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Anthropology, Geography, Recreation Bibliography, Library Science
Education General Works
History: America History: General
Language, Literature, Popular Films Medicine
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Political Science
Social Sciences Technology

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A  General Works
AE5.W55 2010 Book The World Book encyclopedia.
B  Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B3376.W563P53 2009 Book Philosophische Untersuchungen = Philosophical investigations
B3376.W563T7313 2007 Book Tractatus logico-philosophicus
  B4870.Z594Z58 2006 DVD iek!
BD431.L54 2009 DVD Examined life : philosophy is in the street
BF611.I94 2010 Book The art of choosing
  BF637.T5H69 2003 DVD How to work smarter...not harder
BJ1595.H28 2010 Book Wisdom : from philosophy to neuroscience
BL1920.C465 2009 Book Living in the Tao : the effortless path of self-discovery
BX2350.3.M265 2010 Book The Jesuit guide to (almost) everything : a spirituality for real life
D  History: General
D811.Y55H38 2009 Book Private Yokoi's war and life on Guam, 1944-1972 : the story of the Japanese Imperial Army's longest WWII survivor in the field and later life
DG70.P7P7357 2005 DVD Pompeii : the last day
DS79.76W75 2008 Book Generation kill : Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the new face of American war
E  History: America
E908.R46 2010 Book The bridge : the life and rise of Barack Obama
F  History: America
F395.M5C53 2009 DVD A class apart : a Mexican American civil rights story
G  Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G860.E536 2008 DVD Encounters at the end of the world
H  Social Sciences
HB501.C365 2010 DVD Capitalism : a love story
HC106.83.L5 2010 Book The big short : inside the doomsday machine
HF1379.F337 2010 Book Fair trade
HM856.E53 2007 Book Encyclopedia of environment and society
HN57.B83 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1930s
HN57.C544 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1940s
HN57.G6925 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1900s
HN57.H557 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1980s
HN57.W355 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1920s
HN58.S76 2009 Book Social history of the United States.
HN59.2.C595 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1990s
HN59.M43 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1970s
HN59.P35 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1960s
HN64.R293 2009 Book Social history of the United States : the 1910s
HQ767.9.F43 2007 Book Child development
HQ1115.E54 2009 Book Encyclopedia of gender and society
HT1521.E63 2008 Book Encyclopedia of race, ethnicity, and society
J  Political Science
JZ1318.G5786223 2010 Book Globalization
L  Education
LB1772.A6W966 2007 Book AEPA 01 elementary education : teacher certification exam
LB3621.O73 1997 Book School newspaper adviser's survival guide
P  Language, Literature, Popular Films
  P90.S7623 1997b Streaming Video The Story of film, TV, and media : recording history
PC4121.S57 2002 CD Spanish
PN218.S36 2007 Book 45 master characters : mythic models for creating original characters
PN1995.9.V3L37 2008 DVD The last man on Earth
PN1997.2.G6937 2008 DVD Goya's ghosts
PN1997.2.S68 2005 DVD Speak
PN1997.5.S42 2007 DVD The secret of NIMH
PN1997.A472 2004 DVD The agony and the ecstasy
PN1997.H5825 2002 DVD His girl Friday
PQ8098.12.O38D4813 2008 Book The savage detectives
PR6063.A438W65 2009 Book Wolf Hall : a novel
PS3551.N464C45 2006 Book Celebrations : rituals of peace and prayer
PS3556.E42Z46 2010 Book Backing into forward : a memoir
PS3561.I483Z475 2002 Book On writing : a memoir of the craft
PS3613.A76594M38 2010 Book Matterhorn : a novel of the Vietnam War
PZ7.B38885 2004 DVD Belleville rendez-vous
R  Medicine
R121.M892 2010 Book Mosby's pocket dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions.
R723.N387 1996 Book Why we get sick : the new science of Darwinian medicine
R733.G34 2009 Book The Gale encyclopedia of alternative medicine
RA399.A1G39 2010 Book The checklist manifesto : how to get things right
RB151.B64 2002 Book Evolving health : the origins of illness and how the modern world is making us sick
RB155.M59 2007 Book Survival of the sickest : the surprising connections between disease and longevity / Sharon Moalem with Jonathan Prince.
