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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  B171.G83 Book A history of Greek philosophy.
B171.C7 Book Before and after Socrates.
B171.G8 1989 Book The Greek philosophers from Thales to Aristotle
B317.G779 Book Socrates
B385.A5N44 1989 Book Symposium
B407.A2713 2001 Book The basic works of Aristotle
B407.M2 Book The basic works of Aristotle,
B485.A3 Book Aristotle the philosopher
BD181.7 .M37 2004 Book The Ethics of Memory
  BF176.2.P79 2010eb Book Psychological and health-related assessment tools developed in China
BF311.G584 2005 Book Vital lies, simple truths : the psychology of self-deception
  BF723.P25A87 2010eb Book Happy families : a parents' guide to the non-violent resistance approach
BF1573.G36 2010 Book Witchcraft in early North America
BF1999.G656 2010 Book Stairway to the stars : Sufism, Gurdjieff, and the inner tradition of mankind
BF1999.S365 1991 Book The people of the secret
  BH301.S8S95 1987eb Book Symbols in life and art : the Royal Society of Canada symposium in memory of George Whalley
BJ1401.E97 2011 Book Explaining evil
BL80.2.A48 2003 DVD Altars of the world
BL503.B35 2011 Book End-timers : three thousand years of waiting for Judgment Day
BL722.B47 2012. Book Myths and legends of ancient Greece and Rome.
BL782.E9 2001 Book Heroes, gods and monsters of the Greek myths
BL783.B88 2004 Book The complete world of Greek mythology
BL783.M98 2003 Book Myths of the ancient Greeks
BL1152.3.B37 1991 Book The origins and development of classical Hinduism
BP40.H45 2006 Book The book of language : exploring the spiritual vocabulary of Islam
BP135.A2I11713 2008 Book Divine sayings : 101 ?adith qudsi
  BP189.65.M87 2007 DVD The circles of remembrance
  BP189.7.M42R865 2007 DVD Rumi : the wings of love ; Come to life: al-Mahya
BP605.G94D54 2005 Book Digging up the dog : the Greek roots of Gurdjieff's esoteric ideas
BP605.G94H65 2010 Book Psychological illusions : explorations of the G.I. Gurdjieff fourth way teaching
BR121.3.W66 2004 Book Christianity : a very short introduction
  BS895.S77 1997 Book [Tanakh : Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim] = Tanach : the Torah, Prophets, Writings : the twenty-four books of the Bible, newly translated and annotated
BS2330.3.J64 2010 Book The New Testament : a very short introduction
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
  CB367.R47 2004eb Book Reputation and representation in fifteenth century Europe
CT211.B76 2010 Book Lives and times : individuals and issues in American history
D  History: General
  D16.135.E57 2011eb Book History and the testimony of language
D422.R46 2004 DVD The remarkable 20th century
D909.F38 2011 Book Europe by Eurail 2011 : touring Europe by train
DC148.D69 2002 Book The Oxford history of the French Revolution
DC148.P67 2010 Book A short history of the French Revolution
DC149.N44 2008 Book A concise history of the French Revolution
DF229.K34 2004 Book The Peloponnesian War
E  History: America
  E99.E7G375 2009eb Book Giinaquq : like a face : Sugpiaq masks of the Kodiak Archipelago
E185.615.N4 2009 Book To die for the people : the writings of Huey P. Newton
E332.B47 2003 Book Thomas Jefferson
E457.L56 2009 Book The Lincoln anthology : great writers on his life and legacy from 1860 to now
E876.E347 2008 Book The eighties in America
E Book Greeks and Romans Bearing Gifts : How the Ancients Inspired the Founding Fathers
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G63.E554 2010 Book Encyclopedia of geography
  G155.A1T574 2010eb Book Tourism and crime : key themes
  G156.5.E26G469 2010eb Book Global geotourism perspectives
  GE55.T48 2010eb Book The Texas Legacy Project : stories of courage and conservation
  GN451.C64 2010eb Book The primitive mind and modern man
GR72.3.T78 2008 Book The anatomy of story : 22 steps to becoming a master storyteller
H  Social Sciences
HB61.C647 2008 Book The concise encyclopedia of economics
HC59.7.D372 2012 Book Developing nations
HD38.2.G647 2000 Book Working with emotional intelligence
  HD108.3.S87 2006eb Book Sustainable land management : challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs.
