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B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B53.E278 2002 DVD Eastern and Western philosophy
B53.P55 2004 DVD Philosophy : a guide to happiness
BF209.A93D63 2008 Book A hallucinogenic tea, laced with controversy : ayahuasca in the Amazon and the United States
BF575.H6F332 2004 DVD Faces of the enemy : [slide lectures]
BF575.P9 R324 2006b Streaming Video Race and sex : what we think (but can't say)
BF637.C4J64 2002 Book Who moved my cheese? : an a-mazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life
BF724.3.C5P69 2000 DVD The power of choice
BJ1481.J6352 2003 Book The present : the secret to enjoying your work and life, now!
BJ1597.A52 2004 Book The lost choice : a legend of personal discovery
BJ1597.A53 2002 Book The traveler's gift : seven decisions that determine personal success
BL65.H64H66 2003e Streaming Video Homosexuality : a religious perspective.
BL410T54 2006e Streaming Video Ties that bind : connecting communities across religious boundaries.
BL2525.A564 2005e Streaming Video America's new religious landscape
BP223.Z8L57943 1992 Book The autobiography of Malcolm X
BQ7935.B77T46 2007 DVD 10 questions for the Dalai Lama
BT732.E453 2007 Book Radical grace : how belief in a benevolent God benefits our health
BX8611.M676 2007 DVD The Mormons
C Archaeology, Biography, Civilizations
CB311.T56 2002 DVD Time Life's Lost civilizations
CC70.O96 1996 Book The Oxford companion to archaeology
D History: General
D810.J4W513 2006 Book Night
DA20.A55 1995 Book The American Historical Association's guide to historical literature
DF16.S23 1995b Book A dictionary of the ancient Greek world
DG75.A35 1998 Book Handbook to life in ancient Rome
DG209.B58 2004 Book The Romans : from village to empire
E History: America
E59.M66F67 1993 Book Africans and Native Americans : the language of race and the evolution of Red-Black peoples
E77.4.W4382 2008 CD What it means to be an indigenous person in the 21st century
E175.9.H37 Book The liberal tradition in America : an interpretation of American political thought since the Revolution
E178.D37 1984 Book Out of our past : the forces that shaped modern America
E184.A1C47 2000 Book Civil rights in the United States
E184.A1M566 2006 DVD Mirrors of privilege : making whiteness visible
E184.35.J495 2008 DVD The Jewish Americans
E185.2.L57 1980 Book Been in the storm so long : the aftermath of slavery
E185.86.B542 2005 Book Black women in America
E185.E545 2006 Book Encyclopedia of African American history 1619-1895 : from the colonial period to the age of Frederick Douglass
E185.97.H24 R668 2004 DVD Roots : the saga of an American classic
E185.615.S374 2008 CD Seize the time : the story of the Black Panther Party.
E185.2.B545 2008 Book Slavery by another name : the re-enslavement of Black people in America from the Civil War to World War II / Douglas A. Blackmon.
E185.96.A4466 2008 Book The African American national biography
E185.86.G77 1977 Book The Black family in slavery and freedom, 1750-1925
E436.F6 1995 Book Free soil, free labor, free men : the ideology of the Republican Party before the Civil War
E441.S8 1989 Book The peculiar institution : slavery in the ante-bellum South
E443.G46 1976 Book Roll, Jordan, roll : the world the slaves made
E443.B55 1979 Book The slave community : plantation life in the antebellum South
E444.B615 2004 Book Black Indian slave narratives
E447.W35 2001 Book The struggle against slavery : a history in documents
E453.R63 2005 Book Bitter fruits of bondage : the demise of slavery and the collapse of the Confederacy, 1861-1865
E668.F66 2002 Book Reconstruction : America's unfinished revolution, 1863-1877
E902.O74 2003b Book The no-spin zone : confrontations with the powerful and famous in America
F History: America
F591.W46 2003 DVD The West
F819.P57B37 2008 Book Mexicans in Phoenix
G Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
GR111.A47L49 2007 Book Black culture and Black consciousness : Afro-American folk thought from slavery to freedom
GT507.G74 2008 Book The Greenwood encyclopedia of clothing through world history
GV863.A1B374 2000 DVD Baseball
H Social Sciences
HB72 .J656 2008 DVD Joined at the hip : the interaction between religion and globalization.
