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HQ1413.A24A3 1994eb Book Aaker, Linda A woman's odyssey : journals, 1976-1992
GV865.A25P65 2002eb Book Aaron, Hank A summer up North : Henry Aaron and the legend of Eau Claire baseball
PS3551.B2Z462 1994 Book Abbey, Edward Confessions of a barbarian : selections from the journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989
PS3551.B2Z463 1990 Book Abbey, Edward Desert solitaire : a season in the wilderness
PR9387.9.A3Z46 2012 Book Achebe, Chinua There was a country : a personal history of Biafra
CT275.A186S73 1995 Book Acosta, Oscar Zeta Bandido : Oscar "Zeta" Acosta and the Chicano experience
PS3551.D22Z475 1998 Book Ada, Alma Flor Under the royal palms : a childhood in Cuba
E322.S64 Book Adams, John John Adams
DS135.G73A45 1998 Book Aelion, Elia The house by the sea : a portrait of the Holocaust in Greece
GV865.A29C66 1998 Book Aguirre, Hank The tall Mexican : the life of Hank Aguirre, all-star pitcher, businessman, humanitarian
R692.A346 2008 Book Ahmed, Qanta In the land of invisible women : a female doctor's journey in the Saudi Kingdom
PG3476.A324Z85 1995 Book Akhmatova, Anna Andreevna Anna Akhmatova : poet and prophet
HQ1735.Z75S56 2003 Book Al-Askari, Mayada Mayada, daughter of Iraq : one woman's survival under Saddam Hussein
PS3551.L264Z466 2004eb Book Alberts, Laurie Fault line
F125.3.A54A3 2011eb Book Aldrich, Sam Dancing with the queen, marching with King : the memoirs of Alexander "Sam" Aldrich
F1928.2.A5413 2010eb Book Aldunate Herman, Eduardo Backpacks full of hope : the UN mission in Haiti
DF234.G68 1991 Book Alexander Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C. : a historical biography
DF234.C285 2004 Book Alexander Alexander the Great : the hunt for a new past
QL31.A555S74 2001eb Book Alexander, Annie Montague On her own terms : Annie Montague Alexander and the rise of science in the American West
RD592.9.A54A3 2012 Book Alexander, Eben Proof of heaven : a neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife
DF234.2.A48 2010eb Book Alexander From Alexander to Jesus
DS10.W62 1997 Book Alexander In the footsteps of Alexander the Great : a journey from Greece to Asia
HQ75.8.A74A3 1993 Book Alexander, Jeb Jeb and Dash : a diary of gay life, 1918-1945
GV1132.A44R46 1998 Book Ali, Muhammad King of the world : Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American hero
GV1132.A44H38 1991 Book Ali, Muhammad Muhammad Ali : his life and times
GV1132.A44S43 2002 Book Ali, Muhammad Muhammad Ali, the man who could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
GV1132.A44L46 2003 Book Ali, Muhammad Muhammad Ali : trickster in the culture of irony
KDC313.A44M53 1997eb Book Alison, Archibald An enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland : the career of Sir Archibald Alison
KDC313.A44M53 1997eb Book Alison, Archibald (Pfarrer) An enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland : the career of Sir Archibald Alison
DT295.3.A537A313 2006 Book Alleg, Henri The question
PQ8098.1.L54Z4713 1995 Book Allende, Isabel Paula
HC102.5.A49A3 2011 Book Allen, Paul Idea man : a memoir by the cofounder of Microsoft
D764.A485 2005 Book Allerberger, Sepp Sniper on the Eastern Front : the memoirs of Sepp Allerberger, Knight's Cross
ML420.A5834A3 2012 Book Allman, Gregg My cross to bear
DS126.5.A694 2011eb Book Aloni, Udi What does a Jew want? : on binationalism and other specters
BX4827.A47A3 2006eb Book Altizer, Thomas J. J Living the death of God : a theological memoir
PS3601.L864Z46 2011eb Book Alvarado, Beth Anthropologies : a family memoir
QC774.A49A3 1987 Book Alvarez, Luis W Alvarez : adventures of a physicist
