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B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B380.A5.S38 2003 Book Plato's Phaedrus
B4825.C564Z37 2009 Book Searching for Cioran
BF121.G47 2010 Book Psychology and life
BF468.Z56 2009 Book The time paradox : the new psychology of time that will change your life
BL304.C537 2010 DVD Clash of the gods
BL1900.L35H49 1986B Book The Tao of leadership
BL2001.3.D35 2010 Book Nine lives : in search of the sacred in modern India
BS195.M47 2002 Book The message : the Bible in contemporary language
BT98.H578 2005 DVD A history of God
D  History: General
D107.A53 2010 DVD Ancients behaving badly
D741.M26 2010 Book Cry havoc : how the arms race drove the world to war, 1931-1941
D Book Red Baron : the life and death of an ace
DS357.5.B37 2010 Book Afghanistan : a cultural and political history
E  History: America
E860.G73 2008 Book In Nixon's web : a year in the crosshairs of Watergate
E860.H534 2004 Book Watergate
E861.W6 1994 Book The final days
F  History: America
F1787.S76 2005 Book The history of Cuba
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GC1221.L44 2010c Book In Deep Water : The Anatomy of Disaster, the Fate of the Gulf, and How to End Our Oil Addiction: Library Edition.
GT511.L39 2002 Book Costume and fashion : a concise history
GV891.A43 2004 Book The illustrated principles of pool and billiards
GV1044.B97 2010 Book Bicycle diaries
H  Social Sciences
HB103.S6P45 2010 Book Adam Smith : an enlightened life
HN89.S6H33 2010 Book Winner-take-all politics : how Washington made the rich richer-and turned its back on the middle class
HQ1221.B245 2006 Book Tripping the prom queen : the truth about women and rivalry
J  Political Science
JC346.J66 2010 Book The pledge : a history of the Pledge of Allegiance
K  Law
KF4748.W53 2009 Book The Supreme Court and individual rights
KF8742.B55 2009 Book The Supreme Court and the powers of the American government
L  Education
LB2321.L3 2010 Book Landmark issues in teaching and learning : a look back at New directions for teaching and learning
M  Music
M1366.E6 E55 2006 CD The Duke box
M1630.18.D95B63 2010 CD Bob Dylan: the original mono recordings
ML410.E44C56 2010 Book Duke Ellington's America
ML410.H476R62 2010 Book Becoming Jimi Hendrix : from Southern crossroads to psychedelic London, the untold story of a musical genius
ML410.M6823M47 2009 Book Will you take me as I am : Joni Mitchell's Blue period
ML420.D98M15 2010x Book Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus : writings 1968-2010.
ML420.L534L5 1989 Book Great balls of fire : the uncensored story of Jerry Lee Lewis
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
P92.U5C87 2007 Book It's not news, it's fark : how mass media tries to pass off crap as news
P140.D487 2010 Book Through the language glass : why the world looks different in other languages
PE1143.T355 2003 DVD Talking words factory
PN1995.9.S87V6347 2007 DVD Voces inocentes : Innocent voices
PN1997.2.P743 2010 DVD Precious
PN6710.G736 2010 Book Graphic novels and comic books
PQ1643.B34 2010b Book How to live--or--a life of Montaigne : in one question and twenty attempts at an answer
PR6005.R7I65 2007 DVD In search of the great Beast 666 : Aleister Crowley : the wickedest man in the world
PR9199.3.L98G65 2010 Book The golden mean : [a novel of Aristotle and Alexander the Great]
PS1631.A334 2010 Book Selected journals, 1841-1877
PS1631.A335 2010 Book Selected journals, 1820-1842
PS3553.A7667N69 2010 Book Nox
PT8951.21.N38T5313 2009 Book A time for everything
Q  Science
QA9.B769 2008 Book Laws of form
QA115.L4366 2004 DVD Math circus
QH429.2.D37H37 2004 Book The man who invented the chromosome : a life of Cyril Darlington
QM25.N46 2011 Book Atlas of human anatomy
QM551.R67 2011 Book Histology : a text and atlas : with correlated cell and molecular biology
R  Medicine
R690.E527 2010 Book Expert resumes for health care careers
R724.M29274 2011 Book Medical ethics
R733.F86 2011 Book Fundamentals of complementary and alternative medicine
RA645.O23O22 2011 Book Obesity
RA1155.G37 2010 Book Forensic nursing : a concise manual
RA1211.C298 2010 Book Casarett & Doull's essentials of toxicology
RC41.M34 2011 Book Magill's medical guide
RC41.M435 2010 CD-ROM 21st century medical encyclopedia with American government guides to health and medical resources
RC440.T689 2011 Book Essentials of psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice
RC523.T87 2010 Book The encyclopedia of Alzheimer's disease
RC556.H353 2010 Book Handbook of clinical sexuality for mental health professionals
RC585.A444 2010 CD-ROM Allergy and allergies toolkit
RC606.63.H58 2010 Book HIV essentials
T  Technology
TK5105.8885.M53D67 1999 Book FrontPage 2000 for dummies
TK5105.8885.M53M33 2005 Book FrontPage 2003 : the missing manual
  TR650.P4774 2010 DVD PhotoVision issue 83
U  Military Science
UB251.G7J44 2010 Book The secret history of MI6
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z666.6.M39 2008 Book FRBR : a guide for the perplexed
Z679.2.U54S36 2009 Book Checklist of library building design considerations
Z679.2.U6W66 2010 Book Countdown to a new library : managing the building project
Book 28 Days
  Book ACLU VS America
Book Beautiful Mind
  Book Hide and Seek
Book Libraries in the Ancient World
Book Lost Choice
  Book Media Democracy in Action
  Book Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus
Book Night
CD The message, remix : the Bible in contemporary language
Book The true dharma eye : Zen master Dogen's three hundred koans

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