HB72 .J6562 2008 CD Joined at the hip : the interaction between religion and globalization.
HD6057.5.U5J66 1986 Book Labor of love, labor of sorrow : Black women, work, and the family from slavery to the present
HD8072.G97 1987 Book Power & culture : essays on the American working class
HD8072.G98 1977 Book Work, culture, and society in industrializing America : essays in American working-class and social history
HD8076.M65 1981 Book Beyond equality : labor and the radical Republicans, 1862-1872 : with a bibliographical afterword
HM101.A345 2005 DVD Affluenza
HM101.E63 2005 DVD Escape from affluenza
HQ75.28.U6W455 2004 DVD We are family
HQ76.13.D333 2002 DVD Daddy & papa
HQ76.25.B88 2005 DVD But words do hurt : stories from glbtt youth
HQ76.25 .S49 2006 DVD Sexual orientation
HQ76.3.U5G394 1997 Book Gay rights
HQ536.O97 2007 DVD Our families, ourselves
HQ1420.W66 2000 DVD Women in American life
HS403.F744 2007 DVD Freemasonry revealed
HT1048.G43 1992 Book From rebellion to revolution : Afro-American slave revolts in the making of the modern world
HT1048.G45 1988 Book The world the slaveholders made : two essays in interpretation
HV6432.7.A85 2008 Book The 9/11 encyclopedia
HV6432.M383 2008 Book The dark side : the inside story of how the war on terror turned into a war on American ideals
J Political Science
JK516.A68 2008 Book The American presidency
JK526 2000.O94 2002 Book Overtime! : the election 2000 thriller
JK1118.P694 2007 DVD The Power of money in Washington
K Law
K370.A43 2002 Book The health of nations : society and law beyond the state
KF385.A4R33 2002 Book Race on trial : law and justice in American history
KF4749.S42 2005 Book The ACLU vs America : exposing the agenda to redefine moral values
KF47441997 Book The complete Bill of Rights : the drafts, debates, sources, and origins
L Education
L901.S836 Book The best ... colleges
LB1775.2.E44 2005 DVD The effective teacher
LB2331.2.M35 2003 Book Yes we can! : a community college guide for developing America's underprepared
LB2345.U68 2008 Book Understanding and preventing campus violence
LC196.B74 1996 Book Breaking free : the transformative power of critical pedagogy
M Music
ML420.B365C58 2006 DVD Chuck Berry : Hail! Hail! rock 'n' roll
ML420.D98B63 2007 DVD Bob Dylan.
N Fine Arts
N2940.V37 2007 DVD Vatican City : art & glory
NA712.F7F73 2001 DVD Frank Lloyd Wright
NK2110.D38 2004 Book The house in good taste
P Language, Literature, Popular Films
PA6163.C58 1997 Book The classical Roman reader : new encounters with ancient Rome
PN1995.9.B55B436 2008 DVD Becoming Jane
PN1995.9.W3H66 1989 VHS Home of the brave
PN1997.5.S56S566 2001 DVD The Simpsons
PN1997.A474 2007 DVD All quiet on the western front
PN1997.G683 2007 DVD The grapes of wrath
PN1997.M55432 2001 DVD Mississippi burning
PN1997.O23 2001 DVD O brother, where art thou?
PN1997.P9252 2002 DVD Pulp fiction
PN1997.R4 2003 DVD The red badge of courage
PN1997.S64962 2001 DVD Spartacus
PN1997.W2487 1999 DVD Waiting to exhale
PN1997.W555 2005 DVD Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
PN6121.G736 2004 DVD The greatest speeches of all time.
PQ7081.A1L525 2004 Book Literary cultures of Latin America : a comparative history / Mario J. Valds and Djelal Kadir, editors.