GV939.A595M36 2012eb Book Ameche, Alan Alan Ameche : the story of "the Horse"
PS3601.N54Z46 2012eb Book Anderson, Donald Gathering noise from my life : a camouflaged memoir
HV6558 Book Anderson, Jenny Lynn Room 939 : 15 minutes of horror, 20 years of healing
ML3930.A5F73 2004 Book Anderson, Marian The voice that challenged a nation : Marian Anderson and the struggle for equal rights
ML3930.A5R93 2002 Book Anderson, Marian When Marian sang : the true recital of Marian Anderson
BX4705.A5925G86 2004eb Book Angeles, Francisca de los Mexican karismata : the baroque vocation of Francisca de los Angeles, 1674-1744
ND623.F5B4513 2007eb Book Angelico Fra Angelico
ND623.F5B4513 2007eb Book Angelico (Fra) Fra Angelico
PS3551.N464Z46 2009 Book Angelou, Maya I know why the caged bird sings
E185.97.A56A33 1977 Book Angelou, Maya Singin' and swingin' and gettin' merry like Christmas
PS3551.N464Z465 Book Angelou, Maya The heart of a woman
DC611.A606B23 1993eb Book Anjou (House of) Fulk Nerra, the neo-Roman consul, 987-1040 : a political biography of the Angevin count
DC611.A606B23 1993eb Book Anjou, House of Fulk Nerra, the neo-Roman consul, 987-1040 : a political biography of the Angevin count
BX4705.A5695A3 2008eb Book Anne of St. Bartholomew Autobiography and other writings
HQ1413.A55S48 1995 Book Anthony, Susan B Failure is impossible : Susan B. Anthony in her own words
HQ1413.A55H37 1998 Book Anthony, Susan B Susan B. Anthony : a biographical companion
HQ1413.A55B36 1990 Book Anthony, Susan B Susan B. Anthony : a biography of a singular feminist
SB63.C46K47 2012eb Book Appleseed, Johnny Johnny Appleseed and the American orchard : a cultural history
DS119.7.A6785W35 1990 Book Arafat, Yasir Arafat : in the eyes of the beholder
PN4874.A567A3 2001 Book Arana, Maria American chica : two worlds, one childhood
QL31.A73A73 2008eb Book Arbour, Claude Choosing wildness : my life among the ospreys
TR140.A73B67 2005 Book Arbus, Diane Diane Arbus : a biography
PQ7390.A72Z46313 2000 Book Arenas, Reinaldo Before night falls
BX4668.3.A75A3 2004 Book Armstrong, Karen The spiral staircase : my climb out of darkness
GV1051.A76A3 2000 Book Armstrong, Lance It's not about the bike : my journey back to life
ML419.A75B47 1997 Book Armstrong, Louis Louis Armstrong : an extravagant life
ML419.A75J625 1988 Book Armstrong, Louis Louis : the Louis Armstrong story, 1900-1971
DA152.5.A7G66 1986 Book Arthur King Arthur
ML410.A798G36 2013 Book Ashley, Robert Robert Ashley
PS3551.S5Z468 1994 Book Asimov, Isaac I. Asimov : a memoir
F391.A83A44 2011eb Book Aten, Ira Rawhide ranger, Ira Aten : enforcing law on the Texas frontier
RC552.C65L45 2005 Book Atkins, Robert C The hungry years : confessions of a food addict
PR9199.3.A8Z634 2013eb Book Atwood, Margaret Margaret Atwood and the labour of literary celebrity
BR1720.A9O36 2005 Book Augustine Augustine : a new biography
BR1720.A9B7 2000 Book Augustine Augustine of Hippo : a biography
BR1720.A9W55 1999 Book Augustine Saint Augustine
PR4036.A4 1995 Book Austen, Jane Jane Austen's letters
RC339.52.A97A3 2003eb Book Austin, James H Chase, chance, and creativity : the lucky art of novelty
N6537.A95A97 2004eb Book Awret, Irene They'll have to catch me first : an artist's coming of age in the Third Reich
QA29.L68E87 2013eb Book Babbage, Charles A female genius : how Ada Lovelace started the computer age
QA29.B2B89 1988eb Book Babbage, Charles Memoir of the life and labours of the late Charles Babbage Esq., F.R.S
PS3552.A254Z473 2001 Book Baca, Jimmy Santiago A place to stand : the making of a poet
ML410.B1W7122 2007 Book Bach, Johann Sebastian J.S. Bach : a life in music
ML410.B1E5313 2001 Book Bach, Johann Sebastian The true life of Johann Sebastian Bach
