82.8.L53 2001 Book Demonstrating care : the art of integrative nursing
RT85.B766 2002 Book Ethics & issues in contemporary nursing
RT85.H24 1996 Book Nursing ethics and law
RT86.4.N67 2003 Book Nursing consultation : a framework for working with communities
RT86.54.G35 1997 Book Caring for patients from different cultures : case studies from American hospitals
RT86.A34 2004 Book Critical thinking and clinical judgment : a practical approach
RT89.T357 2001 Book Essentials of nursing leadership and management
RZ999.H67 2002 Book Healing touch : guide book for practitioners
S  Agriculture
  SF992.K53N47 2011eb Book Nephrology and urology of small animals
T  Technology
  TA355.B674 2011eb Book Noise and vibration analysis : signal analysis and experimental procedures
  TA355.R34 2010eb Book Vibration-based condition monitoring : industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications
  TA417.6.F36 2011eb Book Multiscale analysis of deformation and failure of materials
  TK5102.92.M63 2011eb Book Modulation and coding techniques in wireless communications
  TK5102.9.K484 2011eb Book Digital design of signal processing systems : a practical approach
  TK5103.2.S28 2011eb Book From GSM to LTE : an introduction to mobile networks and mobile broadband
  TK5103.48325.K74 2011eb Book LTE signaling, troubleshooting, and optimization
  TK7864.S39 2011eb Book Probability concepts and theory for engineers
  TK7872.T74P3824 2010eb Book Transmission lines in digital and analog electronic systems : signal integrity and crosstalk
TL521.312.N333 2012 Book NASA
  TP200.F525 2011eb Book Fine chemicals : the industry and the business
  TP877.L485 2011eb Book Advanced concrete technology
TR647.C36 2010 Book Henri Cartier-Bresson : the modern century
TR653.S595 1999 Book Edward Steichen : the early years
TR790.P47 2011 Book The art of adventure : 40 photographic examples
TX769.B643 2006 DVD Bread art : decorative breads for the professional : yeasted dough techniques
U  Military Science
  U43.C6S288 2011eb Book Ancient Chinese warfare
UA23.S298 2007 Book A civilian's guide to the U.S. military : a comprehensive reference to the customs, language & structure of the Armed Forces
UG405.C37 2006 DVD Castle
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z1037.L715 2010 Book A to zoo : subject access to children's picture books
ZA3075.S63 2012 Book Information basics for college students
Book Draw the Human Head
Book Elements of Design:Single Concepts in Art
Book Forensic science : from the crime scene to the crime lab
  Book Human Communication: Intercultural Communication
  Book James Joyce
  Book Los Vendidos
  Book Lottery
Book Principles of Design: Single Concepts in Art
  Book Sense of an ending
  Book True Colors

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