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A  General Works
AZ108.B66 2010 Book The book of symbols
B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF173.J735 1968 Book Man and his symbols
BJ1460.W54 1980 Book Free will and determinism : a dialogue
BX1795.S48C37 2011 Book The Catholic Church
D  History: General
D767.92.W52 2001 Book Pearl Harbor
DS318.9.I7254 2011 Book Iran
DS559.8.B55W46 2008 Book The African American experience in Vietnam : brothers in arms
DT73.D47R6 1994 Book Ancient lives : the story of the Pharaoh's tombmakers
DT92.E4 1994 Book Ptolemy of Egypt
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G4330 2007.N37 Book Arizona : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.
  GV1111.D96 1996 VHS Dynamic striking techniques
H  Social Sciences
  HD72.H85 Book Human development report.
HD3616.U47D425 2011 Book Deregulation
HM742.S629 2011 Book Social networking
  HV8080.A6P65 1991 VHS Police control and restraining techniques
J  Political Science
JC596.2.U5P755 2011 Book Privacy
JQ1769.A15A325 2011 Book Afghanistan
JZ1480.A57I7 2011 Book Iran
K  Law
K5301.W3673 2011 Book War crimes
L  Education
LB1025.2.N456 2010 Book Experiential education : making the most of learning outside the classroom
M  Music
ML1711.R53 2003 Book The American musical : history & development
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
  PN187.S963 2010 Book Synchronicity : student literary competition /League for Innovation in the Community College.
PN1997.S6372535 2004 DVD Something the Lord made
PN1997.S766 2009 DVD The stoning of Soraya M.
PR5823.E38 1988b Book Oscar Wilde
PZ7.S6315 2008 DVD Sleeping Beauty
Q  Science
QA28.T66 2010 DVD Top secret Rosies : the female computers of World War II
R  Medicine
RC178.A1S26 2005 DVD Scourge of the Black Death
U  Military Science
UB357.V375 2011 Book Veterans
  Book Archetypes of the Hero's Journey
  Book Community Oriented POlicing
  Book Cost of Abortion Economic Impact:Financial and Economic Fallout
  Book Courtroom Testimony
Book Criminology the Core
Book From Homer to Harry Potter
  Book Global Warming Unmasked: the hidden agenda
  Book Hero's Journey in Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces and Star Wars
  Book Honors Forum:What Your Stuff Says About You
  Book Inception
  Book Literary Myth Forms and Harry Potter Saga
  Book Monsters, Gods and Heroes
  Book Monsters Gods and Heroes
Book New Breed of Leader
  Book Odyssey as a Psychological Hero Journey
Book Power Ambition Glory
  Book Power of Small
  Book Story is in the Telling: Narratives entail more than Spinning a Good Yarn
  Book To Be or Not to Be in The Belly of the Whale; A Reading of Joseph Campbell's Modern Hero
  Book Wandering Hero: The Odysseus story and Little Red Riding Hood
  Book Western Civilization
Book Wisdom of Harry Potter

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