PS3552.A255Z473 1994 Book Bach, Richard Running from safety : an adventure of the spirit
GE56.B34J36 2013eb Book Bahuguna, Sunderlal Ecology is permanent economy : the activism and environmental philosophy of Sunderlal Bahuguna
E185.97.B214R36 2003eb Book Baker, Ella Ella Baker and the Black freedom movement : a radical democratic vision
GV1785.B3W56 2012 Book Baker, Josephine Jazz Age Josephine
GV1785.B3R66 1991 Book Baker, Josephine Jazz Cleopatra : Josephine Baker in her time
PS3552.A4325Z477 1992 Book Baker, Nicholson U and I : a true story
BV3785.B3A3 1996 Book Bakker, Jim I was wrong
GV1785.B32M36 1991 Book Balanchine, George I remember Balanchine : recollections of the ballet master by those who knew him
PS3552.A45Z77 1994 Book Baldwin, James James Baldwin : a biography
PS3552.A4543 Book Ball, Alan Alan Ball : conversations
UG626.2.B34P45 2010eb Book Ball, Albert Albert Ball VC : the fighter pilot hero of World War One
F158.9.N4B338 2011eb Book Ballard, Allen B Breaching Jericho's walls : a twentieth-century African American life
F29.H15U47 1991 Book Ballard, Martha A midwife's tale : the life of Martha Ballard, based on her diary, 1785-1812
E444.B18 2012 Book Ball, Charles Fifty years in chains, or, The life of an American slave
ML420.L38 .R384 2012 Book Ball, Michael Michael Ball : the biography
ND237.B235K36 2006 Book Bama, James James Bama : American realist
E185.97.B23W66 1999eb Book Baraka, Amiri A nation within a nation : Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Black power politics
DS135.R9B275 2003eb Book Bardach, Janusz Surviving freedom : after the Gulag
PS705.H55 2012eb Book Barlow, Joel Joel Barlow, American diplomat and nation builder
PS3503.A614Z68 1995 Book Barnes, Djuna Djuna : the life and work of Djuna Barnes
DS559.5.B375 2011eb Book Barnes, H. Lee When we walked above the clouds : a memoir of Vietnam
PR6052.A6657Z46 2008 Book Barnes, Julian Nothing to be frightened of
PS3503.A61855Z475 1993eb Book Barney, William D Words from a wide land
PN2287.T475L45 2013 Book Barnum, P. T Becoming Tom Thumb : Charles Stratton, P. T. Barnum, and the dawn of American celebrity
N620.M9K36 2002eb Book Barr, Alfred Hamilton Alfred H. Barr, Jr., and the intellectual origins of the Museum of Modern Art
LC1757.B37 2005 Book Barreca, Regina Babes in boyland : a personal history of co-education in the Ivy League
PN2287.B23B37 1994 Book Barr, Geraldine My sister Roseanne : the true story of Roseanne Barr Arnold
F1528.22.C53A3 1996 Book Barrios de Chamorro, Violeta Dreams of the heart : the autobiography of President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro of Nicaragua
GV865.B3L48 2008eb Book Barrow, Edward Grant Ed Barrow : the bulldog who built the Yankees' first dynasty
PN2287.B22C84 2013 Book Barr, Richard Richard Barr : the playwright's producer
P85.B33S734 1998eb Book Barthes, Roland Roland Barthes, phenomenon and myth : an intellectual biography
BR1720.B3R68 1994eb Book Basil Basil of Caesarea
ML410.B2662M43 2013eb Book Bates, Issachar Issachar Bates : a Shaker's journey
BX4705.B283R623 2009eb Book Baudoux, Maurice Maurice Baudoux, 1902-1988 : une grande figure de l'Église et de la société dans l'Ouest canadien
E457.15.B36 2001eb Book Bayne, Julia Taft Tad Lincoln's father
F666.B36 2001eb Book Beadle, Erastus Flavel Ham, eggs, and corn cake : a Nebraska Territory diary
DT516.828.B43A3 2007 Book Beah, Ishmael A long way gone : memoirs of a boy soldier
TX649.B43J66 1990 Book Beard, James Epicurean delight : the life and times of James Beard
TR647.B386 2010 Book Beato, Felice Felice Beato : a photographer on the Eastern road