RC451.4.A7P54 2008 Book Poets on Prozac : mental illness, treatment, and the creative process
RC535.D63 2008 Book The encyclopedia of phobias, fears, and anxieties
RC537.G722 2010 Book Manufacturing depression : the secret history of a modern disease
RC606.6.P47 2010 Book The person with HIV/AIDS : nursing perspectives
RC606.6.W385 2003 Book The encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS
RC902.C87 2009 Book Current diagnosis & treatment.
RC1210.A749 2008 Book Essentials of athletic injury management
RD17.G342 2009 Book The Gale encyclopedia of surgery and medical tests : a guide for patients and caregivers
RM125.N87 2010 Book 2010 nurse's drug handbook.
RM125.N87 2010 Book Nursing 2010 drug handbook.
RM170.I25 2010 Book I.V. therapy made incredibly easy!.
RM216.D8627 2010 Book Nutrition essentials for nursing practice
RS57.D67 2010 Book Dosage calculations made incredibly easy!
RT41.P46 2010 Book Clinical nursing skills & techniques
RT42.D78 2006 Book Drug calculations & drug administration
RT48.6.C385 2010 Book Handbook of nursing diagnosis
RT48.6.C39 2010 Book Nursing diagnosis : application to clinical practice
RT48.6.D64 2008 Book Nurse's pocket guide : diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales
RT48.6.S66 2008 Book Nursing diagnosis reference manual
RT48.A8733 2010 Book Assessment : an incredibly easy! pocket guide.
RT48.W43 2006 Book Lab manual to accompany Health assessment in nursing, 3rd ed.
RT48.W43 2007 Book Health assessment in nursing
RT50.C483 2010 Book Charting made incredibly easy!
RT50.M67 2006 Book Mosby's surefire documentation : how, what, and when nurses need to document.
RT51.A6255 2010 Book Applying nursing process : a tool for critical thinking
RT51.B78 2010 Book Lippincott manual of nursing practice.
RT62.I79 2010 Book NCLEX-RN : strategies, practice, and review for the registered nursing licensing exam
RT62.S53 2010 Book Saunders comprehensive review for the NCLEX-PN examination
RT85.B766 2008 Book Ethics & issues in contemporary nursing
RT85.F79 2008 Book Ethics in nursing practice : a guide to ethical decision making
RT86.54.A53 2008 Book Transcultural concepts in nursing care
RT86.54.C85 2006 Book Culture care diversity and universality : a worldwide nursing theory
RT86.7.F86 2007 Book Fundamentals of nursing : caring and clinical judgement.
RT86.7.K55 2006 Book Legal and ethical issues
RT86.A34 2009 Book Critical thinking and clinical judgment : a practical approach to outcome-focused thinking
RT120.E4E44 2007 Book Emergency nursing made incredibly easy!
RT120.I5E83 2008 Book Priorities in critical care nursing
T  Technology
TD170.15.C67 2010 Book Conserving the environment
TR683.D38 2009 Book Creative close-ups : digital photography tips & techniques
Z  Bibliography, Library Science
Z657.C393 2010 Book Censorship
Z669.8.L54 2010 Book Library data : empowering practice and persuasion
  Book Global Warming Folder
Book Good Bye Lenin
  Book Paradox of Affluence:A History of Women at Work in America: Poverty, Affluence and The Paradoxes of Social Change
  Book Paradox of Affluence: Choices, Challenges & Consequences
  Book Paradox of Affluence: Enrique's Journey and America's Immigration Dilemma
  Book Paradox of Affluence: Finding Balance with the Challenge of Affluence
  Book Paradox of Affluence:Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White Collar Dreams
  Book Paradox of Affluence:Origins of American Affluence
  Book Paradox of Affluence: Searching for Well-being in America
  Book Paradox of Affluence:Then and Now: The Tale of the Silent Elephant in the Room
  Book Paradox of Affluence: To Those Who Have Been Given Much: Service Volunteerism and Changing the World
  Book Paradox of Affluence: Value of Giving Back to the Community
  Book Popular Culture:The Old Subdivision: American Life and American Culture in the First Suburban Century
  Book Project Girl: a guide to un-mediafying your life

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