  HD5710.7.B37 2006eb Book How we compete : what companies around the world are doing to make it in today's global economy
HF1379.I5674 2011 Book International business in the 21st century
  HF1418.5.G585 2003eb Book Globalization in historical perspective
HF5386.S4159 2011 Book How : why how we do anything means everything
HF5389.M375 2008 Book Global business etiquette : a guide to international communication and customs
HF5415.5.B76 2009 Book Answering the ultimate question : how Net Promoter can transform your business
HF5415.5.R439 2011 Book The ultimate question 2.0 : how net promoter companies thrive in a customer-driven world
HF5548.4.M523W34579 2010 Book Excel 2010 bible
  HF5611.G74 2006eb Book International financial reporting standards : a practical guide
HF5718.22.W45 2009 Book Presenting to win : the art of telling your story
HF5718.3.D65 2000 Book Write better and get ahead at work : successful methods for writing the easy, natural way
  HG4026.V38 2005eb Book Guide to analysing companies
HG8540.A43B69 2011 Book Fatal risk : a cautionary tale of AIG's corporate suicide
HG9383.P68 2011 Book Deadly spin : an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans
HJ2381.B375 2012 Book The benefit and the burden : tax reform--why we need it and what it will take
HQ12.H57 2009 DVD The history of sex
HQ23.S454 2009 DVD The science of sex appeal
HQ281.K37 2009 Book Sex trafficking : inside the business of modern slavery
HQ755.5.U5.K65 2005 Book Building a better race : gender, sexuality, and eugenics from the turn of the century to the baby boom
  HQ784.P43B43 2006eb Book Studying media effects on children and youth : improving methods and measures, workshop summary
  HV25.C36 2006eb Book Effective philanthropy : organizational success through deep diversity and gender equality
  HV551.3.F33 2006eb Book Facing hazards and disasters : understanding human dimensions
  HV690.G7R44 2010eb Book Reflective practice in mental health : advanced psychosocial practice with children, adolescents and adults
  HV875.A326 2010eb Book Adopting after infertility : messages from practice, research, and personal experience
HV6080.J33 2011 Book Analyzing criminal minds : forensic investigative science for the 21st century
  HV6431.N3834 2006eb Book Fighting terrorism in the liberal state : an integrated model of research, intelligence and international law
HV6537.E53 2010 Book An encyclopedia of infanticide
  HV6626.22.P4T4 2010 DVD Telling Amy's story
HV6626.2.D683 2012 Book Domestic violence
HV6769.R667 2010 Book Profit without honor : white-collar crime and the looting of America
HV6773.B75 2010 Book Cybercrime : criminal threats from cyberspace
HV7432.S78 2011 Book The collapse of American criminal justice
HV7936.P8H86 2011 Book Police-community relations and the administration of justice
HV8141.P33 2012 Book Policing America : challenges and best practices
  ISSN RECORD Book Taking sides.
J  Political Science
JC257.J83J8 2012 Book Thinking the twentieth century
  JC423.P76 2006eb Book Problems for democracy
  JC423.S535 2010eb Book Struggling for recognition : the psychological impetus for democratic change
JK31.L58 2011 Book The gardens of democracy : a new American story of citizenship, the economy, and the role of government
JZ1480.A57I717 2011 Book Iran, Israel, and the United States : regime security vs. political legitimacy
K  Law
  KBP461.W44 2010eb Book The search for God's law : Islamic jurisprudence in the writings of Sayf al-Din al-Amidi
  KD3168.S77 2006eb Book The health & safety handbook : a practical guide to health and safety law, management policies and procedures
  KD3305.D378 2010eb Book A practical guide to fostering law : fostering regulations, child care law and the youth justice system
  KF535.Z9P746 2010eb Book Divorce and the special needs child : a guide for parents
KF4547.4.V55 2010 Book Essential Supreme Court decisions : summaries of leading cases in U.S. constitutional law
  KF8961.Z9H366 2006eb Book Discussion of the Committee on Daubert Standards : summary of meetings
L  Education
  LB1139.3.C2E25 2000eb Book Early childhood care and education in Canada
  LB1771.L87 2011eb Book Certifiable : teaching, learning, and National Board certification
LB2395.3.S62 2010 Book Breaking through : college reading
  LC1201.P68 2010eb Book Guerrilla mum : surviving the special educational needs jungle
M  Music
  ML421.F57T78 2011eb Book Tusk
N  Fine Arts
  N6260.G667 2001eb Book Beauty and Islam : aesthetics in Islamic art and architecture
N7430.5.W39 1972b Book Ways of seeing
N7760.D37 2007 Book 100 characters from classical mythology : discover the fascinating stories of the Greek and Roman deities
  NA6230.I55 2005eb Book Tall buildings : sixth International Conference on Tall Buildings ; Mini Sympoisum on Sustainable Cities ; Mini Symposium on Planning, Design and Socio-Economic Aspects of Tall Residential Living Environment, Hong Kong, China, 6-8 December 2005