PQ1956.U54 2011eb Book Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de Improbable patriot : the secret history of Monsieur de Beaumarchais, the French playwright who saved the American Revolution
PQ2603.E362Z46613 1992 Book Beauvoir, Simone de The prime of life : the autobiography of Simone de Beauvoir
PN6727.B3757Z46 2006 Book Bechdel, Alison Fun home : a family tragicomic
RD594.B436 2004 Book Becker, Suzy I had brain surgery, what's your excuse? : an illustrated memoir
PR6003.E282Z564 1990 Book Beckett, Samuel Samuel Beckett : a biography
PR6003.E282Z68 Book Beckett, Samuel Samuel Beckett : the language of self
QH31.B38A4 1998eb Book Bedichek, Roy The Roy Bedichek family letters
E99.N3B452 1995 Book Bedonie, Ella Beyond the four corners of the world : a Navajo woman's journey
ML410.B4S94 2014 Book Beethoven, Ludwig van Beethoven : anguish and triumph : a biography
HV2534.B44A3 2014 Book Bell, Cece El deafo
PR6003.E434Z855 2012eb Book Bell, Julian Julian Bell : from Bloomsbury to the Spanish Civil War
DS135.P63B3885 2006eb Book Ben-Atar, Roma Nutkiewicz What time and sadness spared : mother and son confront the Holocaust
U53.B39A3 2005 Book Benavidez, Roy P Medal of Honor : one man's journey from poverty and prejudice
PT2603.E455Z6455 2014 Book Benjamin, Walter Walter Benjamin : a critical life
TD763.S557 2010eb Book Bennett, Howard Dirty water : one man's fight to clean up one of the world's most polluted bays
QK31.B5A3 1997eb Book Bentham, George George Bentham : autobiography, 1800-1834
QC858.B46M37 1998 Book Bentley, W. A Snowflake Bentley
PN1982.B45H39 2013eb Book Benton, Pauline Shadow woman : the extraordinary career of Pauline Benton
DS126.995.B46 2007eb Book Benvenisti, David Son of the cypresses : memories, reflections, and regrets from a political life
TA140.B385A3 2008eb Book Beranek, Leo Leroy Riding the waves : a life in sound, science, and industry
PG3476.B425Z4713 1993 Book Berberova, Nina Nikolaevna The italics are mine
F787.B47 1991 Book Berger, Bruce The telling distance : conversations with the American desert
HB119.B46A3 2015 Book Bernanke, Ben The courage to act : a memoir of a crisis and its aftermath
NB623.B5W3 1970 Book Bernini, Gian Lorenzo The world of Bernini, 1598-1680
E860.B47 1994 Book Bernstein, Carl All the President's men
ML410.B566P5 1988 Book Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein, a biography
ML420.B365P44 2002x Book Berry, Chuck Brown eyed handsome man : the life and hard times of Chuck Berry : an unauthorized biography
QC774.B4S39 2012eb Book Bethe, Hans A Nuclear forces : the making of the physicist Hans Bethe
R464.B4A3 1998eb Book Bethune, Norman The politics of passion : Norman Bethune's writing and art
HV9468.H77 2005eb Book Beto, George John Walking George : the life of George John Beto and the rise of the modern Texas prison system
E444.B58 2001eb Book Bibb, Henry The life and adventures of Henry Bibb : an American slave
N6537.B52T55 2006 Book Biggers, John Thomas A life on paper : the drawings and lithographs of John Thomas Biggers
PN2287.B4545A3 2002eb Book Bikel, Theodore Theo : the autobiography of Theodore Bikel.
DT779.8.B48W67 1991 Book Biko, Steve Biko
HQ1730.B56 2010 Book Bin Laden, Najwa Growing up Bin Laden : Osama's wife and son take us inside their secret world
HQ1730.B56 2010 Book Bin Laden, Omar Growing up Bin Laden : Osama's wife and son take us inside their secret world
HV6430.B55B63 2001 Book Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden : the man who declared war on America
HQ1730.B56 2010 Book Bin Laden, Osama Growing up Bin Laden : Osama's wife and son take us inside their secret world
VG87.O946 2012 Book Bin Laden, Osama No easy day : the autobiography of a Navy SEAL : the firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama bin Laden
