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New Titles November 2009

Anthropology, Geography, Recreation Fine Arts
History: America History: General
Language, Literature, Popular Films Medicine
Music Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Political Science Science
Social Sciences Technology

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B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BF1031.P325 2009 Book The paranormal
BJ1521.D87 2006 Book Wabi sabi : the art of everyday life
D History: General
DA152.5.A7L87 2007 Book The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend
DS79.769.I725 2009 Book Iraq
DS79.76.L56 2008 DVD Lioness
E History: America
E78.S65P45 2001 Book The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Southeast
E98.W8C58 2007 DVD Club native
G Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G587.N63 2010 Book The North and South poles
GC9.N53 2009 Book Encyclopedia of marine science
GV1469.3.V526 2010 Book Video games
H Social Sciences
HD1415.A3223 2010 Book Agricultural subsidies
HD1694.A1W37 Book Water, no longer taken for granted.
HD2910.H37 2004 Book Harvard business review on doing business in China
HQ792.U5G745 Book Growing up : issues affecting America's youth.
HQ1075.M354 2010 Book Male and female roles
HQ1421.I92 2005 DVD I was a teenage feminist
HV91.S623 Book Social welfare : fighting poverty and homelessness.
HV4701.A54 Book Animal rights.
HV4999.2.A4372 Book Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs.
HV6322.7.K54 2007 Book Blood and soil : a world history of genocide and extermination from Sparta to Darfur
HV6789.C68133 2010 Book Crime and criminals
HV8665.P7442 Book Crime, prisons, and jails.
J Political Science
JK1896.O549 2005 DVD One woman, one vote
JK2249.M664 2008 Book Fleeced : how Barack Obama, media mockery of terrorist threats, liberals who want to kill talk radio, the do-nothing Congress, companies that help Iran, and Washington lobbyists for foreign governments are scamming us-- and what to do about it
JV6346.R4R424 2010 Book Refugees
JV6475.I455 Book Immigration and illegal aliens : burden or blessing?
M Music
ML3506.V57 2004 Book The Virgin encyclopedia of jazz
N Fine Arts
N332.G33B484 2006 Book Bauhaus
P Language, Literature, Popular Films
P90.M2926 2010 Book Mass media : opposing viewpoints
PC4112.D475 1992 VHS Destinos : an introduction to Spanish
PN1995.9.A78S58 2007 DVD Slaying the dragon
PR6073.H533O5 2002 Book The once and future king
Q Science
Q123.N46 2009 Book The Penguin dictionary of science
Q125.A765 1994 Book Asimov's chronology of science and discovery
Q147.E33 2008 Book Career opportunities in science
QA5.P4425 2008 Book The Penguin dictionary of mathematics
QA5.T34 2005 Book Encyclopedia of mathematics
QA76.3.D43 2009 Book CompTIA Network+ 2009 in depth
QA76.3.D598 2009 Book CompTIA A+ complete study guide
QA76.76.H94G657 2007 Book Dynamic HTML : the definitive reference
QA Book Dictionary of Mathematics Terms
QB982.M87 2009 Book Secrets of the universe : how we discovered the cosmos
QC854.A45 2007 Book Encyclopedia of weather and climate
QC870H55 2009 Book The handy weather answer book
QD5.F33 2005 Book The Facts on File dictionary of chemistry
QE5.D54 2008 Book A dictionary of earth sciences.
QE5.D55 1984 Book Dictionary of geological terms
QH302.5.F38 2005 Book The Facts on File dictionary of biology
QH426.G46 Book Genetics and genetic engineering.
QH427.K55 2006 Book A dictionary of genetics
QH575.D55 2007 Book The dictionary of cell and molecular biology
QL88.3.C65 1999 Book Cryptozoology A to Z : the encyclopedia of loch monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and other authentic mysteries of nature
R Medicine
R123.L47 2007 Book Quick & easy medical terminology
R838.5.E96 2009 Book Evolve reach admission assessment exam review
RC489.M53H96 2009 Book The UltraMind solution : fix your broken brain by healing your body first : the simple way to defeat depression, overcome anxiety, and sharpen your mind
RC630.F596 2008 Book Fluids & electrolytes made incredibly easy!.
T Technology
T174.7.N3684 2010 Book Nanotechnology
TD348.W377 2010 Book Water
TK5103.8.M43 2009 Book Cisco LAN switching configuration handbook
TN870.M339 2006 Book The age of oil : the mythology, history, and future of the world's most controversial resource
TR1.P67 no. 77 2009 DVD PhotoVision no 77.
TX719.C454 2009 Book Mastering the art of French cooking
Book An Inconvenient Book
Book Catastrophe
Book Culture of Corruption
Book Honors: Dr Peter Whybrow: finding balance with the challenge of afluence
Book Honors Seminar DVD set
Book Liberty and Tyranny
Book Liberty versus the Tyranny of Socialism
Book Outrage

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