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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B563.L66 2002 Book Epictetus : a Stoic and Socratic guide to life
BD431.E14 2008 Book The meaning of life : a very short introduction
BL50.H88 2003 Book Huxley and God : essays on religious experience
BL51.H98 2009 Book The perennial philosophy
BQ893.B83 2010 DVD The Buddha
BT301.3.B4613 2007 Book Jesus of Nazareth : from the baptism in the Jordan to the transfiguration
BT301.3.B46213 2011 Book Jesus of Nazareth. : from the entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection / Part two,
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CT275.H62575A3 2010 Book Hitch-22 : a memoir
D  History: General
D756.3.G743 2010 DVD Great European battles of WWII
DD218.S795 2011 Book Bismarck : a life
DS371.3.T326 2011 Book The Taliban
DS481.G3L337 2011 Book Great soul : Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India
DS557.7.B38 2010 DVD Vietnam, from Dien Bien Phu to Peace with honor
DS557.7.T48 2010 DVD Vietnam: Tet!
E  History: America
E907.A48 2011 Book Kabuki democracy : the system vs. Barack Obama
F  History: America
F1219.73.S43 2006 DVD Secrets of the Aztecs
F1219.73.A97 2005 DVD The Aztec empire
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G558.K869 1995 Book The Bermuda Triangle mystery solved
H  Social Sciences
HA32.F54 2009 Book Discovering statistics using SPSS : (and sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll)
HA32.G744 2010 Book SPSS for dummies
HA32.P35 2007 Book SPSS survival manual : a step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS for Windows
HB501.C523 2011 Book 23 things they don't tell you about capitalism
HB3722.I57 2011 DVD Inside job
HD5724.J6874 2011 Book Jobs in America
HD9482.U64M6613 2010 Book The world according to Monsanto : pollution, corruption, and the control of the world's food supply
HD9696.8.U64G669 2011 Book The Googlization of everything : (and why we should worry)
HM626.L36 2010 Book World history and the eonic effect : civilization, Darwinism, and theories of evolution
HN49.R33E98 2011 Book Extremism
HQ801.B76 2011 Book The social animal : the hidden sources of love, character, and achievement
HT361.G53 2011 Book Triumph of the city : how our greatest invention makes us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier
HV12.B37 2003 Book The social work dictionary
HV40.P534 2010 Book Dictionary of social work
HV6430.B55S33 2011 Book Osama bin Laden
HX39.5.E234 2011 Book Why Marx was right
J  Political Science
JA75.7.H58 2004 Book Love, poverty, and war : journeys and essays
JK468.I6U2 2011 Book The U.S. intelligence community
L  Education
LA216.S783 2011 Book Student life
LB2351.2.H356 2011 Book The myths of standardized tests : why they don't tell you what you think they do
N  Fine Arts
N5300.S923 2011 Book Art history
NB1099.B872A783 2005 DVD Art as a verb in Africa : the masks of the Bwa Village of Boni, Burkina Faso
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PN81.B5449 2011 Book The anatomy of influence : literature as a way of life
PN1995.9.R66M43 2011 Book We, robot : Skywalker's hand, blade runners, Iron Man, slutbots, and how fiction became fact
PN1997.2.E97 2010 DVD The experiment
PR5810.G03 2003 Book Collins complete works of Oscar Wilde.
PS3537.A426Z883 2010 Book J. D. Salinger : a life
PS3573.A425635P35 2011 Book The pale king : an unfinished novel
PZ7.G15334Jl 2002 Book Joey Pigza loses control
PZ7.G15334Jo 2000 Book Joey Pigza swallowed the key
PZ7.W3535Ju 2008 Book Juneteenth jamboree
Q  Science
QC16.F49K73 2011 Book Quantum man : Richard Feynman's life in science
QP376.K85 2006 Book The singularity is near : when humans transcend biology
QP624.R67 2011 Book DNA : a graphic guide to the molecule that shook the world
R  Medicine
RA776.75.K876 2011 Book Transcend : nine steps to living well forever
RA781.63.C66 2005 Book The genius of flexibility : the smart way to stretch and strengthen your body
RC512.C355 2010 Book Understanding psychosis : issues and challenges for sufferers, families, and friends
RD119.C6816 2011 Book Cosmetic surgery
RM267.A5212 2011 Book Antibiotics
RM666.P48H9 2009 Book The doors of perception : &, Heaven and hell
RT55.H47 2012 Book HESI comprehensive review for the NCLEX-PN examination
T  Technology
TK5105.585.B45 2006 Book Running IPv6
TK5105.585.M88 2005 Book IPv6 network administration
TK5105.888.V373 2010 Book Zend framework : a beginner's guide
U  Military Science
UB418.G38G373 2011 Book Gays in the military
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z665.G547 2011 Book The information : a history, a theory, a flood
  Book Romero
DVD Russia the eastern front

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