HV6430.B55S33 2011 Book Bin Laden, Osama Osama bin Laden
HV6430 .B55B475 2006 Book Bin Laden, Osama The Osama Bin Laden I know : an oral history of al Qaeda's leader
HQ1730.Z75B5613 2004 Book Bin Ladin, Carmen Inside the kingdom : my life in Saudi Arabia
E184.E74B57 2004eb Book Birabiro, Meti Blue daughter of the Red Sea : a memoir
QE707.B57A33 1985eb Book Bird, Roland T Bones for Barnum Brown : adventures of a dinosaur hunter
DS151.B5O44 2013eb Book Birnbaum, Nathan Nathan Birnbaum and Jewish modernity : architect of Zionism, Yiddishism, and orthodoxy
DD218.S795 2011 Book Bismarck, Otto Bismarck : a life
PT8175.B545Z5813 1983 Book Bjørnvig, Thorkild The pact : my friendship with Isak Dinesen
ML419.B53 2005eb Book Black, Bob Come hither to go yonder : playing bluegrass with Bill Monroe
QP511.8.B53B73 2007eb Book Blackburn, Elizabeth H Elizabeth Blackburn and the story of telomeres : deciphering the ends of DNA
E99.O3B536 1984eb Book Black Elk The Sixth Grandfather : Black Elk's teachings given to John G. Neihardt
KF8745.B55S85 2005 Book Black, Hugo LaFayette Hugo Black of Alabama : how his roots and early career shaped the great champion of the constitution
PR4129.B5Z97 2006eb Book Blackie, John Stuart John Stuart Blackie : Scottish scholar and patriot
KF8745.B555G74 2005 Book Blackmun, Harry A Becoming Justice Blackmun : Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court journey
ML420.B6325L44 2012 Book Black Patti Sissieretta Jones : "the greatest singer of her race," 1868-1933
E664.B62M35 2013eb Book Blair, Henry W Henry W. Blair's campaign to reform America : from the Civil War to the U.S. Senate
PN4874.B544A3 2004 Book Blair, Jayson Burning down my masters' house : my life at the New York times
SF284.52.B53 Book Blake, Sharon Miller On horseback and healing : it's never too late to have a happy childhood
PR4146.A23 1996 Book Blake, William Blake
CT275.B57916A3 2005 Book Blanchard, Melinda Live what you love : notes from an unusual life
CT275.B57916A3 2005 Book Blanchard, Robert Live what you love : notes from an unusual life
ML420.B647F37 2011eb Book Bland, Bobby Soul of the man : Bobby "Blue" Bland
BX9883 B49A45 2008eb Book Bland, Salem Goldworth The view from Murney Tower : Salem Bland, the late Victorian controversies, and the search for a new Christianity. book 1.
DS134.72.B53A3 2011eb Book Blas, Amos Dream or reality
DS135.P63B5467 1993 Book Blatt, Lola Potok Ackerfeld An eye for an eye
BP585.B6L33 2012 Book Blavatsky, H. P Madame Blavatsky : the mother of modern spirituality
HV7911 Book Bleksley, Peter Gangbuster
PS3552.L46Z46 2011eb Book Blew, Mary Clearman This is not the Ivy League : a memoir
E840.8.B58A3 2009eb Book Blinken, Donald Vera and the ambassador : escape and return
E840.8.B58A3 2009eb Book Blinken, Vera Vera and the ambassador : escape and return
F558.2.J5B58 2007eb Book Blumberg, Ilana M Houses of study : a Jewish woman among books
HQ75.4.B55A3 2001eb Book Blum, Louise A You're not from around here, are you? : a lesbian in small-town America
PN2287.B48B58 2012eb Book Bogart, Humphrey Bogart : in search of my father
PN2287.B48B58 2012eb Book Bogart, Stephen Humphrey Bogart : in search of my father
SF227.C2B64 2001eb Book Bogue, Allan G The farm on the North Talbot Road
ML420.B6856J23 2001 Book Bono Bono : his life, music, and passions
ML410.B715M47 2012 Book Boone, Blind Merit not sympathy wins : the life and times of Blind Boone
E185.97.B777B777 2001 Book Booth, Benjamin Franklin B. F. Booth : the legacy
PN2287.B6A88 1992eb Book Booth, Junius Brutus Junius Brutus Booth : theatrical Prometheus
PQ7797.B635Z953 2004 Book Borges, Jorge Luis Borges, a life
