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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B99.R652C5613 1992 Book On the heights of despair
B105.S79C5613 1995 Book Tears and saints
B244.R3 K56 2010 Book A story waiting to pierce you : Mongolia, Tibet, and the destiny of the Western world
B1837.C67 1984 Book The philosophical writings of Descartes
BD444.B36 1997 Book The denial of death
BD450.B394 Book Escape from evil
  BD450.B39 Book The birth and death of meaning; : an interdisciplinary perspective on the problem of man.
BF575.F66V35 2010 Book The twisted sisterhood : unraveling the dark legacy of female friendships
BF1999.A46 1980 Book The necronomicon
BJ1470.5.P39 2010 Book Fame : what the classics tell us about our cult of celebrity
BJ1531.Y8 2007 Book The ethics of Confucius and Aristotle : mirrors of virtue
BJ1631.O23 2010 Book Of thee I sing : a letter to my daughters
BL1900.L35H49 1985 Book The Tao of leadership : Lao Tzu's Tao te ching adapted for a new age
BS2665.52.T3813 2004 Book The political theology of Paul
BX4220.I8M68 2010 Book Nuns behaving badly : tales of music, magic, art, and arson in the convents of Italy
C  Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CT275.P648A3 2008 Book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance : an inquiry into values
D  History: General
D568.4.L45K67 2010 Book Hero : the life and legend of Lawrence of Arabia
D803.N87 2005 DVD Nuremberg : tyranny on trial
D805.S65R39 2010 Book The long walk : the true story of a trek to freedom
D862.G37 2010 Book Facts are subversive : political writing from a decade without a name
DS36.7.Z64 2010 Book Arab voices : what they are saying to us, and why it matters
DS69.5.N5 1998 Book Daily life in ancient Mesopotamia
DS69.5.O6 1977 Book Ancient Mesopotamia : portrait of a dead civilization
DS73.1.P65 1999 Book Ancient Mesopotamia : the eden that never was
DT92.7.S35 2010 Book Cleopatra : a life
E  History: America
E99.A6O185 2009 Book The blue tattoo : the life of Olive Oatman
E181.R677 2010 Book How wars end : why we always fight the last battle : a history of American intervention from World War I to Afghanistan
E860.B47 Book All the President's men
E860.E47 1994 Book Watergate : the corruption of American politics and the fall of Richard Nixon
E903.A3 2010 Book Decision points
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GC28.P37 2010 Book The power of the sea : tsunamis, storm surges, rogue waves, and our quest to predict disasters
GN380.G53 2010 Book Tribe : endangered peoples around the world
GT2345.W67 2010 Book The word made flesh : literary tattoos from bookworms worldwide
GV23.P47 2004 Book The naked Olympics : the true story of the ancient games
H  Social Sciences
HB3730.F66 2009 Book The lights in the tunnel : automation, accelerating technology and the economy of the future
HC37.F56 Book Economy and society in ancient Greece
HC37.M5413 2009 Book The economy of the Greek cities : from the archaic period to the early Roman Empire
HC427.95.F57 2006 Book China, Inc. : how the rise of the next superpower challenges America and the world
HD57.7.T726 2002 Book Transformational and charismatic leadership : the road ahead
HF5381.E52 2011 Book Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance.
HF5548.4.M525M527 2004 Book Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 step by step
HF5548.8.A62 1992 Book Breakpoint and beyond : mastering the future--today
HG9383.P68 2010 Book Deadly spin : an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans
HM291.L44 1997 Book A geography of time : the temporal misadventures of a social psychologist, or how every culture keeps time just a little bit differently
HM821.W55 2009 Book The spirit level : why greater equality makes societies stronger
HM1106.E53 2009 Book Encyclopedia of human relationships
HN59.M65 2010 Book What really happened to the 1960s : how mass media culture failed American democracy
HQ12.R93 2010 Book Sex at dawn : the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality
HQ759.A436 2010 Book The monster within : the hidden side of motherhood
HQ980.5.U5E27 2009 Book The ethical slut : a roadmap for relationship pioneers.
HQ980.T36 2008 Book Opening up : a guide to creating and sustaining open relationships
HQ1061.F55 2010 Book Shock of gray : the aging of the world's population and how it pits young against old, child against parent, worker against boss, company against rival, and nation against nation
HV5831.M46C36 2009 Book Drug war zone : frontline dispatches from the streets of El Paso and Juárez
HV5840.M4V85 2010 Book Amexica : war along the borderline
HV7911.F446 2006 Book A G-man's life : the FBI, being "Deep Throat," and the struggle for honor in Washington
J  Political Science
JZ5675.O43 2010 Book A skeptic's case for nuclear disarmament
K  Law
KF228.U5J3 1977 Book The right and the power : the prosecution of Watergate
KF373.D635A3 2010 Book The autobiography of an execution
KF4550.Z9T35 2011 Book Taking sides.