PR2807.A1 2007 Book Hamlet
PR2808.A1 2007 Book Julius Caesar
PR2810.A1 2008 Book Henry IV, Part one
PR2812.A1 2008 Book Henry V
PR2819.A1 2007 Book King Lear
PR2823.A1 2007 Book Macbeth
PR2825.A1 2008 Book Merchant of Venice
PR2827.A1 2007 Book A midsummer night's dream
PR2828.A1 2007 Book Much ado about nothing
PR2829.A1 2007 Book Othello
PR2831.A1 2007 Book Romeo and Juliet
PR2831.C373 1979 Book Romeo and Juliet : notes, including life of the author, brief summary of the play, time sequence, list of characters, summaries and commentaries ...
PR2832.A1 2008 Book Taming of the shrew
PR2833.A1 2007 Book The tempest
PR2837.A1 2007 Book Twelfth night
PR3001.M38 2007 Book Shakespeare's philosophy : discovering the meaning behind the plays
PR3093.O54 2006 DVD Olivier's Shakespeare : 3 films
PR3093.T436 2006 DVD The Thames Shakespeare collection
PR6052.U638C58 1986b Book A clockwork orange
PS29.G28A3 1995 Book Colored people : a memoir
PS325.L36 2003 DVD The language of life
PS2631.P63 2002b Streaming Video The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
PS3515.U274S3 2004 DVD Salvation
PS3515.U789Z97 2005 DVD Zora Neale Hurston : a heart with room for every joy
PS3537.A426C3526 1965 Book The catcher in the rye : notes
PS3552.A45Z725 2003 DVD James Baldwin
PS3553.R48S73 2004 Book State of fear : a novel
PS3563.O8749Z485 2004 DVD Toni Morrison uncensored
PS3569.E1725P692 2004 DVD Powwow highway
PS3573.A425Z46 2005 DVD Alice Walker
PZ7.5.M43Sol 2008 Book Sold
PZ7.E2468Ma 2000 Book Mama eat ant, yuck!
PZ7.L5138Fi 1992 Book Finding my voice
PZ8.3.L9893Mam 1994 Book Mama is a miner
Q Science
QA39.2.M3222 2005 VHS Basic mathematics
QA40.5.D65 2004 DVD Donald in Mathmagic Land
QA76.2.P38A3 2008b Book The last lecture
QA76.76.O63S59485 2007 Book A practical guide to Red Hat Linux : Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
QB44.2.C672 2000 DVD Cosmos : a personal journey
QB64.K46 1998 Book The night sky observer's guide
QL681.N385 2004 DVD National Audobon Society videoguide to the birds of North America
QL698.3.A882 2002 DVD The life of birds
QP34.5.B627 2002 DVD Body atlas
QP35.4.B649 2003 DVD Body story
QP251.R568 2008 Book Bonk : the curious coupling of science and sex
R Medicine
RA448.4.U553 2008 DVD Unnatural causes : is inequality making us sick?
RA776.Y68 2007 DVD You the owner's manual with Dr. Mehmet Oz
RA781.8.C45 2005 DVD Chi kung for health. Part I,
RC552.E18T446 2006 DVD Thin : death by eating disorder.
RC552.P67P38 2007 Book Haunted by combat : understanding PTSD in war veterans including women, reservists, and those coming back from Iraq
RG525.M87 2008 Book What to expect when you're expecting
RJ399.C6O3352 2008 Book Obesity in childhood and adolescence
RM301.14.P47 2009 Book Pharmacology
RT55.N48 2001 Book The net study guide : a complete reference to successful testtaking
RT55.P53 2007 DVD PLAN, prescriptive learning for all nurses : ATI-PLAN.
RT62.B37 2007 DVD Basic nursing skills : PN edition.
RT62.L43 2007 DVD Leadership and management nursing : PN edition.
Z Bibliography, Library Science
Z682.4.C63A335 2008 Book Academic librarians as emotionally intelligent leaders
ZA3075.P73 2007 Book A practical guide to information literacy assessment for academic librarians
Book Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World
Book academic Writer's Handbook
Book American Dreams
Book Art and Science of Culinary Preparation
Book Communication Works
Book Convergences
Book Estrella Mountain Community College Writing Guide
Streaming Video Gay in middle America: one town's struggle with religion and bigotry
Book Peace for Cyprus
DVD Rock Music and Culture
Book What is Psychology (first chapter)

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