PS3552.O7529Z46 2013 Book Borich, Barrie Jean Body geographic
DJ292.B66A3 2008eb Book Borrie, G. W. B Herinneringen en ontmoetingen : burgemeester, historicus, vrijmetselaar
F1235.5.B67G72 2007eb Book Bosques, Gilberto Bosques' War : how a Mexican diplomat saved 40,000 from the Nazis (and maybe prevented World War III)
F697.B753 2005eb Book Boudinot, Elias C Elias Cornelius Boudinot : a life on the Cherokee border
PQ2702.O82Z46 2009 Book Bouillier, Grégoire Report on myself
E83.866.B75 2003eb Book Bourke, John Gregory The diaries of John Gregory Bourke. Volume 1,
E83.866.B75eb vol. 2 Book Bourke, John Gregory The diaries of John Gregory Bourke. Volume two,
TR140.B6G65 1987 Book Bourke-White, Margaret Margaret Bourke-White, a biography
RF290.B58 2013 Book Bouton, Katherine Shouting won't help : why I - and 50 million other Americans - can't hear you
PS3552.O874Z63 1998eb Book Bowles, Paul You are not I : a portrait of Paul Bowles
G69.B75S65 2003eb Book Bowman, Isaiah American empire : Roosevelt's geographer and the prelude to globalization
E83.876.B79G73 1991eb Book Boyer, Mitch Custer's last campaign : Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn reconstructed
PS3552.O914Z477 2003 Book Boylan, Jennifer Finney She's not there : a life in two genders
PS3503.O9357Z78 1994 Book Boyle, Kay Kay Boyle : author of herself
PS3503.R167Z65 2011eb Book Bradbury, Ray Becoming Ray Bradbury
E457.25.L55P756 2011eb Book Bradwell, James B The dark days of Abraham Lincoln's widow, as revealed by her own letters
E457.25.L55P756 2011eb Book Bradwell, Myra The dark days of Abraham Lincoln's widow, as revealed by her own letters
ML410.B8S93 1999 Book Brahms, Johannes Johannes Brahms : a biography
ML419.B72G36 2011eb Book Brain, Dennis Dennis Brain : a life in music
PN2287.B683A3 1994 Book Brando, Marlon Brando : songs my mother taught me
DS125.3.B73A3 2011eb Book Braun, Hanna Weeds don't perish : memoirs of a defiant old woman
R489.B73L44 2013eb Book Braunwald, Eugene Eugene Braunwald and the rise of modern medicine
E99.D1C833 1991 Book Brave Bird, Mary Lakota woman
E99.B8B733 1994 Book Brave Bird, Mary Ohitika woman
ML419.B742F67 2006 Book Breau, Lenny One long tune : the life and music of Lenny Breau
RT37.B72G63 2008eb Book Breckinridge, Mary Mary Breckinridge : the Frontier Nursing Service & rural health in Appalachia
CT275.B6775A3 2007eb Book Brice, Jennifer Unlearning to fly
PZ7.C6747Bri 1995 Book Bridges, Ruby The story of Ruby Bridges
E444.B86B58 2004 Book Brinch, Boyrereau The blind African slave, or, Memoirs of Boyrereau Brinch, nicknamed Jeffery Brace
ML420.B7782D48 2011eb Book Broadwood, Lucy Etheldred In search of song : the life and times of Lucy Broadwood
F1034.3.K686A3 2003eb Book Bronfman (Famille) Leo : a life
F1034.3.K686A3 2003eb Book Bronfman family Leo : a life
PR4168.C69 2011eb Book Brontë, Charlotte Brief lives : Charlotte Brontë
PR4168.G67 1996 Book Brontë, Charlotte Charlotte Brontë : a passionate life
PR4168.A44 2010eb Book Brontë, Charlotte Selected letters
HV7911.B76S74 2007eb Book Brooks, James Abijah Captain J.A. Brooks : Texas Ranger
ML419.B747A3 2000 Book Brooks, Ray Blowing Zen : finding an authentic life
QE707.B77D56 2010eb Book Brown, Barnum Barnum Brown : the man who discovered Tyrannosaurus rex
QE707.B57A33 1985eb Book Brown, Barnum Bones for Barnum Brown : adventures of a dinosaur hunter
Book Brown, Cupcake A piece of cake : a memoir
NC978.5.B768B76 2003 Book Browne, Anthony The shape game
D570.31 117thB76 2006eb Book Browne, George An American soldier in World War I
PN4874.B768S27 2009 Book Brown, Helen Gurley Bad girls go everywhere : the life of Helen Gurley Brown