M  Music
  M1741.18.B42B436 2009 CD The Beatles in mono
ML54.6.S69S66 2010 Book Finishing the hat : collected lyrics (1954-1981) with attendant comments, principles, heresies, grudges, whines and anecdotes
ML420.R515R52 2010 Book Life
ML420.S565K35 2010 Book Frank : the voice
N  Fine Arts
N6853.P5A4 2010 Book Picasso : peace and freedom
N7433.5.S48 2010 Book Sketchbook confidential : secrets from the private sketches of over 40 master artists
N8252.H37 2010 Book The art of ancient Greek theater
ND237.W795E93 2010 Book Grant Wood : a life
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
PN44.M33 2010 Book Masterplots
PN1111.T55 2010 Book Till I end my song : a gathering of last poems
PN1997.2.Y685 2010 DVD You don't know Jack
PN1997.C45385 1999 DVD Children of heaven
PN1997.L32975 1999 DVD Labyrinth
PN4900.N324M49 2010 Book Drunk stoned brilliant dead : writers and artists who made the National lampoon insanely great
PN6282.C62 1991 Book Anathemas and admirations
PN6728.D65T782 2010 Book 40 : a Doonesbury retrospective
PR2895.B79 2008 Book Shakespeare : the world as stage
PR6029.R8N647 2003 Book Nineteen eighty-four : a novel
PS1331.A2 2010 Book Autobiography of Mark Twain.
PS3523.O833A6 2008 Book Necronomicon : the best weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft
PS3554.U31917W6 2010 Book The world as I found it
PS3560.E888N5 1999 Book A night without armor : poems
PS3563.A7293O25 2010 Book An object of beauty : a novel
PS3572.O5S58 2004 Book Slapstick, or, Lonesome no more!
Q  Science
  QA39.2.M383 2004b DVD Math video tutor : fractions thru algebra! 10 hour video course!
  QA39.3.P74 2010 DVD The pre-algebra tutor. Volume 1-2
QA40.5.F57 2006 DVD The 1st-7th grade math tutor
  QA40.5.F575 2009 CD-ROM 1st - 7th grade math tutor companion worksheet CD
QA43.B37 2007 DVD The basic math word problem tutor
  QA43.E279 2010 DVD Easy techniques to boost skills!
QA75.T48 2010 DVD The Texas instruments TI-83/TI-84 calculator tutor : 8 hour video tutorial!
  QA75.T483 2010 DVD The Texas instruments TI-89 calculator tutor v.1 : 8 hour video tutorial!
QA113.Y68 2009 DVD Young minds : numbers and counting.
QA152.3.T754 2005 DVD The trigonometry and pre-calculus tutor
QA155.A38 2007 DVD The advanced algebra tutor
QA157.A44 2007 DVD The algebra word problem tutor
QA157.S215 2009 Book Theory and problems of precalculus
QA157.S65 2010 Book College algebra
QA157.S728 2010 Book Intermediate algebra
QA159A54 2005 DVD The algebra 2 tutor
  QA159.A542 2008 CD-ROM The algebra 2 tutor companion worksheet CD
QA188.L57 2009 Book Linear algebra
QA188.M28 2008 DVD The matrix algebra tutor
QA273.25.P76 2008 DVD The probability and statistics tutor
QA303.2.C351 2007 DVD The advanced calculus 2 tutor
QA303.2.C35 2005 DVD The calculus 1 & 2 tutor
QA303.2.C35 2008 DVD The calculus 3 tutor
QA303.A96 2009 Book Schaum's outlines calculus
QA371.32.B76 2006 Book Schaum's outline of differential equations
  QA371.D544 2010 DVD The differential equations tutor
QA445.R53 2009 Book Geometry : includes plane, analytic, and transformational geometries
QA462.G46 2007 DVD The geometry tutor
QA531.A97 2009 Book Trigonometry : with calculator-based solutions
QC21.3.P49 2006 DVD The physics tutor : 11 hour video course!
  QC21.3.U471 2008 DVD Ultimate physics 2 tutor : 10 hour video course!
  QC21.3.U472 2009 DVD Ultimate physics 2 tutor : volume 2; 12 hour video course!
QC21.3.U48 2009 DVD Ultimate physics 3 tutor : 13 hour video course!
QC39.U55 2008 DVD The unit conversion tutor : supplement for all branches of math and science.
QC816.M474 2010 Book Our magnetic Earth : the science of geomagnetism
  QD31.2 .C446 2010 DVD The Chemestry 1 tutor v.1 : 10 hour video course!
QL754.G74 2010 DVD Great migrations
QL754.K67 2010 Book Great migrations : official companion to the National Geographic channel global television event
QP376.D356 2010 Book Self comes to mind : constructing the conscious brain
R  Medicine
R123.S713 2011 Book Stedman's medical terminology : steps to success in medical language
RC275.M85 2010 Book The emperor of all maladies : a biography of cancer
RC423.S23 2010 Book The mind's eye
RC552.B84R69 1984 Book The monster within : overcoming bulimia
RE78.F85 2010 Book Fundoscopy made easy
RT41.M67 2009 DVD Mosby's nursing video skills.
RT55.N44 2011 Book NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy! : 6,500 + questions!
T  Technology
TK5105.8885.M53P74 2001 Book A guide to web authoring using Microsoft FrontPage 2000
TX772.G68 2010 Book The Gourmet cookie book : the single best recipe from each year 1941-2009.
U  Military Science
U264.5.I75C65 2010 Book The worst-kept secret : Israel's bargain with the bomb
UD395.A16C47 2010 Book The gun
  CD-ROM Fractions thru algebra companion worksheet CD
  Book Global Warming?
Book HTML and Java Script Basics
  Book Modern Marvels Oil
Book Star Trek

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