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
P90.M258 2001 Book The medium is the massage : an inventory of effects
  P95.82.N4M44 2005eb Book Media policy for the digital age
P95.8.P6455 2012 Book Politics and the media
  P147.S46 2011eb Book Semiotic margins : meaning in multimodalities
PA3870.A55A25 2008 Book The library of Greek mythology
  PE1128.3.G73 2001eb Book The grammar cracker : unlocking English grammar
PE1408.B474 2011 Book Creative writing demystified
  PE1421.S75 2005eb Book Style guide
PE1599.F83F2 2009 Book The F-word
PE2808.B35 2012 Book Speaking American : a history of English in the United States
PN145.C63 2008 Book Writing tools : 50 essential strategies for every writer
PN147.C64 2011 Book 1,000 creative writing prompts : ideas for blogs, scripts, stories and more
PN161.H57 2004 Book Barron's creative writing the easy way
PN173.A7R62 2010 Book Rhetoric
  PN1995.9.S26L38 2010eb Book Space oddities : women and outer space in popular film and culture, 1960-2000
  PN1997.B268 2006 DVD Bastard out of Carolina
PN4193.I5W35 2003 Book The art of storytelling : easy steps to presenting an unforgettable story
PN6790.J3M453 C5 2002 Book Junko Mizuno's Cinderalla
PQ2286 Book Les misÚrables : a novel / 2] :
PQ2288.A345 2002 Book The hunchback of Notre Dame = Notre-Dame de Paris
PR2631.D66 2011 Book Ben Jonson : a life
PS1408.A2M38 2008 Book The last of the Mohicans
PS1449.C85R3 2008 Book The red badge of courage : an authoritative text backgrounds and sources criticism
PS3554.E4425A84 2011 Book The angel Esmeralda : nine stories
PS3554.I3A6 2009 Book Valis and later novels
PS3569.H2K5 2003 Book The killer angels
PS3572.O5P57 2006 Book Player piano
PS Book The Book of Lilith
PZ7.G15334Dd 2011 Book Dead end in Norvelt
PZ7.R1814Bal 2011 Book A ball for Daisy
PZ7.W5458Whe 2011 Book Where things come back : a novel
PZ8.D16Fai 2005 Book Fair, brown & trembling : an Irish Cinderella story
PZ73.B3778 2011 Book Crumbs on the stairs
PZ73.C37 Oruga Book La oruga muy hambrienta
PZ73.L68 2005 Book Lola
PZ74.3.S436 2006 Book Un pez, dos peces, pez rojo, pez azul
Q  Science
  Q172.5.C45M86 2010eb Book Electronic design automation of multi-scroll chaos generators
  Q173.H88 2006eb Book The Hutchinson science desk reference
  QA76.9.A25T695 2007eb Book Toward a safer and more secure cyberspace
  QA431.S66 2010eb Book Some recent advances in partial difference equations
  QC20.P76 2010eb Book Progress in computational physics (PiCP). Volume 1,
QC174.12.C689 2012 Book The quantum universe : (and why anything that can happen, does)
QC903.D47 2010 Book The science and politics of global climate change : a guide to the debate
  QH51.T43 1991eb Book Teaching kids to love the earth
QH360.5.R867 2003 Book Darwin and design : does evolution have a purpose?
QM31.A43 2010 Book Barron's E-Z anatomy and physiology
QM601.L35 2012 Book Langman's medical embryology.
QP376.L558 2008 Book The accidental mind : how brain evolution has given us love, memory, dreams, and God
  QP623.W36 2010eb Book MicroRNAs & cardiovacular disease
  QR82.E6E83 2010eb Book Pathogenic Escherichia coli in Latin America
R  Medicine
  R853.A53.M67 2005eb Book A circle of discovery : teacher's guide
  R858.A2I68 2005eb Book Connecting medical informatics and bio-informatics : proceedings of MIE2005, the XIXth International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics
  RA483P497 2006eb Book Physical activity and health in Europe : evidence for action
  RA565.P63 2006eb Book Preventing disease through healthy environments : towards an estimate of the environmental burden of disease
  RA643.8.H58 2006eb Book HIV/AIDS in europe : moving from death sentence to chronic disease management
  RA643.8.R67 2006eb Book Preventing HIV/AIDS in young people : a systematic review of the evidence from developing countries
  RA644.T7T33 2004eb Book TB/HIV : a clinical manual
RA781.7.B757 2012 Book The science of yoga : the risks and the rewards
RA790.5.B345 2011 Book Normality does not equal mental health : the need to look elsewhere for standards of good psychological health
  RC111.C67 2005eb Book Communicable disease control in emergencies : a field manual
  RC271.N46A54 2010eb Book Angiogenesis & therapeutic targets in cancer
  RC423.M56 2004eb Book The MIT encyclopedia of communication disorders
  RC553.A88B64 2010eb Book Autism and the edges of the known world : sensitivities, language and constructed reality
RC564.F574 2011 Book Understanding why addicts are not all alike : recognizing the types and how their differences affect intervention and treatment
  RC628.P76 2006eb Book Progress in preventing childhood obesity : focus on communities
  RC628.P76 2006eb Book Progress in preventing childhood obesity : focus on schools
  RC632.C26L86 2010eb Book Hypercalcemia pathophysiology & treatment
RC683.5.E5E2534 2010 Book ECG interpretation : an incredibly easy! pocket guide.