PR4193.F63 1988 Book Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Elizabeth Barrett Browning : the life and loves of a poet
U55.B757 Book Browning, Frederick General 'boy' : the life of lieutenant general Sir Frederick Browning, GCVO, KBE, CB, DSO, DL
D767.9.B76 1994eb Book Browning, John Gaitha An artist at war : the journal of John Gaitha Browning
ML420.B818A3 2005 Book Brown, James I feel good : a memoir of a life of soul
ML420.B818S65 2012 Book Brown, James The one : the life and music of James Brown
PS3552.R6927Z55 2011eb Book Brown, Larry Larry Brown : a writer's life
PS3552.R6944Z46 2009 Book Brown, Mary Ward Fanning the spark : a memoir
GV865.B756T46 2006eb Book Brown, Mordecai Three Finger : the Mordecai Brown story
E523.5 126th.M33 2012 Book Brown, Morris Fight all day, march all night : a Medal of Honor recipient's story
PS3552.R698Z468 1999 Book Brown, Rita Mae Rita will : memoir of a literary rabble-rouser
E99.A86B76 2000eb Book Brown, Stephen Gilbert Words in the wilderness : critical literacy in the borderlands
CT368.B76A4 2010eb Book Brown, Yvonne Shorter Dead woman pickney : a memoir of childhood in Jamaica
PS3552.R79154Z46 2007 Book Broyard, Bliss One drop : my father's hidden life--a story of race and family secrets
DG537.8.B8I26 2012eb Book Bruni, Leonardo Writing history in Renaissance Italy : Leonardo Bruni and the uses of the past
B783.Z7R595 2009 Book Bruno, Giordano Giordano Bruno : philosopher/heretic
PS1181.M85 2008eb Book Bryant, William Cullen William Cullen Bryant : author of America
BQ7935.B777M37 2003 Book Bstan-ʼdzin-rgya-mtsho The Dalai Lama : a biography
BQ882.A76 2001 Book Buddha Buddha
BQ882.C37 2001 Book Buddha The Buddha : a very short introduction
HG172.B84S37 2008 Book Buffett, Warren The snowball : Warren Buffett and the business of life
E99.A87B854 1992eb Book Bull Lodge The seven visions of Bull Lodge
ML422.B9W36 2010eb Book Bülow, Hans von Hans von Bülow : a life and times
ML422.B9W36 2010eb Book Bülow, Hans von (Musiker) Hans von Bülow : a life and times
E840.8.B845S33 2003eb Book Bunker, Ellsworth Ellsworth Bunker : global troubleshooter, Vietnam hawk
D15.B8S54 2004eb Book Burckhardt, Jacob Jacob Burckhardt's social and political thought
PN4913.B87 2011eb Book Burgess, Joan Who killed mom? : a delinquent son's meditation on family, mortality, and very tacky candles
PN4913.B87 2011eb Book Burgess, M. S Who killed mom? : a delinquent son's meditation on family, mortality, and very tacky candles
E99.Y5B87 2002 Book Burns, Mike The journey of a Yavapai Indian : a 19th century odyssey
E302.6.B9I84 2007 Book Burr, Aaron Fallen founder : the life of Aaron Burr
PS3552.U745Z465 2003 Book Burroughs, Augusten Dry
PN2598.B795A3 2012 Book Burton, Richard The Richard Burton diaries
PN1998.3.B875A5 2006 Book Burton, Tim Burton on Burton
PN1998.3.B875H36 1999 Book Burton, Tim Tim Burton : an unauthorized biography of the filmmaker
E883.B87A3 1994 Book Bush, Barbara Barbara Bush : a memoir
ML419.B89A3 1998 Book Bushell, Garvin Jazz from the beginning
E883.B87A3 1994 Book Bush, George Barbara Bush : a memoir
E889.B78 2002 Book Bush, George W Ambling into history : the unlikely odyssey of George W. Bush
E903.R68 2011eb Book Bush, George W George W. Bush : a biography
RC548.B88 2011 Book Butler, Blake Nothing : a portrait of insomnia
E748.B8894H86 2003eb Book Butler, Marion Marion Butler and American Populism
HQ1064.U5B8733 2013 Book Butler, Robert N Robert N. Butler, MD : visionary of healthy aging
N5220.B98A3 2007 Book Buxton, Jo The Jo and Warren Buxton art collection : but who were these Buxtons?
N5220.B98A3 2007 Book Buxton, Warren F The Jo and Warren Buxton art collection : but who were these Buxtons?
