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B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
BC177.C86 2005 Book Current issues and enduring questions : a guide to critical thinking and argument, with readings
BL2775.3.D46 2007 Book Breaking the spell : religion as a natural phenomenon
BP163.1.G63 2007 DVD Gods and power in the Middle East
D History: General
D810.J4W513 2006 Book Night
DS371.2.S437 2007 DVD Searching for Saleem : an Afghan woman's odyssey
DS559.62.U6S57 2006 DVD Sir! No sir! : the suppressed story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam
E History: America
E99.H7C627 1982 VHS The Hopi : corn is life
E185.H578 2005 DVD A history of black achievement in America
E470.M95 1988 Book Battle cry of freedom : the Civil War era
E901.1.O23F74 2008 Book The case against Barack Obama : the unlikely rise and unexamined agenda of the media's favorite candidate
E901.1.O23C67 2008 Book The Obama nation : leftist politics and the cult of personality
G Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GV1469.15.V53 2007 DVD Video games : behind the fun
GV1469.3.V534 2004 DVD Video game invasion : the history of a global obsession
GV1469.3.V536 2004 DVD The video game revolution
H Social Sciences
HB171.5.M475 2006 Book Economics : a contemporary introduction
HC110.P6P588 2008 Book Poverty
HD2346.U5S66 Book Small business sourcebook.
HF5387.B8667 2000 DVD Business ethics and social responsibility
HF5387.E8355 2004 DVD Ethics and social responsibility : case study : Starbucks Coffee Company
HF5387.E8385 2004 DVD Ethics at work : doing the right thing on the job
HF5387.I35 2005 DVD If it is legal, is it ethical?
HG3755 .M394 2007 DVD Maxed out : nothing is priceless
HM1126.C648 2008 Book Conflict resolution
HQ30.S855 2004 DVD Still doing it : the intimate lives of women over 65
HQ77.7.G57 2008 Book Transgender voices : beyond women and men
HV91.W4662 2008 Book Welfare
J Political Science
JK1118.P694 2007 DVD The Power of money in Washington
JK2249.M664 2008 Book Fleeced : how Barack Obama, media mockery of terrorist threats, liberals who want to kill talk radio, the do-nothing Congress, companies that help Iran, and Washington lobbyists for foreign governments are scamming us-- and what to do about it
JZ6385.W37 2008 DVD The war of the world : a new history of the 20th century
K Law
K1401.B65 2008 Book Against intellectual monopoly
L Education
LB2342.9.U63 1996 Book Assessment in student affairs : a guide for practitioners
LB3060.33.G45K36 Book Master the GED.
LC148.2.R6 2008 Book The role of the classroom in college student persistence
M Music
ML3918.R37R38 2008 Book Rap music and culture
N Fine Arts
NK7373.D53 2002 Book Silver speaks : traditional jewelry of the Middle East
P Language, Literature, Popular Films
PE1408.T74 2008 Book Writing well : the essential guide
PN163.G84 Book Guide to literary agents.
PN1997.C674264 2005 DVD The complete James Dean collection
PN1997.C783 2004 DVD The crucible
PN1997.F52582 1999 DVD Fight club
PN1997.R635548 1990 VHS Romero
PN1997.T832 2008 DVD 12 angry men
PN6112.B45 Book The Best plays of ...
PR4611.A4G72 2001 DVD Alice in Wonderland
PR6052.A6657Z46 2008 Book Nothing to be frightened of
PS648.S5B4 Book The best American short stories.
PS3556.I52T65 1995 Book Time and again
PS3601.L335F59 2003 Book The five people you meet in heaven
PS3608.O832K58 2004 Book The kite runner
Q Science
Q175.32.R45P53 2008 Book Archimedes to Hawking : laws of science and the great minds behind them
QB15.C68 2007 Book The history of astronomy
QB991.C92S83 2007 Book Endless universe : beyond the Big Bang
QL696.P7B27 2008 Book The last flight of the scarlet macaw : one woman's fight to save the world's most beautiful bird
R Medicine
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 1],
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 2],
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 3],
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 4],
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 5],
RA448.4.U553 2008b Streaming Video Unnatural causes. : is inequality making us sick? / [Part 6],
RA643.83.A44 2008 DVD All of us : emergency edition
RD119.5.N67N67 2005 DVD Nose, Iranian style
RM301.15.P735 2008 Book Prescription drugs
S Agriculture
SB191.R5R534 2004 DVD Rice
SB268.C35C63 2000 DVD Cocoa (Cacao) : a study of chocolate
T Technology
T385.M37777 2005 Book Adobe Photoshop CS2 one-on-one
TJ808.P69 2004 DVD Powershift
TR9.P37 2008 Book Illustrated dictionary of photography : the professional's guide to terms and techniques
TR179.W56 2005 Book Step-by-step composition techniques for digital photographers
TR267.F74 2007 Book The photographer's eye : composition and design for better digital photos
TR267.P467 2005 Book Digital photography 101 : learn how easy it is to create dazzling digital images!
TR575.H295 2005 Book The parent's guide to photographing children and families
TR590.B375 2001 DVD Basic window lighting
TR680.H87 2005 Book Digital portrait photography 101
TR721.K34 2006 Book Digital techniques for successful nature photography
TX369.C54 2007 DVD Clean food, organic agriculture
Book Angels in America
Book Beginning & Intermediate Algebra
Book College Algebra: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 5e
Book Fannie Mae/ACORN
Book FAT City Wkshp: How Difficult Can This Be
Book Food for Oil United Nations
Book Global Warming or Global Governance
Book Go! Technology in Action
Book Honors Forum Lecture: Bobby Seale 2/20/08
Book Honors Forum: Paradox of Affluence Brian Fagan Sep 17, 2008
Book Night
Book Obama: History of Radicalism
Book Oral Tradition Today
Book Paradox of Affluence:Sonia Nazario 10/15/08
Book Prealgebra
Book State of Fear

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