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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B72.W365 2011 Book A little history of philosophy
B3985.Z7N34 2011 Book A book forged in hell : Spinoza's scandalous treatise and the birth of the secular age
BJ1533.F2W66 2011 Book The Ajax dilemma : justice, fairness, and rewards
BL240.3.M43 2011 Book Why religion is natural and science is not
BL240.3.O93 2010 Book A case for the existence of God
BL263.N68 2006 Book Not in our classrooms : why intelligent design is wrong for our schools
BQ4302.B77 2003 Book How to practice : the way to a meaningful life
BQ5612.H36 2011 Book Just one thing : developing a Buddha brain one simple practice at a time
BQ9399.E597H3513 2010 Book Wild ivy : the spiritual autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin
BS652.D46 2004 Book The design revolution : answering the toughest questions about intelligent design
BS1413.M58 1992 Book The book of Job
D  History: General
D102.O98 2001 Book The Oxford illustrated history of medieval England
D743.H35 2011 Book Inferno : the world at war, 1939-1945
D764.F737 2011 Book Ostkrieg : Hitler's war of extermination in the East
D804.34.B38 2001 Book A history of the Holocaust
D805.P7B76 2010 Book Remembering survival : inside a Nazi slave-labor camp
D810.J4H5 1985 Book The destruction of the European Jews
D810.J4D33 1986 Book The war against the Jews, 1933-1945
DS109.9.S37 2011 Book Jerusalem : the biography
DS145.G654 2012 Book A convenient hatred : the history of antisemitism
E  History: America
E159.L45 2011 Book Pilgrimage
E173.Z564 2009 Book Voices of A people's history of the United States
E185.61.A725 2008 Book It's bigger than hip-hop : the rise of the post-hip-hop generation
E302.5.M26 2003 Book The faiths of our fathers : what America's founders really believed
E451.H77 2011 Book Midnight rising : John Brown and the raid that sparked the Civil War
E3508.C3 2010 Book Jazzlife : a journey for jazz across America in 1960
F  History: America
F1435.3.C14R47 2011 Book 2012 and the end of the world : the Western roots of the Maya apocalypse
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
  G155.A1T574 2010eb Book Tourism and crime : key themes
  G156.5.E26G469 2010eb Book Global geotourism perspectives
GN740.M16 2011 Book A history of the world in 100 objects
H  Social Sciences
HB95.F723 2011 Book The Darwin economy : liberty, competition, and the common good
HB3717 2008.L49 2011 Book Boomerang : travels in the new Third World
HC106.84.C596 2011 Book Back to work : why we need smart government for a strong economy
HQ18.U5F54 2011 Book One nation under sex : how the private lives of presidents, first ladies and their lovers changed the course of American history
HS2330.K63B337 2011 Book Gospel according to the Klan : the KKK's appeal to Protestant America, 1915-1930
HV1568.25.U5M66 2008 Book The short bus : a journey beyond normal
HV4708.O94 2011 Book The Oxford handbook of animal ethics
HV6431.B3358 2011 Book Terrorists in love : the real lives of Islamic radicals
J  Political Science
JC11.F85 2011 Book The origins of political order : from prehuman times to the French Revolution
L  Education
LC4818.5.M66 2000 Book Learning outside the lines : two Ivy League students with learning disabilities and ADHD give you the tools for academic success and educational revolution
M  Music
ML3531.V53 1999 Book The Vibe history of hip hop
ML3918.R37C52 2010 Book The big payback : the history of the business of hip-hop
N  Fine Arts
N5310.5.F7C38 2011 DVD Cave of forgotten dreams
N6537.D43A4 2011 Book De Kooning : a retrospective
NA2500.A7117 2011 Book Architectural theory : from the Renaissance to the present : 89 essays on 117 treatises
NC242.B47A4 2011 Book Bento's sketchbook
ND623.C26G73 2011 Book Caravaggio : a life sacred and profane
ND1059.H26A4 2010 Book The sound of one hand : paintings and calligraphy by Zen master Hakuin
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PA4025.A2M57 2011 Book The Iliad
PA6483.E5S73 2007 Book The nature of things
PL856.U673A61213 2011 Book 1Q84
PN1995.9.M45G743 2008 DVD The great debaters
PN1997.F742 2007b DVD Freedom Writers
PN6140.L7L63 2008 Book Love letters of great men
PQ1575.L6913 1989 Book A medieval woman's mirror of honor : the treasury of the city of ladies
PQ2635.E48H513 2011 Book Nature stories
PS2602.T3 2004 Book The selected writings of Edgar Allan Poe : authoritative texts, backgrounds and contexts, criticism
PS2631.M48 2000 Book Edgar Allan Poe : his life and legacy
PS2631.S525 2009 Book Edgar A. Poe : mournful and never-ending remembrance
PS3561.R569S65 2011 Book The sojourn
PS3566.E2187B56 2011 Book Binocular vision : new & selected stories
Q  Science
QA76.2.A2L69 2009 Book Google speaks : secrets of the world's greatest billionaire entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page
QB63.C69 2011 Book Turn left at Orion : hundreds of night sky objects to see in a home telescope-- and how to find them
QE721.2.E85P76 2007 Book Evolution : what the fossils say and why it matters
QH331.L6885 2010 Book The vanishing face of gaia : a final warning
QH366.2.C74 2009 Book Why evolution is true
QH588.S83P48 2008 Book Sacred cells? : why Christians should support stem cell research
QP360.5.G396 2011 Book Who's in charge? : free will and the science of the brain
R  Medicine
R725.56.S26 2010 Book Bioethics, law, and human life issues : a Catholic perspective on marriage, family, contraception, abortion, reproductive technology, and death and dying
RC464.H47 2011 Book The memory palace
RJ43.V66A3 2011 Book Just like someone with mental illness only more so : a memoir
RT41.M489 2011 Book Study guide for Medical-surgical nursing : assessment and management of clinical problems, eighth edition
T  Technology
TT870.O3913 2008 Book How to wrap five eggs : traditional Japanese packaging
  TX911.3.M27B87 2010eb Book Essential financial techniques for hospitality managers
Book Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World
  Book Arbeitsbuch : Ubungen
Book Autobiography of a Yogi
Book Go with Microsoft Excel 2010 Comprehensive
  Book Horen und Sprechen
  Book Just like someone without mental illness only more so
  Book Memory Palace

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