DA87.1.B8W37 2009eb Book Byng, John Admiral Byng : his rise and execution
E840.8.B967A3 2010eb Book Byrne, Jeb Out in front : preparing the way for JFK and LBJ
PR4382.E36 2000eb Book Byron, George Gordon Byron Lord Byron at Harrow School : speaking out, talking back, acting up, bowing out
PR5187.P5Z77 1991eb Book Byron, George Gordon Byron Poor Polidori : a critical biography of the author of The vampire
DG261.B47 1996 Book Caesar, Julius Caesar and Rome
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DG315.C65 1998 Book Constantine Constantine : history, historiography, and legend
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B765.D74V67 2006eb Book Duns Scotus, John The philosophy of John Duns Scotus
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E99.S22E27 2005eb Book Eastman, Elaine Goodale The life of Elaine Goodale Eastman
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N6888.G7485S85 2011eb Book Grundig, Lea Langer Lea Grundig : sozialistische Künstlerin und Präsidentin des Verbandes Bildender Künstler in der DDR (1964-1970)
D757.54.G83 2002 Book Guderian, Heinz Panzer leader
F2849.22.G85A68 2010 Book Guevara, Che Che Guevara : a revolutionary life
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PN75.G86G86 2013 Book Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich After 1945 : latency as origin of the present
BX8143.G86A3 2003eb Book Gundy, Jeffrey Gene Scattering point : the world in a Mennonite eye
BP605.G94D54 2005 Book Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch Digging up the dog : the Greek roots of Gurdjieff's esoteric ideas
BP605.G94G877 2004 Book Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff : an inroduction to his life and ideas
BP605.G94U755 2006 Book Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch In search of P.D. Ouspensky : the genius in the shadow of Gurdjieff
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E523.5 121st.G74 2003eb Book Kidder, John S Subdued by the sword : a line officer in the 121st New York Volunteers
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DS135.R95K6445513 2002eb Book Kotik, Yekhezkel Journey to a nineteenth-century shtetl : the memoirs of Yekhezkel Kotik
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CT9971.L357H84 2006eb Book Lamb, Ginger The enchanted quest of Dana and Ginger Lamb
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RC154.5.L8 Book Landry family Out of the shadow of leprosy : the Carville letters and stories of the Landry family
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PG3476.L5Z92 2001 Book Leonov, Leonid The art of compromise : the life and work of Leonid Leonov
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PR4888.M32 2000eb Book Lewis, Matthew Gregory Monk Lewis : a critical biography
PR4888.M32 2000eb Book Lewis, M. G Monk Lewis : a critical biography
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E185.97.L79H37 2008eb Book Locke, Alain LeRoy Alain L. Locke : biography of a philosopher
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QA29.L68E87 2013eb Book Lovelace, Ada King of A female genius : how Ada Lovelace started the computer age
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PQ2034.A3 1990 vol. 5eb Book Malesherbes, Chrétien Guillaume de Lamoignon de The confessions : and, Correspondence, including the letters to Malesherbes
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DT779.955.M36H37 1986 Book Mandela, Winnie Winnie Mandela
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GN21.M22 M3 2012 Book McKenna, Terence K The brotherhood of the screaming abyss : my life with Terence McKenna
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F1088.M23 Book McQueen, Jessie Sojourning sisters : the lives and letters of Jessie and Annie McQueen
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DS734.9.M45D65 2005eb Book Menzies, James M. (James Mellon) Cross culture and faith : the life and work of James Mellon Menzies
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N6923.M45W35 2010 Book Michelangelo Buonarroti Michelangelo : the artist, the man, and his times
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DS156.P8M38 2008eb Book Mithridates (Pontisches Reich, König, VI.) Mithridates the Great : Rome's indomitable enemy
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DS318.A653 2009eb Book Mohammed Reza Pahlavi The life and times of the Shah
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PT2625.U8Z8736 2006eb Book Musil, Robert Un destin de femme--Martha Musil : l'amante, l'épouse, la soeur
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BV2813. P42A3 2006eb Book Peck, E. J Apostle to the Inuit : the journals and ethnographic notes of Edmund James Peck, the Baffin years, 1894-1905
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F67.P5663 1998eb Book Phips, William The New England knight : Sir William Phips, 1651-1695
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DT92.E4 1994 Book Ptolémée Ptolemy of Egypt
DT92.E4 1994 Book Ptolemy Ptolemy of Egypt
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RD27.35.S24L47 2008eb Book Sarnat, Bernard George Bernard G. Sarnat : 20th century plastic surgeon and biological scientist
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E840.8.S5495A3 2013 Book Skelton, Ike Achieve the honorable : a Missouri congressman's journey from Warm Springs to Washington
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BX8695.S6B875 2005 Book Smith, Joseph Joseph Smith : rough stone rolling
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DA565.S865M54 2006eb Book Smythe, George Augustus Frederick Percy Sidney Disraeli's disciple : the scandalous life of George Smythe
DA565.S865M54 2006eb Book Smythe, George Disraeli's disciple : the scandalous life of George Smythe
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