RC1230.B454 2011 Book Steroids : a new look at performance-enhancing drugs
  RE871.O28 2009eb Book Ocular blood flow in glaucoma : the 6th Consensus Report of the World Glaucoma Association
  RG734.F74 2006eb Book Frequently asked clinical questions about medical abortion
  RJ27.P63 2005eb Book Pocket book of hospital care for children : guidelines for the management of common illnesses with limited resources
  RJ47.7.J84 2004eb Book A different kind of care : the social pediatrics approach
  RJ216.K73 2002eb Book The optimal duration of exclusive breastfeeding : a systematic review
  RJ370.E4174 2007eb Book Emergency care for children : growing pains
  RJ380.E334 2010eb Book Promoting psychological well-being in children with acute and chronic illness
  RJ496.A63B66 2010eb Book Understanding dyspraxia : a guide for parents and teachers
  RJ506.A9A388 2010eb Book An A-Z of genetic factors in autism : A handbook for parents and carers
  RJ506.A9W37 2005eb Book Constructive campaigning for autism services : the PACE parents' handbook
  RJ506.H9G74 2010eb Book Life at the edge and beyond : living with ADHD and Asperger syndrome
  RJ506.H9L38 2010eb Book Step by step help for children with ADHD : a self-help manual for parents
  RM151.C87 2010eb Book Current technologies to increase the transdermal delivery of drugs
RM301.14.Z47 2012 Book Mosby's pharmacology notecards : visual, mnemonic, and memory aids for nurses
  RS189.R48 2010eb Book Reviews in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
RT41.F8813 2012 Book Kozier & Erb's fundamentals of nursing : concepts, process, and practice
S  Agriculture
  S494.5.S86D65 2005eb Book Doing participatory research and development
  S494.5.S86E63 2005eb Book Enabling participatory research and development
  S540.A2A33 2002eb Book Agricultural research policy in an era of privatization
  SB123.3.G47 2000eb Book Genes in the field : on-farm conservation of crop diversity
T  Technology
  TA403.M296 2006eb Book Materials for engineering
  TA438.M55 2005eb Book Polymers in cementitious materials
  TA1637.I43 2010eb Book Image processing for embedded devices : from CFA data to image/video coding
  TD195.W54N38 2007eb Book Environmental impacts of wind-energy projects
  TH6126.H42 2006eb Book Health aspects of plumbing
  TK7895.E42X8 2010eb Book Embedded visual system and its applications on robots
  TL701.N38 2007eb Book Improving the efficiency of engines for large nonfighter aircraft
  TL910.S77 2010eb Book Structural failure analysis and prediction methods for aerospace vehicles and structures
  TP371.2.A67 2010eb Book Application of alternative food-preservation technologies to enhance food safety and stability
  TX553.V5.V58 2004eb Book Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition : [report of a joint FAO/WHO expert consultation, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-30 September 1998
  TX724.5.J3R38 2010eb Book Food and fantasy in early modern Japan
  TX911.3.M27B87 2010eb Book Essential financial techniques for hospitality managers
U  Military Science
  U39.C484 1998eb Book The changing face of war : learning from history
UA646.3.C593 2011 Book NATO : a guide to the issues
UB418.G38G3726 2012 Book Gays in the military
Book Across the Wire: Life and Hard Times on the Mexican Border
Book Criminal Procedure Law and Practice
  Book Democracy Renaissance in the Arab World
Book Frankenstein The man who made a monster
Book Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Book Memories of Chicano History: Life and Narrative of Bert Corona
Book Migrant Daughter: Coming of Age As A Mexican American Woman
  Book Young Frankenstein

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