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Anthropology, Geography, Recreation History: America
History: General Language, Literature, Popular Films
Medicine Music
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Political Science
Science Social Sciences

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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B3376.W563P53255 1997 Book Routledge philosophy guidebook to Wittgenstein and the Philosophical investigations
  B4870.Z594Z58 2006 DVD Žižek!
BD175.S43 1995 Book The construction of social reality
BJ45.H25 2012 Book The righteous mind : why good people are divided by politics and religion
BJ1595.5.D432 2000 CD The consolations of philosophy
BL245.C34 2006 Book The many faces of God : science's 400-year quest for images of the divine
BP135.A2K43 2008 Book The book of ?adith
BP161.2.R86 2012 Book Islam : a very short introduction
BP189.7.M42R865 2007 DVD Rumi returning : the triumph of divine passion
BP605.S7K1311 2011 Book My Subud life
BP605.S7T1877 2008 Book Subud a spritual journey : some unsought encounters on the way
BQ649.Z46A46 2007 DVD Amongst white clouds
BQ893.B83 2010 DVD The Buddha
BX1712.S437 2007 DVD Secret files of the Inquisition
D  History: General
DP171.5.D4313 1979 Book Daily life in Spain in the golden age
DS79.764.U6L56 2009dvd DVD Lioness
E  History: America
E184.35.J495 2008 DVD The Jewish Americans
E185.86.A547 2005 DVD America beyond the color line
  E185.97.L5D43 2012 DVD Death of a prophet : the last days of Malcolm X
E185.8.T96 2008 DVD The two nations of black America
E199.W375 2006 DVD The war that made America
E208.R476 2006 DVD The Revolution
E847.L352 2006 DVD LBJ
E877.R4342 2004 DVD Reagan
E886.C556 2012 DVD Clinton
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G116.H43 2002 Book Geography for dummies
H  Social Sciences
HB501.C365 2010 DVD Capitalism : a love story
HD30.28.M3839 2011 Book How to write a business plan
HD38.2.G38 2002 Book The mind of the CEO
HD4918.M59 2012 Book The minimum wage
HG6024.U6W376 2009 DVD The warning
  HM1206.M435 2010 DVD Media democracy in action
HN90.R3M437 2012 Book Militias
HQ751.C27 2001 Book The unfit : a history of a bad idea
HV5760.T615 2012 Book Tobacco and smoking
HV6515.S4752 2000 DVD Serial killers : profiling the criminal mind
J  Political Science
  JC71 .A412012 Book Politics : a teatise on government
JK1896.C65 2005 Book Winning the vote : the triumph of the American woman suffrage movement
JQ3090.N46 2012 Book Nigeria
M  Music
ML420.H167A3 2007 Book I, me, mine
ML3790.M728 2012 Book The music industry
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PK6465.Z31E36 2009 Book The tangled braid : ninety-nine poems by Hafiz of Shiraz
PL2698.P86P813 2011 Book P?u Ming's oxherding pictures & verses
PN1995.9.W3J375 2006 DVD Jarhead
PN1997.2.S735 2006 DVD Stalker
  PN1997.B62 2001 DVD The Blue angel
PN1997.C4539 2002 DVD Les enfants du paradis : Children of paradise
PN1997.N694 2002 DVD Nosferatu : a symphony of horror
PN1997.T68732 2008 DVD Touch of evil
PN1997.W47673 2006 DVD What the bleep!?
PQ2082.C3E5 2005b Book Candide, or, Optimism
PQ2286.A36 2008 Book Les misérables
PZ7.H389Okh 2008 Book Old Bear
Q  Science
QH76.S27 2010 Book Rare : portraits of America's endangered species
R  Medicine
RC150.1.I448 2005 DVD Influenza, 1918
RC339.52.K83E45 2007 DVD Elisabeth Kübler-Ross : facing death
RC489.M43G65 1989 CD The art of meditation
RC552.E18E28211217 2012 Book Eating disorders
RC606.65.A33 2012 Book AIDS
RJ216.L358 2011 Book Breastfeeding : a guide for the medical profession
Book Gurdjieff a beginner's guide : how changing the way we react to misplacing our keys can transform our lives
  Book King of the Hill

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