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B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B819.S2735 1985 Book Existentialism and human emotions
BF121.T447 2001 DVD Therapies
BF233.S46 2001 VHS Sensation and perception
BF698.P377 2001 VHS Personality theories
BF723.C5C647 1999 DVD Early adulthood.
BJ971.B8Y3313 2001 Book Bushido : the way of the samurai
D History: General
D802.G8H37 1996 Book New voices in the nation : women and the Greek Resistance, 1941-1964
DF849.5.A48 2000 Book After the war was over : reconstructing the family, nation, and state in Greece, 1943-1960
DP102.C585 2007 DVD Cities of light : the rise and fall of Islamic Spain
DS63.2.U5M473 2008 Book The Middle East
E History: America
E901.1.O23M46 2007 Book Obama : from promise to power
G Anthropology, Geography, Recreation
G1510.D45 2008 Book Arizona atlas & gazetteer : [detailed topographic maps, back roads, recreation sites, GPS grids]
GE140.J696 1999 DVD Journey to planet Earth
H Social Sciences
HA202.A33 Book Statistical abstract of the United States.
HB171.E256 2005 DVD Economics
HB171.M634 2007 DVD Modern economic issues
HC85.G58 2008 Book Global resources
HD6483.5.L33 2008 Book Labor unions
HF5068.P56B66 Book The Book of lists.
HF5549.5.M63I65 2006 DVD In the driver's seat
HM1116.V52 2008 Book Violence
HN59.2.C85 2008 Book Culture wars
HQ12.S354 2007 DVD : Science of the sexes
HQ63.R45 2008 Book Religion and sexuality
HQ76.25.C584 2008 Book Homosexuality
HQ536.F33817 2008 Book Family
HQ536.L684 2003 DVD Love and work
HQ759.48.W675 2008 Book Working women
HQ796.A6818 2008 Book America's youth
HQ797.B69 2007 DVD Boys to men?
HQ801.M355 2007 DVD Making connections, choosing partners
HQ1059.4.L48 2002 DVD Let's face it : women explore their aging faces
HQ1073.D4385 2001 DVD Death, dying & bereavment and widowhood
HQ1155.F44 2008 Book Feminism
HV5066.A39 2008 Book Alcohol
HV5801.D78 2008 Book Drug trafficking
HV6556.S48 2008 Book Sex offenders and public policy
J Political Science
JC571.H866 2008 Book Human rights
JK8230.G6 Book Government resource directory.
JV7220.B674 2006 DVD Borderless
K Law
KF8700.Z9L43 2008 Book Legal system
L Education
LB1043.E663 2007 Book Essentials of the AV industry : a concise resource for audiovisual systems technologies.
LB1570 .W65 2007 Book Curriculum development in higher education : faculty-driven processes and practices
LB1607.5.T35 Book Taking sides.
LB2328.15.U6O33 1997 Book A learning college for the 21st century
LB2353.48.A26 Book ACT premier program
LB2353.48.C72 Book Cracking the ACT.
LB2353.56.P76 Book PSAT/NMSQT
LB2353.57.C7344 Book Cracking the SAT Spanish subject test.
LB2353.57H575 Book Barron's how to prepare for the SAT.
LB2353.57R63 2008 Book Cracking the SAT
LB3012.2.S36 2008 Book School policies
LB3013.32.S348 2008 Book School violence
LB3060.33.G45K36 Book Master the GED.
LC3727.R47 2007 Book Responding to the realities of race on campus
M Music
M1630.18.D94O744 2007 DVD The other side of the mirror : Bob Dylan live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963-1965
ML197.R76 2007 Book The rest is noise : listening to the twentieth century
ML3830.S13 2007 Book Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain
P Language, Literature, Popular Films
P107.T45 2006 DVD Thinking and language
PG3366.V6 2007 Book War and peace
PN1992.77.C673B478 2007 DVD The Best of Cosby show
PN1992.77.D5342D544 2006 DVD Diff'rent strokes. The complete second season
PN1992.77.G66G66 2003 DVD Good times : the complete first season
PN1992.77.H68H6873 2005 DVD House M.D. Season one
PN1995.9.V47C378 2004 DVD Casting calls
PN1997.C35184 2001 DVD Oscar Hammerstein's Carmen Jones
PN1997.H36545 2007 DVD Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
PN1997.J788 2007 DVD Judge Priest
PN1997.L552 2001 DVD Lilies of the field
PN1997.R6237 2003 DVD Robin Hood : prince of thieves
PR1110.W6W658 2004 Book Women write : a mosaic of women's voices in fiction, poetry, memoir, and essay
PR4167.J3 2004 Book Jane Eyre
PS627.M5C66 1996 Book Contemporary plays by women of color : an anthology
PS668.B3 Book Representative American speeches.
Q Science
QA43.C785 Book Cracking the SAT math subject tests.
QD31.2.B7833 2003 Book Chemistry : the central science
QD31.2.B78332 2003 Book Solutions to exercises : chemistry, the central science : Brown, LeMay, Bursten : ninth edition.
QH75.E665 2008 Book Endangered species
QH366.2.S35 2008 Book Science, evolution, and creationism
QH450.G467 2008 DVD Ghost in your genes
QP38.U485 2007 DVD The ultimate guide : the human body
QP301.R38 2008 Book Spark : the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain
QP356.M552 1997 DVD The Mind
QP376.B6983 1999b DVD Brain and nervous system : your information superhighway.
QP406.M563 2006 DVD The mind's storehouse
R Medicine
R130.5.M43 2008 Book Medicine
R724.B4912 2008 Book Biomedical ethics
R733.A4585 2008 Book Alternative medicine
RA22.P45C58 Book Directory of human services, Maricopa County.
RA644 .A25A364 2008 Book AIDS
RC552.S4S457 2008 Book Self-mutilation
RC600.B438 2006 DVD Beauty does lie : the untold stories of autoimmune diseases
RC883.O64 2006 DVD One in 2000
RJ370.T49 2008 Book Rogers' textbook of pediatric intensive care
S Agriculture
SK33.H835 2008 Book Hunting
T Technology
TX360.U6F62 2008 Book Food
U Military Science
U101.S9513 2002 Book The art of war : the Denma translation
U408.5.A85 Book ASVAB ... the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.
UB323.M5367 2008 Book Military draft
Book CFO
Book Essentials of Pediatric Nursing
Book Kinsey Institute new Report on Sex
Book Lippincott's Pediatric nursing video series
Book Norton Field Guide to Writing
Book Peace for Cyprus
Book Prentice Hall: Pediatric Nursing caring for children
Book Transformations Women, Gender & Psychology
Book Western Civilization
Book Wireless Presenter with laser Pointer
Book Wongs Nursing Care of Infants and Children

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